Manga Release

Izakaya Nobu Manga, Chapter 16 is now out.

Download link available in case you’re interested.


Mysterious Disappearances (and Recruitment)

Your chapters for the week~
I was off being cold in Korea, and Pelu seems to have been kidnapped by real life…sorry for no chapters last week!

A few announcements as well:
1. We are looking for more editors/proofers to help speed things up, as most of us are suffering from real life things at the moment. You WILL have to pass a test before acceptance.

2. We have gotten a new translator for Kuma. Mecta, the current translator, will continue translating side stories when he can.

3. We are looking for a new translator for Boundary, as our current translator is too busy with work to continue.

4. The early chapters of Oshishou-sama are being re-translated by Elephant and edited by Peter!
Too many announcements…jet lag is painful.

Christmas Prep

Sorry that this week’s chapters are a bit late. Our regular poster got sick this week…
We’re trying to get multiple chapters ready for Christmas, so next week will be only Iza and Kuma again~
There’s a series from our BK translator too, though it got delayed for a while because of me…