Bears Bee Hibernating

Sorry guys, I thought to make an announcement post just now, being reminded by discord people. No chapters this week, our editors have been busy. If you want a bear fix, I hear there’s a Winnie movie coming out soon? Bees and honey is what reminded me of that.


Iza 76 and Black Knight 35-6

Here are your chapters for the week! (Bear with us for Kuma. Our editor is swamped with RL, but for a short teaser, in the next chapter, our Bear-costumed heroine lays bare the truth!)

  • Black Knight 35 and 36 (TLed by: Ele5, Edited by: Sakuraid and Misharie, Proofed by the great proofer team!) (only one link here, because I figure nobody would skip 35. just change the URL from 5 to 6 or click the “Next” link.)
  • Izakaya Nobu 76 (TLed by: Shaun, Edited by: Kerambit, Proofed by the great proofer team!)

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Not Just Coffee

It’s not just coffee. We almost didn’t have a bear this week. Praise be to Lord Xant.

Well anyways, here’s yer chapters!

Regarding a certain line: 「Oh, Masurika and Euri are off doing something else. Bringing Elle here with me is more than enough for this request.」

I applaud the author for her amazing attention to detail. Like with those 100 knives. Oh, I said nobody will know? I guess not anymore.

Just Deserts

No desserts here. I know some of you were expecting it, but no desserts here. I just wanna say, Gernot is the best. And also, I’ve finished a rough translation of black knight… so I just gotta edit it up… Before sending it to the editors to edit it up again.

Anyways, here’s the chapters. Feeling lazy today, so well, I’ll let someone else do the NU link additions this time… even if those usually lead to the chapter directly, and not the announcement page that I spent so much of my precious five minutes to write! Heh.

Kuma 183

Iza 75