Astarte’s Knight – Chapter 11

The 11th Story: Drunken Old Man x2

“Check!” (Blood)

My voice was barely raised a little higher than usual.
To think that my first victory would come so naturally.
Wait a minute, I was a beginner, so I certainly could not make that statement with such conviction.

“This is…Checkmate? Probably.” (Blood)

I asked with the rulebook in one hand.


The Count clammed up with a bitter face.
His eyebrows twitched and convulsed.

Apparently, I had really ended up winning the chess game.
However, the Count didn’t want to admit it.

An awkward silence crept in.
Then timely help arrived.

“……Rather, how about backing down? Count-sama?” (Sebastian)
“Sebastian-san!” (Blood)

Since when had Sebastian been watching the chessboard from behind me?

“Hoho, this is also a splendid back and forth game! Neither is inferior to the other, nor holding back…” (Sebastian)

“Sebastian! So, it’s you! For you to have been helping this guy until now―” (Count)

“No? I did not help at all. It was all done by Blood.” (Sebastian)

“Do you think I’m an idiot?! This guy was just a ‘Ghoul’ until recently!” (Count)

“It is true, I, was not helped by Sebastian-san.” (Blood)

“……” (Count)

I saw through the Count.
Unlike usual, a strict atmosphere hung around for just a moment.

He did not say anything more about what he had determined to be a lie
(with the exception of the matter of cleaning the dining room on the first day). Okay, well, I had forgotten about that.

“Count-sama, this is nothing more than shamelessly damaging your dignity.” (Sebastian)

Sebastian said.
This person’s dignity, as well as some other things, were already equivalent to zero, but…
If he were to show this sort of behavior in front of his daughter…

The Count fell silent.
It seemed that he was debating internally, but before long, he shouted with both arms raised.

“I lost! It’s my defeat!” (Count)

Clash! The Count leaned against the backrest.
It did not seem like a lie.
That meant…that it was my win.

“Will I be recognized as a knight now?” (Blood)

“Aaah, I know! You are a great guy!” (Count)

The Count spat out.
Hence, I was able to receive recognition.

“It felt good. To receive recognition from Count-sama.” (Blood)

The corners of my mouth rose in a grin.
A natural smile that came from joy.
However, the Count seemed to be offended.

“Why are you laughing…” (Count)

“Eh?” (Blood)

“Why do you not hate me!? I am being so cold to you! Did you think it was tough love? Unfortunately, I seriously intend to send you right back to the first floor!” (Count)

The Count cried out.

What was this guy saying.
Did he mean, “You should hate me.”
Even though I felt he was “hard to deal with”, I never once thought there was “hate”.

“It´s easy to get used to hate.” (Blood)

“Why? Don’t tell me…you swing the other way!” (Count)

The Count is back! He hugged his body tightly, like it was precious.

Stop that creepy imagination.
No, that’s not it.
I diligently conveyed my intentions.

“Count-sama, do you like Astarte-sama?” (Blood)

“Bah! What do you think you’re asking! A foolish question! Aaa! More than anything in the world!” (Count)

“I am relieved to hear that once more.” (Blood)

“What?” (Count)

“Count-sama’s strictness is completely for Astarte-sama’s benefit. As a father who thinks so strongly of his child, there is no way you could be a bad person.” (Blood)

“…” (Count)

After hearing that, the Count kept silent.
Without necessarily getting angry, like he had done up until now, he began thinking calmly.

“Count-sama.” (Sebastian)

“Enough, do not speak!” (Count)

Sebastian interrupted the Count’s silence.

“Really, what has this guy been pleased with……” (Count)

While grumbling, the Count suddenly ordered me.

“Blood! Drink!” (Count)

“Sake? Now?” (Blood)

The current time was 7:00pm.
We played chess in the gap after dinner.
There was still work after this.
It was still too early to end the day.

“Today’s work will end before long. Drink with me! You will be able to correct most of the awkwardness if you drink!” (Count)

At any rate, that old man showed hints of believing that a drinking party would cause human relations to smooth out…though, to think that it was me keeping him company.


“By the way, are you able to drink sake?” (Count)

The Count asked me for the first time, after drinking.
Wasn’t that usually asked beforehand?

“I have never drunk before, but it’s probably okay.” (Blood)

Since I was no longer a minor, I thought it was irrelevant.

“I see, then you are drinking for the first time.” (Count)

“Yes.” (Blood)

I drank the sake that I received from the Count.

“Huh?” (Blood)

The sake was stronger than I imagined, but the taste was surprisingly thin.
It was about as effective as F*nta.
I could drink many cups of this.

I took a bottle in each hand.
On the back of the bottles, I noticed an alcohol level that would cause a normal person’s eyes to pop out.

Gulp, gulp.

“Ooh! There is no better drink!” (Count)

There were too many drinks.

The Count wanted me to drink sake excessively.
To think that the lord lacked common sense and did nothing more than drink. I, myself, drunk full cups one after another while being encouraged by the Count. The Count, who thought that, if a subordinate he associated with refused to pour alcohol, it would negatively impinge on his honor, noticed alcohol and called out for it, creating a vicious, infinite loop.

According to the story that I heard from Sebastian later, the Count had planned to get me dead drunk and use the opportunity to begin a good relationship from there. However, the plan failed because I was not shaken like he had expected.

The Count went down first.

“Maa…Only this Hell Sake is kept cold. Why…” (Count)

What was this person saying? Was he a child, getting drunk on such a weak drink?
It seemed like even cola would get him drunk.

“Really……yuck.” (Count)

The Count suddenly let out a small complaint.
After wondering what it was, I looked inside and saw it. The tip was purple and ugly, and the cork he was grasping had changed color.
It was mold.

“Mold grew on the cork again……the taste is fine, but I don’t like this mold. If it weren’t for this, it would be perfect, but this makes me doubt the quality.” (Count)

“The mold is not a particularly bad thing.” (Blood)

“What?” (Count)

“Since I store the sake in a humid place, the cork mold is proof that it was stored carefully. It’s good sake, and I thank you for that.” (Blood)

“This is your first time drinking sake…How did you come up with that?” (Count)

“Aah, my old man was a drinker. That’s the reason I know a useless thing like this. Among other things.” (Blood)

Rather, why don’t you know……?
It was common sense.

The Count tilted his head, looking puzzled, but did not question me further.
Instead, he asked about my father.

“Was your father a brewer? Or rather, weren’t you born in this castle?” (Count)

“Aa, it’s something from my past life.” (Blood)

“Your past life, huh! Very amusing! HAHAHA!!” (Count)

Since this was the first time that I told this to someone, I was actually a little tense, but he didn’t believe it at all.

“Father was not a sake brewer. Just a hopeless drunkard.” (Blood)

“What? What’s that?” (Count)

The Count seemed to be very interested in my father and wanted to nose his way into hearing my family’s situation. I was finally able to speak frankly about my parents, without being cut off or having to hide it from my superiors.

10 minutes later.

“Erase them!!!!!” (Count)


The dead drunk Count flung an empty glass against a table and shattered it.

“Are there parents in any world who should treat their child like that!? No, they should not exist! Is that not so!? I say that is so!” (Count)

“Is that so.” (Blood)

The Count roused himself.

“Who! Say his name! I’ll burn him at the stake for you!” (Count)

“—- is the name.” (Blood)

“I heard unique names…is that so! Orientals! Oriental men called —- will all be killed!” (Count)

Hii, men with the same last name, escape right now!

The Count spontaneously screamed towards the sky. His neck swung like a demon, making me turn away.

“Blood!” (Count)

“Yes.” (Blood)

“Call me father from now on!” (Count)

“Eh!?” (Blood)


“No, but I was not fathered by the Count, is that not the case?” (Blood)

“Appearances! I am prepared to say such a good statement!” (Count)

When I spoke my next words, the Count seemed unusually depressed.

“Moreover, if it’s enough to say such a thing tomorrow…” (Count)

“Eh?” (Blood)

“No, it’s nothing! Anyhow! The father matter will be announced tomorrow! I’ll leave the way you call me up to you! ‘Papa’ or ‘Father-sama’ or ‘Oto-san’, anything is fine! (Count)

Was there a baseball manga in hell too?
I unintentionally wondered.
Come to think of it, that had been on my mind since I died.
Well, what the heck happened after I died and went to the light?

“I understand. But, since it’s tomorrow, I have to mentally prepare.” (Blood)

“Hahaha!! A shy guy!!…oof.” (Count)

“Count?” (Blood)


The Count was completely unconscious the next moment.
Sebastian did the cleaning.


The next day.
I, who did not feel any particular damage from the sake, went to the Count’s study as usual.

The Count was not up yet.
Without exception, I would usually arrive after he had already gotten up and fixed his appearance.

I went to the bedroom next.
As expected, the Count was in bed, exhausted and looking like a corpse.

Thanks to that, I was able to appreciate the Count’s pajamas, which were inlaid with disfigured pictures of his daughter and “Astarte Love” written all over them. I pitied the subordinate who had to wake up this foolish parent.

“Good morning Count.” (Blood)

“Aa, Blood. Good mor……gu!” (Count)

“Are you alright!?” (Blood)

“Aa, it is merely a hangover. I’ll put up with it……” (Count)

I lent a shoulder to the Count.

“Sorry, I’m saved.” (Count)

“This much is fine. After all, the Count isn’t just a boss for me.” (Blood)

“Hmm? What are you talking about?” (Count)

I relayed the Count’s speech from yesterday, since the Count had a blank stare.
A small bit of courage was necessary for it.
I took a little time, hesitating and speaking diligently.

“Count-sama, um…is my father.” (Blood)

“!!” (Count)

The Count heard my words and jumped up.
He created some distance between us, like an insect had appeared from out of nowhere.
He then shouted.

“This Lolicon!!!” (Count)

“I don’t want to hear that from you!” (Blood)

What was this person saying!?
You told me to call you that!
Damn it, I unintentionally said “you”, but that didn’t seem to matter right now.

“That’s not a nice thing to say to ‘father-in-law-san’ if that’s the case……!! It’s already too late to play dumb! You intend to marry my daughter!” (Count)

“Eeeehh!?” (Blood)

This guy definitely forgot all about yesterday……

“You……! Planning to win over my daughter! I simply won’t be satisfied! Never! Astarte is a non-capturable heroine! And a flashback won’t make those arrangements!” (Count)

What was this person saying.
Was his head okay?

“Ha! Somehow, your imagination is a pain in the ass! You really don’t remember yesterday’s conversation…” (Blood)

That was simply one’s true thoughts overriding their judgement.

The Count jumped out of the room, in his nonsensical pajamas, with tears in his eyes.

“Escape! Astarteee! Run away from this man with me!!” (Count)

“Good grief…that old man, what a misunderstanding.” (Blood)

Had the sake not worn off yet?
What a temperate man.
I looked at the back of the fleeing Count while scratching my head.

I remembered the Count’s words from yesterday.

“Call me father” huh……

Thank you, Count.
You seem to be a better father than the one I knew.

“Thank you, Count-sama.” (Blood)

I made a 90 degree bow towards the Count, whom I could not see anymore.

Thank you, my new father.



…No, even so, he isn’t my father. Honestly, that’s disgusting.

He isn’t my father.

Since I can win now, I understand. You suck at chess, don’t you.


【Rinne’s Research Journal】
Name: Blood
Race: Ghoul (revised)
Rank: F+ → E
Skills: Unknown
Remarks: Favorite manga is 『MAJ●R』

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    1. Problem is it was dropped :-( which means unless the author atleast came up with an ending we will get a chapter then nothing FOREVER i honestly hate it when it happens to good stories but it happens when an author draws something out to long and it goes meh.

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  1. I really love what I’ve read of this so far. I read 1 – 10 a few weeks back, and really sincerely enjoyed it. I was pretty depressed when I read some comments saying that this was cancelled / abandoned.

    I don’t know the reasons as to why, but it still makes me sad. This had such a great start! I can’t see it going downhill from this point further . . Although maybe if he’d stayed a normal ghoul for a while longer, it feels like he “ranked up” a little too fast.


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