A taxing week

It must have been a taxing week for a lot of you. Some due to midterms, and some due to Gernot. Unless you are a procrastinator in the US. then it’ll be a taxing couple of days in the future. But if it wasn’t then congratulations. Either way, have some chapters!

In other news, Isekai Izakaya Nobu got an anime. I haven’t watched it yet, so tell me what you think of it! (I have heard there are some interesting localization choices)

Also, I’ll use my platform for self-promotion. A stabby friend and I did the first chapter of a manga to make people aware of the manga, and so that I don’t have to do a second chapter. It came from the same publisher as the Kumanga. Here is a link. Maybe some of you might recognize the title that I was too lazy to type out. Hokuou Kizoku/Raptor Wife. (This manga brought to you by: Fans of Ziru.)


Regaining our Bearings

Well, here’s another chapter of kuma! Also, if you didn’t yet know, Kuma has a kumanga. We have the first two parts scanlated, and you can find the links Here.

Kuma 169

I gotta get back to finishing my homework and TLs now. I’ve been distracted by so many weird, infuriating, and funny things lately. Enjoy the chapter!

Kuma Manga Chapter 2

Hello all you Kuma fans! We bring you all another chapter of the Kuma manga! For real this time. It’s not April 1st anymore. We have 52-ish weeks to earn your trust back.

In case you missed it due to fear of being fooled, your kuma WN team churned out the first chapter/part of the Kuma manga pretty much a day before April 1st (tsk… my april fool’s version wasn’t the first to come out). And now, they’re bringing you the second part!

Xant and Minions Reader :

MangaDex Manga page


  • Translator: Aki
  • Editor: MaliBear
  • Cleaner: Aikawa
  • Typesetter: Aki/Aikawa
  • Proofread: All three
  • Raws: Link


Great Reviews for April Fool’s

Well, it’s about 11:30 where I am now. Half an hour till the day ends… and half an hour until my homework is due.  But I had fun today, so it’s clean up/apology time.

I guess by the time people were near the end, they were too jaded to fall for the rickroll I put at the end of the previous post (which now includes legit links at the bottom). Only 177 people did, last I checked.

I apologize for all this.

Anyways, I’ve received some great reviews on my manga. I should consider doing more manga. What do you guys think?

“Please don’t forget … this masterpiece” — Anonymous Discord User #1

“I love [it] … Thumbs up” — Anonymous Discord User #2

“stabs @Elephant No. 5 repeatedly” — Anonymous Discord User #3

“My sides are in orbit [from] reading this. Holy shit … 10/10” — Man suffering a Midlife Crisis

“Actual art … a true redrawer.” — Stale Cinnabon

Anyways, here’s an apology extra chapter.

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Bear Droppings

Here is the official bear dropping announcement. But it comes with some good news!

Good news: On March 28, a webcomic of Kuma came out. The TLer for Kuma has decided to work on the kuma manga! You can read a preview here (I’d prefer you click the X&M reader link): (Mangadex Reader X&M Reader), or get a taste of it below.

Bad news: I fear that some of you may have seen this coming, from our lack of Kuma releases the past couple of weeks, but we are dropping Kuma.

Rest in Peace, Cuddles and Waddles. (Campaign to rename the bears for the manga?)

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Silent Spring

We have some good news, and some bad news. Good News: With Easter comes punni — er — bunnies and resurrections! We finally resurrected a few new chapters from long-awaited series!

Here’s your chapters!

Bad News: Due to over population of elephants and bunnies (and pesticides, to align with the post title), we will be dropping Kumabears.

Please be on the look out for a more serious, official drop announcement later today. It will explain our reasons for dropping bears. Though I guess it could be expected, given the lack of bears the past couple of weeks. Meanwhile, this elephant will go to sleep.

Happy Easter!

Did you know?

Random trivia from a sleep deprived elephant. I’ll fix anything broken once I get some sleep.

Did you know that:

  • I, the TLer of YnO, pronounce yno like “you know”? (pun of the week right here)
  • There was a pun in last week’s release post?
  • I have not, in fact, taken over X&M? I hope we’ll see more chapters that aren’t from me soon, since my stockpile is dwindling, and that means I have to TL more.

Now you know! And here’s your chapters!

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