The Life of Bearian

Always look on the bright side of life. Even as you draw your Termina Breath.

There seems to be a large outcry to fix the prank we played and teleport Yuno out of Beijing or Crimea or something and turn her back into Yuna. So here you go. By popular request, we have changed movies. I went and used find and replace to change things back to normal. All should be well, right?
You went “From Russia With Love”, to the full glory of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

Click here for the Third Version

Anyways, Countdown, just for fun.

Target: 401
Numbers: 4, 1, 2, 10, 9, 75

We’re still working on writing things in first person, but should be out later today… after we get a few other chapters out.

Bear Droppings

Here is the official bear dropping announcement. But it comes with some good news!

Good news: On March 28, a webcomic of Kuma came out. The TLer for Kuma has decided to work on the kuma manga! You can read a preview here (I’d prefer you click the X&M reader link): (Mangadex Reader X&M Reader), or get a taste of it below.

Bad news: I fear that some of you may have seen this coming, from our lack of Kuma releases the past couple of weeks, but we are dropping Kuma.

Rest in Peace, Cuddles and Waddles. (Campaign to rename the bears for the manga?)

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Results of that poll!

So, pretty much as expected:

1st @ 34% – Black Knight
2nd @ 24% – Astarte’s Knight
3rd @ 24% – Kansutoppu

So there we have it. Some idea of where each of our series stand. Rough numbers, not exact.

Glad we picked up Black Knight. Phew.

Anyhow, this was half to announce the results and half to test things for our font, tell me if this is more readable than our normal stuff.

If not, I’ll change it back. Just testing things out~

EDIT: I am going to sleep, will check comments in the morning


It was my birthday as of August 19th. I took the day off from all editing work.

Tomorrow/Today will have content being posted. This may or may not include a certain chapter 8 of something.

I will also look into ID, as Senna should have something for me.

Astarte has a chapter somewhere, Ash just got back from Japan and is busy unpacking still.

HTG…well you all know about that.

And that other series, uh, no idea.

Kansu is still on hiatus due to 9 ‘holding it hostage’.

In other news, there was a real fallout regarding some translations on another site. Talk about a show.

Here is some Kansu fanart sent to me, they’re pretty good :o

Crushing Thor’s Hammer

Drawn by Winter

Ryua & Kansutoppu!

Drawn by Kanne