Kuma 216

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Kuma 216

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「Thank you for looking after my child. I am her mother, my name is Sefull.」
「I’m Yuna.」
「Did my daughter make any selfish requests to you?」
「No, she’s very obedient and cute.」
「That’s good to know. Is that the picture book?」
「Thank you for looking after my daughter. I’m Sefull, by the way.」

「I’m Yuna.」

「Has my daughter made any selfish requests?」

「No, she’s very cute and obedient.」

「That’s good to hear. Oh, is that the picture book?」

Sefull-san looked at the picture book her daughter was holding.
Sefull-san said, noticing the book her daughter was holding.

「Bear-san gave it to me.」
「That’s good.」
「Bear-san gave it to me.」

「That’s great.」

She patted her daughter’s head in delight.
She patted her daughter’s head happily.

「I heard from my father-in-law. Thank you for the picture book. Somebody showed it to her at the Capital, and she really liked it, but couldn’t get one. My father-in-law searched to no avail, and was going to give up.」
「She really likes the book, so I’m glad.」
「I heard the story from father-in-law. Thank you for giving my daughter your picture book. Someone showed it to her while we were at the capital, and she really liked it but was sad that she couldn’t get a copy of her own. Father-in-law did everything he could but to no avail. He was just about to give up before he found you.」

「Well, I’m glad he did, seeing how happy it made Asuka.」

Well, since my job here is done, I should get going.
However, right when I thought that,
Well, my job here was done, so it was about time for me to leave. As I stood up, however…

「I’m sorry, we didn’t even serve you tea.」
「I’m sorry, we didn’t even serve you tea.」

Sefull-san hurried over to the next room.
Sefull-san hurried towards the door.

「もう少しいてもらえる? 義父さんもお礼がしたいから、引き留めることをお願いされているの」
「It’s okay, I’ll be heading back now.」
「You can stay a bit longer if you would like. My father-in-law would like to thank you as well, so he asked me to keep you here a little longer. 」
「It’s okay, I was about to head back anyway.」

「You can stay a bit longer if you would like. Father-in-law would like to thank you as well, so he asked me to keep you here a little longer if you wanted to leave.」

I got Aruka’s smile as my payment, and that was the promise.
I had already gotten to see Aruka’s smile as payment, so there was no real reason for him to thank me.

「He’ll be coming soon, so please have some tea while you wait.」
「He doesn’t need to thank me.」
「Bear-san, you’re going home?」
「He’ll be coming soon, so please have some tea while you wait.」

「He doesn’t really need to thank me, though.」

「You’re going home, Bear-san?」

Aruka asked me as she held on to my costume.
I can’t shake off an attack from this hand.
It’s the same unfair tactic that Flora-hime uses. It’s cheating.
Knowing that I can’t run away from this, I accepted the tea obediently.
I told Aruka that I will have to go home soon, and had her let go.
I sat back down on a chair, and Aruka climbed on the chair next to me. Then, she grabbed on to my costume again.
She only let me go for an instant, it seemed.
Aruka asked me while grasping my Bear Suit.
There was no way that I could shake off an attack like that.
It was the same unfair tactic that Princess Flora used. I could only call it cheating.
Knowing I couldn’t run away with this, I obediently accepted the tea.
I still made sure to tell Aruka that I would have to go home soon and gently made her let go of my suit.
As I sat down on a chair, Aruka quickly climbed onto the chair next to me and grabbed onto my costume again. My gentle request didn’t work it seemed.

「Huhu, looks like my daughter is very interested in you.」
「Huhu, looks like my daughter likes you very much.」

Sefull-san laughed as she sipped her tea in front of me.
Sefull-san laughed while sitting in front of me to sip on a tea of her own.

「It’s because of this outfit.」
「At first, I didn’t really understand what my father-in-law was talking about. He said a girl dressed like a bear gave my daughter a bear’s picture book, and that the girl is with my daughter at the moment. When I came, I was surprised to really see a girl dressed as a bear sitting here.」
「It’s because of this outfit of mine.」

「At first I didn’t really understand what Father-in-law was talking about. He told me a girl dressed like a bear gave my daughter a bear’s picture book, and that this mystery bear girl was taking care of her at this moment. I was confused, and was still thrown off when I saw you and your bear suit.」

Sefull-san smiled as she looked at me. I borrowed the book from Aruka and began reading it.
Sefull-san explained and smiled. To hide my embarrassment, I took the book from Aruka and started to read it again.

「By the way, where is Letobell-san?」
「My father-in-law is downstairs, doing some work. He will come soon, I believe. Sorry for the wait.」
「By the way, where is Letobell-san?」

「He’s downstairs doing some work right now, but I think he should get here pretty soon. Sorry for making you wait.」

Once I finished reading the picture book again, Letobell-san finally returned.
After I finished rereading the picture book, Letobell-san finally returned.

「Sorry, I’m late.」
「Okay, then I will take my leave now.」
「Sorry for taking so long.」

「All right, I’ll be going, then.」

I got a chance to leave, so as Letobell-san came in, I tried to leave, suggesting that I don’t need any gratitude.
I tried to use my chance to escape.

「Please wait, I haven’t expressed my gratitude yet.」
「I already received my payment, so it’s fine.」
「Please wait, I haven’t expressed my gratitude yet.」

「I already received my payment, so it’s fine.」

I received a smile from Aruka as payment.
Our deal was that I will give her the picture book, as payment.
However, Letobell-san shook his head at me.
Our deal had completed the moment Aruka smiled for me.
Letobell-san just shook his head at my response, though.

「No, please let me do something for you.」
「No, that just won’t do. Could you please let me give you something to show gratitude?」

I was stumped, even if he says that.
I had no intentions of requesting money.
Even if he said that… I really had no intentions on taking money for it.

「I don’t need anything. Also, that was our promise. The payment for the picture book is Aruka’s smile. I received it, so it’s fine.」
「I really don’t need anything. We had a deal, right? Picture book for Aruka’s smile. I had received generous amounts of those, so it’s more than enough.」

I put my hand gently on Aruka’s head. Aruka looked up at me from her chair and smiled.
I said and gently patted Aruka’s head, who looked up at me and smiled again.

「Yes, I understand that you don’t need money. That does not satisfy me, however. If it’s something within this city, I will try to get it for you. Is there anything I can give you?」
「Yes, I do understand that you don’t need the money. However, it just doesn’t sit right with me to give you nothing. If there’s anything you want, within the limits of my power, I will give it to you.」

I was still troubled, but since he said he will try, I thought of something I could ask him.
I was still troubled, but since he offered it like that, I could actually think of something I would love to have.

「Can I ask you something?」
「Can I buy a house in this city?」
「Okay, can I ask you something, then?」

「Of course.」

「Would it be possible for me to buy a house in this city?」

To use the Bear Transportation Door in this city, I will need a house to set it in.
In the Capital, I need a recommendation letter to purchase a plot of land.
If it is the same here, I would like him to write me a letter. Then, I wouldn’t need to ask him for money, and it will help me out.
To use the Bear Transfer Gate to get to this city, I needed a house to put it in.
I recalled needing a recommendation letter to purchase a plot of land in the capital, so I hoped he could do same for me here. That way, he could help me out, and we would both be happy.

「Do you plan to live in this city?」
「Not really, I do have a reason for it.」
「Do you plan to start living in this city?」

「Not really, but I do have a reason for wanting one.」

I can’t tell him about the door, obviously.
This city is a bit far, so I would like to set up a Bear Transportation Door here if I can.
Obviously I couldn’t tell him about my Bear Transfer Gate.
This city was quite far from my previously traveled zones, so a gate here would be great.

「I see, in that case, as long as you have the money and something to prove your status, you can.」
「Do I need a reference letter or anything similar?」
「Not in particular. The price of the house will differ by location though.」
「I see, in that case, as long as you have the money and something to prove your status, you should have no problem buying it.」

「Don’t I need a reference letter or anything of the sort?」

「Not particularly. The price of the house will differ on the location, though.」

In other words, it will be fine as long as I have money.
In other words, it would be fine as long as I had the money. Which I did.

「That means I can buy one if I go to the commerce guild, right?」
「Do you really plan on purchasing a house in this city?」
「Yeah, I do.」
「For a child like you, even a small house is not cheap.」
「There’s no worry about that.」
「That means I can just head to the Commerce Guild and chose a location, right?」

「You’re seriously about this, aren’t you?」


「Well, I must warn you that for a child like you even a small house most likely won’t come cheap.」

「There’s no need to worry about that.」

If it’s money, I have all the money I got from my former world, and lately the shop and the tunnel’s toll fee is giving me income too. I haven’t checked how much money I had been getting, but I know it should be enough.
I had plenty of money from my former world, not to mention all the income from the shop and the tunnel. Hmm, I hadn’t ever checked how much I had been getting, but I was told that it was quite a reasonable sum.

「Father-in-law, why don’t you sell her that house for cheap?」
「……oh, that house. It’s in a farther location, though.」
「Father-in-law, why don’t you just sell her that house cheaply?」

「Oh, you mean that house. It’s quite far from the center, though.」

Based on their conversation, they own a small house a bit far from here.
They took over it a few years ago, there is no use for it, and nobody else would buy it off them, so it has been sitting there.
If I can set my Bear Transportation Door there, I have no problem with that.
I don’t have to buy a plot of land and bring out the Bear House, so nobody will notice.
Also, it will be troublesome to go to the commerce guild to purchase something, not to mention all the paperwork I have to do. Thinking about all the commotion I will cause just by going to the guild, I would rather Letobell-san sell me the house.
Further listening to their conversation I learned that they owned a small house somewhere on the edge of the city. They took it over a few years ago, but found no use for it, and because nobody was interested in buying it, it ended up just sitting there.
I had no problem with that if I could set up my Bear Transfer Gate there.
I also wouldn’t have to buy a plot of land and suddenly pop out a Bear House there, so I wouldn’t draw attention to myself that way.
Not to mention that it would be troublesome to go to the Commerce Guild to purchase a house, especially with all the paperwork that went with it. Also, with all the commotion I would cause just by going to the guild, having Letobell-san directly sell me a house was definitely a better idea.

「If you will sell it to me for cheap, that will help.」
「Okay, let me bring you there then. We can decide on the price after you see it.」
「If you’re willing to sell it to me cheaply, it would be of great help.」

「Okay then, let me take you there, and we can decide on the price if you are still interested after seeing it.」

Letobell-san got up from his seat, so I followed suit, but Aruka still hasn’t let go.
Letobell-san got up from his seat, so I tried to follow him, but Aruka still hadn’t let go.

「Aruka, I’m sorry, but I have to go now.」
「Aruka, I’m sorry but I have to go now.」


She looked really sad.
She looked really sad.


Iza 84

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Iza 84

The next day at Izakaya Nobu, the sales of Toriaezu Nama were going through the roof.

「One Toriaezu Nama here! And two portions of ‘Hans’ here!」
「Toriaezu Nama here too! And…three portions of ‘Hans’!」
「Got it~! Please wait a bit~!」


Hans’-style pelmeni sizzled in the frying pan, stimulating one’s appetite. Hans’ suggested addition to the menu was adopted within a day, with only a slight adjustment.

「Isn’t this gyoza?」
「It’s gyoza, huh.」

Overhearing Shinobu and Taisho’s murmuring, he wondered if there was a similar dish in their world too. The pelmeni, seasoned with garlic, was called “Hans’ dish”, or “Hans”, because the official name, “Hans’-style pelmeni”, was too long to remember. His assignment, creating a dish that “went well with Toriaezu Nama”, had been accomplished, and the novelty of the dish contributed significantly to its popularity.

「You did well, Hans.」
「No, Taisho. I owe it to my brother. If I didn’t receive his hint last night, I think I’d still be suffering in the kitchen tonight.」
「Even if you got the insight from your brother, it was still you who completed it, Hans. Have a bit more confidence in yourself.」
「…Yes sir!」

For the steamed pelmeni, the potato starch that had dissolved in the water spread out like feathers. Apparently, it was fun to break the crispy part of the fried ones by spreading it apart with chopsticks. Customers who usually did not use chopsticks began using them by watching and learning from other people today.


「Eva-chan, one bowl of sasarica here!」
「I’d like a bowl of sasarica too. And another serving of ‘Hans’!」

Among the customers who didn’t drink, there were many who asked for pelmeni and sasarica rice. The pelmeni, which was eaten with soy sauce or vinegar, went well with sasarica rice. Since it could be reheated at home, some customers ordered them as takeout. Shinobu decided to give these customers a small packet of sauce to bring back as well. She had been busy in the kitchen this whole time, stretching the wrappings.

As he watched Taisho kneading the dough for the wrappings, Hans couldn’t hold himself in. His face loosened at the thought that everyone was enjoying the dish that he himself had introduced to the shop.

This was it. This was what Hans wanted to do.

Although he was merely at the stage of helping Taisho, he would definitely make his own dish and make his customers happy one day. The goal was far, but it seemed attainable now.

「It turned out well, didn’t it, Hans? It’s very popular.」
「Thank you, Leontaine.」

There was sweat on Leontaine’s forehead, despite her being accustomed to handling the floor alone. Today was the busiest since the Grand Bazaar.

「Shouldn’t you let your brother try it too?」
「That’s right, I wanted to invite Father and two more people.」

Ever since Hans had decided to become a guard, the relationship between Hugo and Lorentz had been awkward, and he didn’t understand why. From his perspective, he didn’t think he had the talent for glass-smithing like his brother Hugo, but his father might not have thought the same. He wanted to clear up this misunderstanding as soon as possible.

「At any rate, it’s going to be a celebration tonight.」
「Nah, let’s hold off on that celebration a little longer. There are things I have to do first.」
「What do you have to do?」
「Oh, I’m going to improve on my pelmeni tonight.」

Hans was satisfied with what he had put out in the shop today and he had accomplished the task of making a dish that paired well with Toriaezu Nama. However, he wondered if he could still devise more ways to improve this dish so even more people would eat it.

「Improvements, huh…」
「Leontaine, aren’t you going to eat some pelmeni?」
「Well, I’m serving customers right now.」

Taisho had added plenty of garlic in the pelmeni to pair it well with Toriaezu Nama, but it wasn’t suitable for female customers. If Leontaine, Shinobu, and Eva couldn’t eat it, then it wasn’t right for Izakaya Nobu.

「Should I call you hardworking or stubborn, I wonder? You would definitely be successful even if you aren’t in this line of work.」
「I have my hands full with cooking for now.」

A customer’s voice called out, and Leontaine responded to it. When she turned around, her long hair swayed and tickled the tip of Hans’ nose.
He wondered if Leontaine would drink tonight too.
Before this, he only wanted to research on the pelmeni, but now, he was looking forward to it.

A customer’s voice called out, and Leontaine responded to it.

Kuma 215

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Kuma 215

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Finished with the negotiations, Dogrude-san finally remembered he still had to give us the bracelet back. Sanya-san immediately took various gemstones out from her item bag and placed them on the table. I didn’t know how valuable they were, but Dogrude-san picked them up one by one to examine them. 「This should be enough.」 he said, and took a couple, returning the rest to Sanya-san.

「Thank you for keeping your promise.」

「With this, I also kept my promise with Miranda-san, so I’m glad we were able to do it this way. Promises are very important to us merchants.」

Hearing Dogrude-san’s words, Letobell-san laughed out loud, probably since he had said the same thing just earlier.

「Thank you, Yuna-chan. Without you, we wouldn’t have even made it here in time, much less be able to procure the painting.」

It was thanks to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear that we had gotten here so early. Had we gone by horse or carriage, we wouldn’t even have reached the city yet.

「Please give your thanks to Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear next time we ride them.」

「Of course.」

Finished with our task here, we now just had to return the bracelet to Ruimin. That way she would leave no regrets behind here, and we could head straight for the Elf Village. We thanked Dogrude-san and were about to head back to the inn when Letobell-san stopped us.

「Well then, Young Bear Lady, could you meet with my granddaughter now?」

「Right now?」

Wasn’t this a bit to quick?

「I would like to see my granddaughter’s smile as soon as possible.」

His face had “Don’t run” written all over it. Well, I guess there was nothing for me to do once I got back to the inn anyway.

「Okay, I’m fine with going now.」


「Sanya-san, you can return to the inn first, so Ruimin can be at ease.」

We had spent a long time out here already, so she was probably already worried at this point.

「Will you be okay going by yourself?」

She asked, even though she should know that I can take care of myself by now. What could she possibly be worried about?
Well, I was happy she was worried about me, though.

「I’ll be fine.」

「Well, if someone tries to pick a fight with you, don’t fight them, okay?」

Oh, that was what she was worried about, huh. I couldn’t promise her that, unfortunately. It was a habit I had picked up back in my gaming days. Still, I did choose who to fight and who not to, so she didn’t have to worry that much.
I parted ways with Sanya-san, who headed straight back to the inn, and got into Letobell-san’s carriage to meet with his granddaughter by myself. The sky was still cloudy, but at least the rain had stopped, so the carriage moved quite smoothly. Rodis-san sat in the coach seat while Letobell-san and I sat inside.

「Your name is Yuna, right? Why do you wear an outfit like that?」

Everyone wondered about that, didn’t they? I decided to just respond as usual.

「It’s a long story, you see.」

「I still find it hard to believe that you’re an adventurer. Not to mention that you’re rank C. You’re stronger than most of the adventurers in this area.」

「It just happened by chance.」

I was sure he wouldn’t believe me even if I had told him the truth, so I just made something up. I started thinking about it recently, but maybe it would be better if I just lived in peace so that my rank didn’t go up any further? Or wait, maybe it was possible to demote my rank?

「I won’t probe too much into it if you aren’t willing to share. I’ll also let you know right now that you also don’t want to hear about my life experiences up until now.」

There wasn’t any deep reason behind not sharing it; I just didn’t want to talk about it. As for his end of the story…

「By the way, how old is your granddaughter, Letobell-san?」

Even though he asked me questions about myself, I had nothing to talk about, so I changed the topic to his granddaughter.

「She’s turning five this year. She’s so cute! She looks just like her grandpa!」

Are you sure about the cute part? If she was similar to an old man, she could hardly be called cute, right? Had he said something like the bridge of her nose looks similar to his, that would be believable, but just saying she was cute and looked like him… Without me asking further, he then began to talk about just how cute his grandchild was. Hmm, I had changed the topic, but he was still annoying. If we didn’t arrive at our destination soon, I would lose my mind on the way.

As I let his boasting go in through one ear and out the other, the carriage finally stopped. Thank god, we arrived before I lost it.

「Oh, we arrived already? There’s still so much to talk about.」

It was okay, I had heard enough. We got off the carriage, and I finally noticed that we stopped in front of a tall building. It looked like it was about five storeys tall.

「The bottom part is my shop, and the top is my home.」

In other words, the entire building belonged to Letobell-san.

「Rodis, I leave the carriage to you.」


Letobell-san proceeded to lead me up the stairs into his home.

「I’m sorry, but could you wait in here? I’ll bring my granddaughter over.」

Letobell-san left me in a wide room, and rushed off to fetch his granddaughter. I decided to take a look around the room while I waited for them. The room was decorated with various paintings and vases, but I couldn’t tell whether they were good or bad. Maybe it would be a good idea to decorate the Bear Houses with stuff like this. Hmm, would it maybe be better if I decorated them with bear-related things? I felt like Fina and Shuri would most likely like that better. In that case, should I draw some stuff myself to hang it up? Eh, I didn’t really want to decorate my own place with my own drawings. Maybe I could get Fina and Shuri to draw something instead? As I keep checking the room, pondering on what to do, the door opened, and Letobell-san returned.

「Thank you for waiting.」

Hiding behind Letobell-san was a small girl. I took a look at her and thought to myself: yeah, they looked nothing alike.

Author’s Notes:
At least they got back the bracelet successfully now.
These chapters have been quite short recently, but I will work on getting them back to normal soon.

Kuma 214

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Kuma 214

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「Please give my husband my regards.」

Thanking the lady for the tea and snacks, we made our way to the door.
Thanks to the tea, my body had warmed up quite nicely.
While we had been enjoying the snacks, the lady asked a lot of questions about my outfit, but I simply claimed it was rain gear.
When we got outside, the rain continued to pour.
We didn’t stay too long, since we didn’t want the rain to stop on us. If it did, people would most likely go to the docks, so we decided to hurry and take the short way out while we still had the chance.
Luckily, there was still no one at the docks when we got there, so I quickly summoned the Bears and had them leap onto the river as soon as we were both on them.
This was Sanya-san’s second time doing this, so she wasn’t as scared.
The Bears crossed the river just like before, not being slowed down by the rapid river at all.
Just as we finished crossing the river, the rain began to thin out.
Phew, that was close; if we had taken any longer it could have been dangerous.

「Yuna-chan, let’s head straight back to the shop. We still have time till noon, but I think it’s best if we get it there as quickly as possible.」

She was right; better sooner than later.
We didn’t really need to bring Ruimin with us, so we went straight to Dogrude-san’s shop, where that rich-looking carriage from yesterday was again.
That merchant must be here as well then, right?
He was the type of person I really didn’t want to get acquainted with.
Sanya-san and I carefully entered the shop and were met by the young shop clerk from yesterday cleaning the shop.

「You’re the ones who were here yesterday! I heard about the situation from the boss. Could it be that you have the painting?!」

The young man just beamed at us.

「Yes, we do. We would like to meet with Dogrude-san straight away; would that be fine?」

Sanya-san went straight to the point.

「Of course. Letobell-sama is already here to pick up the painting.」

I knew it, that merchant really was here.
He seemed to have a bad attitude, so I wondered if this would end smoothly.
The young cleck knocked on the door leading to the back.

「Hurry up and hand over the bracelet to my master.」

「Like I said, please wait until noon. That was the agreed deadline.」

「How could anybody possibly bring back the painting in this rain? The boats can’t even move, much less cross the river.」

「I asked some adventurers to fetch it for me.」

「Even adventurers can’t cross such a rapid river.」

We could hear people arguing on the other side of the door.


The young clerk opened the door and called out to get their attention.


「The people from yesterday are here. They brought the painting back with them.」


The young clerk gestured us in, so we slowly entered.
Inside, there were three people. Dogrude-san, the merchant we had already seen yesterday, and an old man with a long beard.
Emm… Why three people? Who was this old man?

「Why are there an elf and a bear here?」

「They are the adventurers I mentioned. Sanya-san, is it true that you two have brought the painting?」

「Yes, we do have it with us.」

Sanya-san then looked at me. Oh right, I had the painting.
I took out the wooden box from the Bear Box and laid it on the table in front of everybody. Dogrude-san immediately stood up and opened the box to confirm its contents.

「Yes, that’s the painting. Thank you very much for getting it for me.」

「That can’t be!」

The merchant also stood up and looked over the painting like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

「But couldn’t this be forged?!」

「The artist’s signature is right here, isn’t it?」


The man tried to call it a fraud, but Dogrude-san was quick to silence him.

「In this case, you have no need for the bracelet anymore, right?」

「Well, that’s…」

「Dogrude, can’t you simply sell me the bracelet instead?」

The old man finally spoke up.

「Master, you do not need to make such a request!」

「Rodis, Dogrude-san kept his promise. The deal was for the bracelet to be given only if he failed to provide the painting until noon. It’s over.」

The old man replied calmly.

「Trust and contracts should be very important to all merchants. Dogrude followed through with our agreement, and delivered the painting before noon. That means he has completed the contract. I cannot ignore that fact just because I want the bracelet. That would destroy the trust we have with each other. Therefore, the only way is to obtain a new contract to purchase the bracelet.」

The angry merchant realized there was nothing he could do and bowed at the old man before sitting back down.

「How about it then, I wouldn’t mind paying for the bracelet, no matter the price. In fact, I can easily pay double what you got it for.」

「Sorry, but it has already been agreed that we will be taking the bracelet.」

「What? Who do you think you are?!」

The angry merchant burst out again and gave Sanya-san an evil glare.
Well, he would have gotten the bracelet if we hadn’t brought the painting, so he most likely didn’t feel very fondly about us.

「I am the older sister of the bracelet’s real owner. We came here to buy it back.」

Of course, Sanya-san had no intention of stepping down from just a simple glare.

「It’s your sister’s bracelet, you say?」

「That’s right. My sister may be trouble, but even so, I can’t allow others to take her bracelet.」

The old man stroked his beard and thought for a bit, gesturing the angry merchant to sit back down.

「So, you won’t let me take it even if I pay for it?」

「That’s right, I cannot allow anybody else to take it.」

「Do you even know who you are speaking to?! This is the great merchant, Letobell-sama.」

The younger man spoke up once more. Oh, so the older man was Letobell.
I had been sure that it was the angry guy.

「Rodis-san, this is Sanya-san, the guild master of the capital’s Adventurer Guild.」

「The guild master of the capital’s Adventurer Guild?!」

Sanya-san took out her guild card to prove her status, immediately shutting up the angry man.
Her title carried a lot of power even among merchants it seemed…

「It appears that I will have to give up this time around.」

Sanya-san looked relieved when the old man said that.
With this, the bracelet was secured.

「Master, are you really okay with this?!」

「There is no benefit in going against someone of her status.」

「Thank you for being understanding. Still, I have to ask, why do you want the bracelet that badly?」

「I heard that the wearer of the bracelet will receive the protection of the wind.」

「That’s true, but if you are not blood-related to the family, the protection is minimal.」

Oh, really?

「I did some research about it, so I am aware of it. But it still does have a slight effect right?」

「Yes, that’s correct.」

「I wanted to give it to my granddaughter. For merchants like me, bad things may happen to my family, so I wanted to give my granddaughter at least some protection.」

「I see. As I said the protection would be minimal, so she won’t be missing out on much.」

「Yes, I understand that. Well, please do tell your sister to never leave it behind again. There may be others like me who will want to get their hands on it.」

「Yes, I will lecture her about it.」

Unlike the angry man who was with him, the old man seemed like a nice person.
Well, he did seem a little strict on the rules, though.

「Anyways, Dogrude, what about my other request?」

「I’m sorry, but I couldn’t procure it.」

Despite the fact that Sanya-san and I hadn’t left yet, Letobell-san started talking about something else.
We didn’t get the bracelet yet, plus they didn’t tell us to leave the room, so we decided to stay.

「I tried asking about it through all of my connections, but nobody was willing to sell.」

「You couldn’t do it, even by using my name?」

「What a useless fellow you are.」
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