Results of that poll!

So, pretty much as expected:

1st @ 34% – Black Knight
2nd @ 24% – Astarte’s Knight
3rd @ 24% – Kansutoppu

So there we have it. Some idea of where each of our series stand. Rough numbers, not exact.

Glad we picked up Black Knight. Phew.

Anyhow, this was half to announce the results and half to test things for our font, tell me if this is more readable than our normal stuff.

If not, I’ll change it back. Just testing things out~

EDIT: I am going to sleep, will check comments in the morning

25 thoughts on “Results of that poll!

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      1. Anon

        Personally I find Kansu rather dead now. The story is very forgotten.
        Translator basically hiatus everything with 0 chapters so its not fun.

        pls dont ban me


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