Just Deserts

No desserts here. I know some of you were expecting it, but no desserts here. I just wanna say, Gernot is the best. And also, I’ve finished a rough translation of black knight… so I just gotta edit it up… Before sending it to the editors to edit it up again.

Anyways, here’s the chapters. Feeling lazy today, so well, I’ll let someone else do the NU link additions this time… even if those usually lead to the chapter directly, and not the announcement page that I spent so much of my precious five minutes to write! Heh.

Kuma 183

Iza 75



Kuma 178, Iza 74, Commoner 21

Here are your chapters!

Kuma 178

Iza 74

Commoner 21

I ran out of ideas for post titles, so might as well do random experiments to see how the NU bot works.

Summer thawed one series from its cryosleep, for now. For those who are waiting for Black Knight, a chapter hopefully should come out next week.

Bad Pun of the week: May June July. May June come.


It’s a day in the month of May. So it’s a may day.

So I looked mayday up, and turns out it’s actually french.


From French m’aider, short for Venez m’aider ! or Viens m’aider! (Come help me!).


Anyways, May you enjoy the chapters, and also possibly my rant below.

I was just intending to make a pun on May, but it turns out shilling for recruitment makes it a better pun, so here goes.

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Iza Manga and a Silent Spring. Again.

It’s a manga? Iz a manga.

We have some good news, and some bad news.

Good News: With the coming of May comes some food. Enjoy some fish meals!

Bad News: Due to lack of overall manpower in our Manga arm, we will be dropping the Izakaya Manga. Please look out for the official drop announcement at the end of chapter 20. It will explain our reasons for having droppings in this fishy release.

A taxing week

It must have been a taxing week for a lot of you. Some due to midterms, and some due to Gernot. Unless you are a procrastinator in the US. then it’ll be a taxing couple of days in the future. But if it wasn’t then congratulations. Either way, have some chapters!

In other news, Isekai Izakaya Nobu got an anime. I haven’t watched it yet, so tell me what you think of it! (I have heard there are some interesting localization choices)

Also, I’ll use my platform for self-promotion. A stabby friend and I did the first chapter of a manga to make people aware of the manga, and so that I don’t have to do a second chapter. It came from the same publisher as the Kumanga. Here is a link. Maybe some of you might recognize the title that I was too lazy to type out. Hokuou Kizoku/Raptor Wife. (This manga brought to you by: Fans of Ziru.)

Silent Spring

We have some good news, and some bad news. Good News: With Easter comes punni — er — bunnies and resurrections! We finally resurrected a few new chapters from long-awaited series!

Here’s your chapters!

Bad News: Due to over population of elephants and bunnies (and pesticides, to align with the post title), we will be dropping Kumabears.

Please be on the look out for a more serious, official drop announcement later today. It will explain our reasons for dropping bears. Though I guess it could be expected, given the lack of bears the past couple of weeks. Meanwhile, this elephant will go to sleep.

Happy Easter!