Astarte’s Knight – The 1st Story: Death and Birth

Ash: Welcome to the new project “Astarte’s Knight” ;D.  The first chapter is pretty short, but the rest of the chapters are about twice as long. I hope some of you get why I put that Hinami picture in now. It’s a lot easier to TL  than Garudeina. 1st POV Banzai~~

The 1st Story: Death and Birth

In the midst of my fading consciousness, I had the conviction of “Ah, I’m dying”.

In a few words, I was run over by a truck. My body has no sensation.
The fact that I can’t confirm what happened means something terrible definitely happened.
But the signal should have been green. Did the driver fall asleep?
Truly the worst kind of bastard.

Thinking back, it was a harsh life.
Mother is a woman who quickly broke into hysteria because of trivial things (I later understood the term “abusive parent”) and father is a NEET who hated my remarks of go work, go work.
As a bonus, the money I earned from working sank into alcohol and pachinko on the other side.

Because of this environment, I was unable to get a girlfriend these 18 years.
Wait, or was it because my charm is non-existent? Tahaha…

Well whatever.
I don’t have any attachments to this life.

Normally at this time, a person would recall the fun memories and people important to them up until now, but unfortunately, I don’t have any of those.
The elementary school sports day where I ate a convenience store onigiri alone,
My classmates who messed around and said I stank, making fun of me, who had no clothes to wear,
The full-time employees who knew about my environment and looked down on my poor societal standing before work started.

All of them are my worst memories.
Everybody should just die.

Wait, the one who died was me. Hahaha.
Well, that’s still good. It definitely ended my connections.

Please god, if there is a “next time” to life, make next time’s guy somewhat more normal……

I feel sleepy……



(TLN: so the hirigana is かあさ and I have no idea what it could be)





Huh? I’m concious?
Not only that, but the pain is gone.
Is it possible that I’m alive?

Thinking that, I moved my body and felt something abnormal.
My body is awfully heavy, and I couldn’t move like I thought.




It seems I let out my voice during that, but it’s too harsh.
It’s like a monster’s.
Is my throat still dysfunctional after being run over?

“Gohoho”, there was the sound of liquid flowing.
It seems that I’m set inside a transparent capsule.

Just when I thought of sorting out the situation, I heard the voice of another human for the first time.

“How is it? What are the results?”

There was an old man of about 40 years with a mustache there.
But his mustache was carefully trimmed, and there was no sense of dirtiness.
And his body was wrapped in clothes like those of a noble in the Middle Ages.

Is he someone involved with the hospital?
I don’t understand why he’s cosplaying though.
There was a woman beside the old man who talked to him.
The woman answered the question.

“It’s just a “Ghoul”. The potential level is also average.”

“Fuun, rubbish again, huh?”

“What do we do with this person? Disposal?”

“Make it defend inside the castle. When the time comes, it should buy some time.”

Saying that, the old man faced my direction again with eyes saying he’s looking even though it’s garbage.

“However, it’s ugly so don’t let it come near the upper levels. Deploy it at 1F.”


Finishing their conversation, the two people opened the door and left the room.

He said “it’s ugly so don’t let it come near”……

Some cruel words were said. I don’t remember being born that ugly.

Suddenly, I saw the glass in front of me.
There, I noticed what kind of appearance and figure I had for the first time.
Just before, I said “it was a monster-like voice”, but it wasn’t at “like”.

I was a complete monster.
My figure had a human form of walking on two feet, but my whole body is inflamed, with an appearance of being synthesized from slime. There are no nails, tongue, or nose.
Taking this opportunity, I also have no eyes, but how am I able to see things?

Just before the woman called me a “Ghoul”.
Certainly this figure is undead. It has the impression of a corpse monster.
When humans are reincarnated, they might become a butterfly or cat this time – I heard these words many times, but the reality became more weird than in light novels.

It seems I became the lowest-ranked “Ghoul” after my reincarnation.
Are you serious?

【Rinne’s Research Journal】
Name: None
Race: Ghoul
Rank: F
Skill: None
Remarks: No special worth, an ordinary individual.

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61 thoughts on “Astarte’s Knight – The 1st Story: Death and Birth

  1. RKain

    Damn you, Truck-san! Another life brought to a swift and unceremonious end at the hands of your cruel wheels! This madness must be stopped.

    I’m starting an organization to protest the recent rise in murders and forced reincarnations at the hands of those dastardly Truck-sans. We’re relying on education and systemic reforms to cut down on these truck-related deaths – improved awareness of traffic laws, situational awareness training, brake reflex improvements, mandatory minimum sleep cycles (enforced via large wooden mallets) and also a shift toward using helicopters for freight transport.

    I hope all you noble webnovel readers (and the translators and editors, too) will support us in our most noble endeavours.

    My thanks to you.

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    1. I fully agree with you. Truck-san has gone too far! These murders are the reason why the population birth rate is so low; all the young ones are being killed by these dastardly Trucks!

      I will support you in this endeavor.

      Liked by 5 people

      1. that’s why the Gods and Goddensses in Japans’ so angry knowing the soul whose suppose to be entered their after-death realm became decreased. it’s make ’em to summon people from difference world to Japan :P

        maybe they’ll be kill all those trucks next time, so no more souls got summoned to difference world :D

        Liked by 1 person

      2. RKain

        We accept cash, cheque, money order, direct deposit, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Paypal, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Reddit gold, Reddit silver, Carrier pigeon, gold bullion, and high fives (but not Discover).

        Please make your payment out to the Truck-san Rehabilitation Using Censure and Knowledge Society. We laud your noble spirit in seeking the protection not only the lives of innocent soon-to-be-reincarnated youths, but also the inevitable trauma and lawsuits that are probably being leveled at those hapless drivers of the Truck-sans.

        Liked by 3 people

      3. RoflCat

        Nah, Truck-san is just doing his job.

        I mean given the MC’s life before, it was rather shitty…

        And now he’s about to meet a 10 years old loli who will sa…

        Wait is this Hayate reincarnation edition?

        I mean the MC being a ghoul should means he can tank some hits like a certain unfortunate butler…


      1. Want to become an OP harem protagonist or want to indulge in your most realistic VMMOTOME flag-breaking fantasies? Jump right in front of a truck! 90% guaranteed. 5% of instant death and 5% of being super weak, but hey, all reincarnators get OP some day, or get mauled by a cute cat before that.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Degs

          99% Guarantee of ending up in a harem if your last thoughts are “I hate my life,” “everyone’s an idiot,” or “Damn, too bad I didn’t get to finish that game!”


      1. RKain

        That would be against the goals of the Truck-san Rehabilitation Using Censure and Knowledge Society (TRUCKS). We want to reduce murders, not empower armies.

        If you’re seeking to create a super powered armies, our sister organization, VANS, may be more your speed.

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      1. RKain

        The Truck-san Rehabilitation Using Censure and Knowledge Society isn’t about blame. What matters is not guilt, but limiting tragedies and preventing harems around those damn reincarnators.

        The Truck-san Rehabilitation Using Censure and Knowledge Society focuses on education and rehabilitation, so that Truck-sans and Truck-san drivers can prevent any further tragedies.


  2. Rinne’s research journal or Reincarnation Research Journal if some of you don’t know what it means. At this point Most everyone should understand it. More or less.


  3. cylinder1

    thanks for the chapter. I have a hard time imagining him. I think undead but they mention slime? does he have flesh?
    Wonder how he’s going to become special.


          1. RuRo-dono

            At least we can be sure, that whatever the substance, it may have had the properties of slime or/and sludge… And it was ewwwwie.


  4. gguk

    dreaded truck strikes again !
    chance that people died by truck runover probably ended up reincarnated is so big to the point that everyone jump in front of it willingly

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  5. libraryrocker

    My favorite character in these novels… IS TRUCK-SAN!!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work, I think this one is interesting.


    1. I think Truck-san needs to be a more developed character in these novels. How it’s feeling, it’s motives for killing…. OR MAYBE IT’S AN OTHERWORLDLY ENTITY DRAGGING PEOPLE INTO GAMES FOR IT’S OWN AMUSEMENT *DUN DUN DUN*

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. Grandmasterleach

    Thank you for chapter! If you care about them, I found a mistake:

    “The full-time employees who knew about my environment and looked down on my poor societal standing before work started.”

    Should be either:

    “The full-time employees who knew about my environment […] looked down on my poor societal standing before work started.”


    “The full-time employees […] knew about my environment and looked down on my poor societal standing before work started.”


    1. Hmm I’ll take a look at this when I wake up tomorrow. Are you sure it’s wrong? The entire thing is a description focusing on the company employees. It’s supposed to combine the two phrases of “The full-time employees who knew about my environment” and “The full-time employees who looked down on me before work started” But I will look at this again when I wake up.


  8. RoflCat

    Welp, just decided to start reading this story

    (TLN: so the hirigana is かあさ and I have no idea what it could be)

    I think he’s trying to say ‘mother’ (kaasan)


      1. xxx

        My mom was like that, as a kid I’d still go to her when I was scared.
        It just wasn’t very pleasant, but I did feel reassured.
        So I think he’d call her


        1. xxx

          I take it back. Reading on, its clear both his parents were severely messed up. I really underestimated that. When its like that, there’s just no comparison.


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  10. kainee

    The last word that MC speaks sounds like it’s Mom because he says kaasa and then after the ellipses, he goes n? So the ellipses makes it look like his death and rebirth separated the word so it looks like it should be kaasan, which is Mom.


  11. Phoenix

    かあさ is propably firts part of “kaa-san” (mother), while on the next line is “n” what is end of the word.
    in situation when someone is dying is not so unusual to think about family, even though if you don’t like them much.


    1. Lucio

      All of them are my worst memories.
      Everybody should just die.

      Wait, the one who died was me. Hahaha.

      Those words won my respect kkkk


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