Master of the Brave 61 – To distract you away from Kuma

Here’s chapter 61, because with all the kuma license flowing around this one’s drifting out.

Translated by Elephant No.5, edited by Kroc and JM, proofed by SRL, anon, Nam Etag and Aicha

Note from Ele5: Hey guys… umm… I-it’s not like I did this chapter for you all or anything! I just wanted a break from my homework! So y’all better be thankful!

No? Everything I learned about tsundere charm isn’t working… anyways, from my skim of ch62, it ends on a bit of a sour note, but imma try to get more chapters done over the holidays. But by now, hopefully those of you who have followed me for a while know what “soon” ends up meaning for me, right? Well, that’s all from me, a translator who will never be able to translate as fast as the kuma translator.

Kuma 287 – Heh, 288 chose to slip in too

Here’s chapter 287.
Here’s chapter 288.

Translated by Aikawa and Aki, Edited by Arjun and Mali, proofed by SRL, grae, Draz, Aicha, Lingekid and Speedphoenix.

Note that we changed Terumi to Tirumina to reflect the raw.
This was supposed to happen long ago but we kinda forgot

Also, last week’s next linked to a beautiful song.
It may sound familiar if you’ve listened to Ayreon before.