Astarte’s Knight – The 6th Story: Astarte and Birthday

Ash: In short, life got busy. That’s why I couldn’t get much done in these 2 weeks ;c and when I came back home tired, I didn’t feel like doing anything, and played some fluffy tail the MMORPG. But on the bright side, its ending soon…I hope D:…I really have to get some Garudina done ;_;

The 6th Story: Astarte and Birthday

“Hey, is it really okay?”
“Yes, there are no problems.”

I woke up in a capsule filled with green liquid.
It was the same place where I was born.
Surrounding me were tubes connected into the capsule, and ahead of those were various overflowing machines.

“…Hey, is this child okay?”
“Yes, because the natural healing power of Ghouls are on the high side. To the point where it would have been fine even if it wasn’t taken here.”

Looking at where the voices came from, Astarte and the female researcher I met on the first day were there.
Astarte clutched the ends of the woman’s white robe and pulled on it with a “guigui” (*pull* *pull*).

“It’ll definitely heal?”
“It’ll definitely heal. Or rather, it’s already almost completely healed.

“Absolutely definitely? Scars won’t be left?”
“It will absolutely definitely heal. No scars remain. Or rather, even if such a monster has a scar or anything…(*cough* *cough*)”

“Did you say something?”
“I said nothing.”

“This child saved me and is my life savior! You definitely have to treat him kindly! I won’t forgive you the next time you insult him!”
“Yes, yes…understood, understood.”

The woman in the white robe said this, and lightly dealt with Astarte.
She looked just like a housewife involved with her child during cooking.

“What if your lying?”
“I’ll swallow 10 thousand Holy Sword Excalibur.”

What is that promise.
Hell’s local rules?
So scary…
Perhaps because Astarte finally became relieved after she made the woman say such a scary promise, she let go of the woman’s white robe she’s been grabbing up until now, and breathed a sigh with a “hou” (*phew*).

“I’m glad…”

It seems like she was quite worried about me.

Such an experience is rare for me.
My parents and surroundings always gave me trash treatment.
Who would be worried if someone like me got injured?

This experience might actually be my first time.
I’m honestly quite happy.

“Astarte-sama, if you don’t go back soon, Sebastian-sama will snap quite a bit.”
“Bu-,but this child…”

“I’m looking over him so it’s fine. I won’t let anyone touch him with even one finger. So please go back.”

“How about the fact that if you make Sebastian-sama mad again, he won’t forgive you the next time you meet it? It’s wiser to return here.”

“U-, un…”

Astarte left for her room with a bit of reluctance.

Pushuu (*pshhhhhh*).

I just realized it, but there’s an automatic door here.
Despite being called hell, this room is awfully modern.

“Then, see you later.”

Just before going back, Astarte faced me and loudly waved her hands with a “bunbun” (*shake* *shake*)
I thought of returning a wave, but my dull body didn’t make it in time.

But I moved relatively keen and nimble during that time…
My body ended up returning into the usual blockhead pole.
How unfortunate.
It seems the creatures known as Ghouls are only keen and nimble during battle.

Or rather…probably only when humans attack.

In my original world. there were many creatures who only moved keen and nimbly when seizing prey.
Charmeleons, sea angels, and other various things are like that.
In this world, those things seems to be Ghouls.
But if I can move keen and nimbly sometimes, isn’t it fine being able to do that normally?

Just because sea angels don’t move violently when they aren’t hunting prey, doesn’t mean they can’t show their true abilities when a prey doesn’t appear before their eyes, right?
As expected, I don’t really understand Ghouls.

With Astarte gone, the white robed woman now approached me.
This woman has a near human appearance, but as expected, she isn’t human.

“Even so, for the “castle lord’s” daughter to be this attached. I thought it was just a failed product, but for some reason, it’s quite…interesting.”

The woman brought her face near the capsule, and stared at my face fixedly.
Honestly, it’s quite embarassing for her to come this close.
Her oppai pushing against the glass became something quite amazing.

Isn’t it fine for me to say that it’s already the violence of fat?!
If it was me when I was alive, this would definitely be a situation where I would lean forwards towards that place.
I’m troubled with where to look.

The woman gazed at my figure with a “jirojiro” (*stare~~~*) .
What is it…
By any chance is she thinking “Ara, this man has a surprisingly handsome face…I particularly like his wide gaping empty eye sockets.”
Or maybe “I like his widely exposed ribs”?
What should I do, I’m quite excited…!
And now, a dazzling science rom-com between a big-boobed female scientist and a non-human starts…

“Pu- (*pfft*)”

The woman stopped gazing at my figure, and snorted.
The start of a science rom-com… was it?

“But Astarte-sama said some nonsense like “it has intelligence”. Such an ugly creature can’t possibly have intelligence. It doesn’t have a brain tissue, after all.”

“Gah! (What was that!)”

“Whaat? Looks like it’s angry. It’s like it actually has intelligence! As if.”

“But it’s an achievement. Something like protecting Astarte-sama from trespassing humans on the day the count happened to not be here. There must be “something good” inside, so look forward to it.”

Saying this, the woman left the room.

Pushuu (*pshhhhhh*).

The automatic door was surreal.

The top floor of 1 of hell’s castles, Astarte Castle.

There, the castle lord, who could be called a “count”, and his daughter lives.
One room’s door was vigorously opened with a “Pan!” (*bam*).

“Ah, otou-sama! Welcome back.”

“Are you alright! My dear daughter! I heard the whole story!! The humans didn’t do anything violent to you right!?”

“U-, un, I’m fine! Ghouls protected me from the humans!”

“Ghouls did…? I always tell you it isn’t good to go there, and this time, to turn into that…ahh, but that doesn’t really matter. Anyways, I’m glad your safe. If something happened to you, I wouldn’t be able to live!”

“Otou-san’s exaggerating too much, mou!”

The count gently hugged Astarte body as if handling porcelain.
That action is full of affection.

My life is all for the sake of my beloved daughter, Astarte.
That’s the motto the count adopted.
It’s absolutely not because he’s a lolicon.

The hug lasted around 10 seconds.
This gave, to the count who was Astarte’s guardian, a bliss that could not be replaced by anything.
(TL: Sentence fixed, thanks Valryssian!)

“Don’t worry otou-san, Astarte doesn’t have a single wound!”

Astarte stuck out her non-existent chest with a “ehen!” (*showing off*).

“Ahh, I’m really glad your safe.”

Saying that, the count changed the conversation topic.

“Right, Astarte. The present for your birthday next week. What do you want? I haven’t asked yet.
“Eh? You remembered?”

“Isn’t that a given!! Are there any fathers in this world who wouldn’t celebrate their children’s birthday? If I find such a person I would turn them into cinders! HAHAHA!! Now, what do you want? Say anything you want!

“E-to, e-to…”

Suddenly being asked, Astarte held her head with both hands and thought while perplexed.
This action from such a cute daughter is also one of the things that soothed the count.

“Hahaha, it seems you haven’t decided yet! Just say anything. I’ll give you the thing you want!”

“Yes! Thank you very much otou-sama! Then, there’s only one thing I want right now, but…”

Hearing the previous words, the count frowned, but accepted it in the end,
Anything is good, if he can see his daughter’s face of delight.
It’s absolutely not because he’s a lolicon.

【Rinne’s Research Journal】
Name: None
Race: Ghoul
Rank: F
Skill: None
Remarks: A strange individual, who Astarte-sama frequently claims has intelligence.

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  1. Nydestroyer

    Time for the birthday wish of a shiny new protagonist! Or wait now that I think about it she will probably do some really simple wish like “All that child that saved me to follow me around” or something simple XD

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  2. thewanderinglurker

    To the translator of this series:
    Thank you very much for your hard work! And if I may ask, when do you usually translate? Are you doing this on a whim or just to improve your understanding of Japanese words and structure?



    1. I translate sort of when I’m in the mood for it, so my translation pace might vary wildly ;D I started translating on a whim to improve my understanding of Japanese words and structure, so I guess it’s like both of what you suggested.


  3. thanks for the chapter
    It gave off Astarte’s parent, the count’s, difficult blissful joy of changing even everything.
    could be
    The count was blissful that nothing happen to Astarte
    The count was blissful that Astarte was protected and nothing happen to her


  4. Evolution, or new body. Hmm.

    The body follows the mind and vice versa. Can’t he pretend there are humans to show off some speed? WILLPOWER, MC. WILL WILL POWER YOU THROUGH!


  5. Laserbear

    Thanks for the chapter ~
    i wonder if our protagonist will get an upgraded body. If he is without brain tissue i’m guessing he’s purely animated with necromancy and his soul, this should leave some space for the author to play around with.


  6. cylinder1

    Thanks for the chapter! I wonder what she could ask for? hmmmm? Could it be the obtain a personal knight of some kind? hmmm.


  7. それはアスタルテの保護者である伯爵に何事にも代え難い至福の喜びを与えた
    This gave, to the count who was Astarte’s guardian, a bliss that could not be replaced by anything.

    代え難い substituting difficult -> difficult to replace
    何事にも代え難い -> not replaceable by anything (irreplaceable)
    アスタルテの保護者である伯爵 -> the count who is Astarte’s guardian
    伯爵にXXを与えた -> gave/bestowed XX upon the count

    I’m no professional, but that should be correct… right?


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    Omg really. He has been a ghoul for over a month, been called ugly the whole time, yet when a scientist looks at their experiment up close he instantly thinks that she finds him handsome and was about to get laid? Stop with this bull forced wish fulfillment.


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