Iza 101 – Having trouble finding ways to paraphrase our aliveness

Here’s Iza 101

Tled by Shaun, edited by Shinonome, proofed by grae, Aicha, Draz and Speedphoenix.

This is the last chapter in queue. This means that until the translator feels like translating a chapter AND has time to do so, there will be no new chapters after this one.

I guess we’ve become a dead group now. I am free at last from the issue described in the post title!

This journey has been quite fun, especially adding the youtube links on the ‘next’ links of the latest chapters (If you never clicked those, know that you’ve been missing out since quite a long time, as Ele would do that before me)

You may see the occasional update on another series, but you shouldn’t expect much, unless we somehow become lively again. We might make another announcement at that time.

If you can translate stuff and feel up to it feel free to show up in the discord server, I guess.


6 thoughts on “Iza 101 – Having trouble finding ways to paraphrase our aliveness

  1. K Avestruz-Nobleza

    Thank you so much everyone for the updates! Truly appreciative of all the efforts you’ve tirelessly exerted in translating chapters for us fans. It has been quite a wonderful journey!! 

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Philip

    Well, that’s a sad piece of news. Considering the lowering rate of release it was coming, but still big sad.
    Thanks for all the work you did, for all the fun and entertainment you gave away. May God bless you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. pokeperson1000

    RIP Xant and their minions. this group was such a large part of my teenage years.

    Thanks for everything that you’ve done, and here’s to hoping the your moods swing enough to have this group rise from the dead one day in the distant future.


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