Apply Today!

Just pop on over to our discord channel here and let one of the staffers know you want to apply~

You can tell them from normal users since they have the Minion role.

Needed positions:

Editor – High

Takes the translation and turns it into understandable English. Manages flow and sentence structure. Applicants need a very good grasp of the English language for this position.

Proofreader – High

Takes the edited work and checks for any grammar/punctuation mistakes. Also does a check on sentence flow. Applicants need a decent grasp of the English language, and it’s a good learning opportunity if you need to buff up on your English skills.

Translator [Novel/Manga] – Moderate

Translates from source language into English. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translators accepted. If you could include any previous works you’ve translated, that’d be really helpful.

Typesetter [Manga] – Moderate

You put translated text onto images, keeping it in the bubbles and using appropriate fonts. If you’ve typeset before, send me anything you’ve worked on. If you haven’t, I have a crash course I send applicants.

Redrawer [Manga] – High

You get an image with the source text on it, and you remove all text from their speech bubbles and get rid of any SFX that are present. If you’ve done it before, awesome, send me whatever you’re proud of. If you’re new to it, I have a test you can do to try it out.

40 thoughts on “Apply Today!

  1. skybubblez

    Hey, just quickly before I finish it, how am I meant to send the results of the test to you?
    This is my first time using wordpress (I literally just signed up) so if you could just help me out a little while I get started.


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  4. aiskaiz

    Let’s say that the translation is really rough English and there are some sentences that can be phrased better if the whole structure is changed. Would an editor be able to change the text as much as they want as long as it gets the meaning across? Where exactly is the limit?

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    1. The limit is making sure the original intention and meaning of the sentence remains. If you ever change that core meaning, you’re doing it wrong.

      You could argue that it wouldn’t make sense to leave a joke about wordplay in the text since it never carries over, but for that we leave a note.

      You could also argue that a certain phrase/idiom doesn’t make sense in English so you should find an equivalent. This one is really contextual, sometimes we do replace it and sometimes we don’t.

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  5. john taylor

    Hi there, I’m John Taylor and I just signed on your discord channel as “bezerker”. I saw your add requesting help but I am unsure of who to talk too, to get tested. I will try to be a proofreader and if my skill are efficient enough, be an editor. I am currently reading The Bears Bear a Bare Kuma and Astarte’s Knight if you want me to work on another I will need to read up to get the feel of the work first. Thank you and have a nice day.


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