Astarte’s Knight

Astarte’s Knight -The Story of a F-Rank Demon’s Way to Success-

[アスタルテの騎士 -Fラン魔族からの出世街道ものがたり-]

raw: –  no longer exists
Author: 村上タカシ Murakami Takashi


My life of being continually abused by my parents ended when I was 18.

The next time I opened my eyes, what awaited me was my life as the lowest class of demon “Ghoul”, protecting one of hell’s castles, Astarte Castle.
The lowest class of demon, “Ghoul”, was my new life.
I was scorned by the demons in the castles for being such a weak, low ranked monster.
But my fate was changed when I met the castle lord’s daughter, Astarte (age 10).

French translation courtesy of Blastaf

Prologue: Running up from being a F-Rank Demon

The 1st Story: Death and Birth
The 2nd Story: Observing and Understanding
The 3rd Story: Pig and Moustache
The 4th Story: Human and Ghoul
The 5th Story: A Short 1 Hour Dream and Sudou-Kun
The 6th Story: Astarte and Birthday
The 7th Story: Daughter and Father
The 8th Story: Status Rising & Naming
The 9th Story: The Knight and Lord
The 10th Story: Bodacious Boobs and Scones
The 11th Story: Drunken Old Man x2
The 12th Story: Peace and Unrest

74 thoughts on “Astarte’s Knight

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  2. junkman

    Just curious, are you going to be focusing on this and Gardena equally? or is one of them a side project?

    Looking forward to ghoul-kun powering up! I wonder how he will do it? I think getting stronger by eating meat is a ghoul thing in some games.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hmm it’s hard to say. Both aren’t side projects, but right now I’m focusing on translating Astarte’s Knight up until some point, then I’ll do both projects…if I had to say, Garudeina will probably be slower than Astarte’s Knight because it’s harder to translate…

      I read a few hints on how ghoul-kun is going to power up, but I haven’t read ahead so I have no idea what it actually is/does ;D


  3. Dragon28

    Can we get another chapter of this or was it cancelled.also if it is cancelled if u know anywhere still tuning it can I get a link


    1. Nah its not cancelled. I’ve just been really busy. It’ll end soon so I’ll get things back on schedule soon. If I ever drop this, I’ll announce it loudly. Also raw link is in the main page if that’s what your looking for.


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        1. No, just that when we hit a certain point we can’t continue. Ash is still translating, but he has to juggle school and other things, so it’s really slow. Believe me, I AM harassing him (albeit gently) for more chapters.


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