Kuma 271 – and 272 too, but even numbers don’t deserve to be mentioned so early in the post title

Here’s your dose of Kuma for the week

Chapter 271
Chapter 272

Chapters TLed by Aikawa and Aki, edited by Mali, proofed by Tekbot, grae, SRL, Aicha, Jay and Speedphoenix

The previous release you say? You mean the one with the creepy even chapter stalking from around the corner?

To tell the truth I haven’t scheduled 272 at the time of writing this, so do ping me if it does not exist yet


Commoner Rose 23 – Somehow still there

Here’s Lady Rose chapter 23 everyone!

TLed by Aozora, Edited by ShinonomeResearchLabs (who is currently in a tough phase of his life due to the length of his name)
and proofed by Tekbot, Draz, Kon, Aicha and Shaun

On the topic of this series, here is a question by shironeko225 you can find by scrolling down:

Wait didnt you guy said u drop this???

And here is elephantNo5’s answer (he’s a minion too, you should know him):

Yeah, we did cuz someone asked to do it. they never followed through. So Ao, the original translator, did another chapter. it’s still up in the air.

Also, speed, if ya wanna put that info into the post for future people, go ahead.

So it would seem that we did not entirely drop it.