Black Knight – Chapter 23

Translated by Elephant No.5

Chapter 23 – Preliminaries, Day 2, Spear Corps

Military Personnel Dedicated Seating Area


Right now, during the Spear Corps’ matches, I sighed.

It was said that happiness escapes when you sigh, but in my case, happiness had escaped before I sighed.

“Ahhh…didn’t it turn out fine?”

Muscle Brother-san was unusually cheerful.

However, why was he asking?

Either way, it wasn’t all okay.

“Brandon, what turned out fine?”


Conrad asked Muscle Brother-san, and all of the other soldiers, including me, trembled.

It was because his voice was both dreadfully quiet and expressionless, to the point that it could have made the ground tremble.

In addition, Conrad was giving off a displeased aura.

The reason for that was his recent exchange with Charlotte, but why was he so irritated?

“Co, Conrad?”

I timidly addressed Conrad.

And then:

“Yes, what is it, Commander?”

I was surprised.

The irritated Conrad disappeared, and the normal Conrad responded with a gentle smile.


“Ah, no, it’s nothing. If it’s the usual Conrad, then it’s fine.”


While feeling relieved that it was the normal Conrad, I told him that it was nothing.

Conrad tilted his head in confusion.

It seemed that the people around us were relieved that Conrad’s mood had improved.

“A-anyways, the Spear Corps’ matches sure are interesting!”

I turned my attention to the Spear Corps’ matches that were taking place in front of me.

I watched them closely, using the battles as a reference.

There were many types of spears, so there were also different battle styles.

The most common form was a lance, which had a short blade attached to a long shaft, as well as a conical guard on the handle.

Many of the knights in my Knight Corps used lances.

Another spear, called an ahlspiess, was shorter, about 1.5 mels long, with a rather long blade and a circular guard.

Within the Spear Corps, the number of people who wielded an ahlspiess was not low.

Just like there were various spears, there was a variety of fighting styles.

As a result, it was difficult to come up with a training menu for the Spear Corps.

It was the same with the Knight Corps.

It was easier to make one unified plan for the other four corps. On the other hand, there were all sorts of spears, and different fighting styles to go with those spears. In the first place, the members of the Knight Corps weren’t limited strictly to swords.

As I said before, there were knights who used lances, and there were also knights who used blunt weapons.

This caused me to have many headaches over the two corps.

Therefore, I decided to use these preliminary tournaments to create an appropriate plan from now on, which was honestly a pain, but after the half a year I had been enlisted, I was also happy to do it.

Well, tomorrow…I would have to watch the tournaments while taking care of various things.

Various things.


Spear Corps Tournament Finals

I, Celestia Avary, was about to face my second-in-command, Caesar Anviru, a man with short green hair and a build similar to Adel’s.

Anyways, this really was lighter than the partisan that I normally used.

That was natural, since it was made entirely out of wood, but as a result, even the blade at the tip wasn’t heavy at all.

I thought about this as I swung the wooden spear.

Yep, it was light.

If it was against a squad captain or a vice-captain, I probably wouldn’t lose. However, if it was the Commander or Conrad, it would likely be difficult.

To begin with, I was no match for Black Knight-dono.

The extent of that person’s strength was unfathomable.

After all, that person single-handedly repelled the feared Cursed Dragon, Fafnir.

It was impossible for me to reach that level.

However, that was why I wanted to have a match with that person.

In truth, I wanted to have an all-out fight, using all of our skills, but under these circumstances, it was an unspeakable luxury.

For that reason, I decided to completely devote my body and soul to this fight.

Since all of the other captains were watching, I couldn’t show a disgraceful appearance.

“Caesar! Don’t hold back. Use your full strength!”

I held the wooden spear above my head and spun it multiple times.

“As you wish!”

Caesar took the same pose.

His specialized weapon was an ahlspiess.

Of course, the ahlspiess was also made of wood.

The Ahlspiessen also held the nickname of ‘Thrusting Drill Spear’.

It was good for oth offense and defense, and many in the Spear Corps used that type of spear.

In a master’s hands, it worked wonders in close combat.

Caesar was also one of the people who could work such wonders.

I couldn’t be careless.


At the referee’s signal, we simultaneously dashed forward.


Military Personnel Audience Seating

“Ooh! As expected of a captain and a vice-captain!!”

I excitedly watched the match between Celes and Caesar.

The signal marked the start of an amazing match that showcased not only their skillful spearmanship, but most of all, their nimble movements.

They probably wouldn’t lose to the agile Claude in that respect.

Yep, it could be good to observe Claude’s motions.

Moreover, Celes was wielding that “heavy” wooden spear well.

It definitely should have been as heavy as a normal spear.

Well, it was lighter than the partisan she normally used, but that one was specially made for Celes.

“She has the same superhuman strength as ever…”

“If I’m right, her spear is already heavier than a normal partisan.”

Next to me, Stupid Swordsman and Muscle Brother-san spoke with cramped faces.

It seemed that Celestia Avary was either the second or third strongest out of all of the officers.

The reason she was second was because I took first place.

I didn’t feel proud of it though, since this body was given to me by Amaterasu-sama.

I wasn’t saying that I liked my superhuman strength, okay!

Wait, who was I speaking to?

Anyways, Celes was really strong.

If she went up against Muscle Brother-san, it would be a good match.

You couldn’t tell from her beautiful, delicate-looking appearance, but it was the truth.

I heard that she had thrown trolls with her bare hands during the troll subjugation expedition the other day.

Was it possible that she had used that Seoi Nage that I taught her?
(TL: Seoi Nage = Judo shoulder throw)

No way, that couldn’t be.

That move used the opponent’s strength to throw them, but trolls should be too big for it to be possible.


Why wouldn’t it be?

I was unable to completely refute it, and I thought that if it was Celes, it wouldn’t be strange for it to be possible.

I thought that Celes was a formidable opponent.

She was a skilled person, with both speed and power.

She also had plenty of combat experience.

What should I do? I was starting to feel the pressure.

Celes and Amy had strong feelings of admiration for me.

It seemed like I might have become their role model.

Just like I was for Conrad, Claude, and Alice.

Possibly even the Royal Family.

Woah, now my stomach felt like it had butterflies in it.

“Commander? Are you alright?”

Conrad realized that I was holding my stomach and checked on me.

Conrad always observed me well.

He was attentive, the complete opposite of that stupid Yuusuke.

Conrad’s kindness made the pain decrease slightly.

“I’m alright, just a little nervous from thinking about the matches two days from now.”

Everyone around me, including Conrad, looked at me with surprise when I said that.


Did I say something strange?

“Bla-Black Knight-sama is nervous…It’s a joke…right?”

Stupid Swordsman asked, as if it were impossible.

It seemed that Conrad and the others thought similarly.

“You all…What do you think I am!”

I reflexively raised my voice.

Seriously, what did they think I was!

“I was a normal person half a year ago! I can’t not feel nervous on this large stage!”

“What is the person who yelled at royalty saying…”

Conrad immediately retorted to my protest.

Uh, I couldn’t say a thing.

I had broken out in cold sweat after that moment, regretting it, but I couldn’t say that now.

“A-anyways, even I can feel nervous.”

With that, I crossed my arms and stopped talking.

In other words, I was sulking.

Sheesh, it couldn’t be helped that, apart from Conrad and a few other soldiers, nobody knew my appearance. Still, I wished that Conrad had been more considerate, since he knew that I was a girl.

Alice was right, Conrad didn’t understand a woman’s heart!

Conrad apologized to me over and over, until the finals ended, but I ignored him while sulking and only forgave him the next day.
I didn’t know why, but the people around us looked at this scene with lukewarm eyes.


Spear Corps Finals, Tournament Grounds


It seemed that something strange was going on in the Military Personnel Seating Area, or was it my imagination?

As I thought that, I jumped over Caesar’s thrust, twirled around in midair, and flew over Caesar.

I really had gotten stronger since the last tournament.

It was natural, since I regularly went through the training regimen that Black Knight-dono and I thought up.

This time, the training menu would be redesigned after the match. I was looking forward to what the next one would be like.

Anyways, was it about time to settle this?

Of course, Caesar was strong, so it would take a while.

I temporarily created some distance and adjusted my stance.

I bent low, pointing the spear behind me. My right arm was extended backwards, while my left arm supported me.
(TL: Landing pose?)

I took a breath and looked straight at Caesar.

He took a defensive stance.

Good call.



In an instant, I rushed up to Caesar.


I aimed my spear at the center of Caesar’s abdomen, aiming to shake him.

In the end, his wooden spear broke, and Caesar was sent flying into a wall.

“It’s over! The winner is Celestia Avary! The champion of the Spear Corps’ battles is Celestia Avary!”


The crowd cheered at the referee’s declaration.

I rushed over to Caesar.

Shoot! I intended to hold back, but I accidentally put too much strength into it!

“Hey! Caesar! Are you alright!?”

I noticed as I got closer.

Caesar was laying prone, with his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Sh-shit, I really went too far.

“Me-Medic!! Bring a stretcher!! Hurry!!”

I agitatedly called for the medics.

His bones weren’t broken, right?


Chie’s room

“Hmm, today’s matches were also really interesting, huh.”

“Ah, well, there were also some strange things…”

“…Do your best…”

Claude and I were discussing the day’s events over drinks.

That said, Claude was drinking whiskey, while I had my juice.

Right now, I was in plain clothes and Claude was wearing an all-black outfit.

He was dressed that way because he had just reported about something I asked him to investigate, and we started drinking after that.

“I’m sorry for suddenly troubling you.”

“It wasn’t really a problem. It’s my job, after all.”

“Anyways, how was it?”

“That is…”

After hearing Claude’s response, I folded my arms. It was as I thought, huh.

Haah, when I wrapped up one problem, another one came up.

“I understand. Please continue what you were doing.”

“Understood. Also, does Conrad know?”

“Not yet. It’ll be hard for him for a while longer, since I want more intel first.”

That’s right, it’s too early to tell.

Without some preparations now, it would be bad.

For the sake of this country, Claude and I had to keep this secret.

Well, including Aaron-san, it was three people.

“I understand. As you wish, I’ll continue the investigations tomorrow.”

“Approved. I’ll be watching the matches next to them, so I’ll leave it to you.”

Next to them, the royal family.

To be continued…


I made you wait a long time.
How was chapter 23?
The chapter ended up being slightly shorter.
Well, although the main character and Claude’s conversation is mysterious, please look forward to the conclusion of this “Three Country Tournament Arc”!
Please enjoy the next chapter too!

Translator Note:
Hi! Elephant No. 5 here! Thanks for reading! Please do check out my main project by clicking the link on my name!
I am now 10 chapters away from catching up to the raws… The author seems to be updating at a truly slow and steady pace. Happy winter holidays, wherever you are! By the time this comes out, it might be half a year from when I first did Chapter 20, my Not-christmas present. So, this is my Christmas present to all those who celebrate Christmas (commercial or religious), and a gift to all those who don’t, too!

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