The Black Knight Who Was Stronger Than Even the Hero



Chie Saito is a girl who could be described in one word, plain.

Her hobbies include the appreciation of anime, manga, fantasy web novels, games, and imitation Japanese swords.

In other words, a typical geek. She became like this because of her highly athletic, excellent academic, extremely handsome childhood friend, Takasugi Yusuke.

He has a gentlemanly personality and such a nice face that 9 out of 10 women on the street turn to look at him.

And he is totally unaware and oblivious to the harem that has built up around him.

Just a real eroge protagonist.

And so, being childhood friends with such a person, I am hated by all the surrounding women.

One day, away from the harem, we stopped in the park and magic suddenly appears below Yusuke and I was also dragged in.


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