Black Knights and Bears

Not sure what else to say right now. I’m working on trying to finish the black knight arc with a bang. Here’s yer chapters. Have a nice week!

Kuma 181
Black Knight 34

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Kuma 180, aka Turn Around Bear

Just one chapter for you this week. I have a feeling that Cyn needs a cheerleader. Or a priest that knows Kazing.

Did you know that there are 2 pis in a circle, even though 1 pie is usually a circle? And that 1 pi is worth 180 degrees? Also, that the greek pronounce pi like you would pronounce the py in Happy? So have a Hap-22/7 rest of your week, all of you! (Despite Xant liking the Op-π joke)

Kuma 180



It’s a day in the month of May. So it’s a may day.

So I looked mayday up, and turns out it’s actually french.


From French m’aider, short for Venez m’aider ! or Viens m’aider! (Come help me!).


Anyways, May you enjoy the chapters, and also possibly my rant below.

I was just intending to make a pun on May, but it turns out shilling for recruitment makes it a better pun, so here goes.

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We have a couple of chapters for you this week.

Kuma 175

YnO 53

Summer is coming. And hopefully that revives the group. Fresh meat, I mean, minions is always another good way to freshen up the group.

In other news, the next chapter of the Kumanga comes out May 23. And… not much else to say. I have decided something about my Black Knight plans, but… that’ll be announced when the next chapter gets done being edited and released.

The elephant will now leave the room to go laze about.