Kuma 220

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Kuma 220


Kuma 219

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Kuma 219

Countdown: 582, 25, 50, 75, 100, 2, 6

Here’s something visual… though it may need esoteric knowledge to decode.


I did just learn from a friend this year that people think Hanukkah is important just cuz Christmas is so close to it, and we’re trying to be multicultural or something. How funny.

(TL note: This author really loves her erofus!)As we moved forward, I noticed that the Elf Village was quite a large settlement. That elf from earlier had also seemed to tell the villagers about us coming, because a few of them had already gathered ahead of time and were waiting for us, most likely to greet us. As we entered, I thought that they would be focusing on Sanya-san, who hadn’t come home in ten years, but they all seemed to stare at my Bears and me instead. Their eyes sparkled like those of excited children as they looked at my Bears. Then, an elf, who looked like a human in his forties would, stepped forward.

「Sanya, it’s been awhile.」

「It indeed has, Grandpa.」

「Ruimin, thank you for bringing Sanya back to the village.」

Ruimin looked very happy when the man told her that.
Even though Sanya-san had called him Grandpa, he didn’t look that old at all. He looked more like an uncle. If their grandpa looked this young, I couldn’t imagine how much younger their parents looked. What a fearsome race the elves were.

「Sanya, Ruimin!」


An elven lady who the elf sisters called their mother appeared from behind the crowd. She was thin and had long, beautiful hair. Did elves exist just to pick a fight with the human race? She also appeared rather young and similar enough to the elf sisters that one might assume she was actually their elder sister. It felt really weird hearing them call her mother. The same with grandpa: it would make much more sense to me if the had called him father.

「Father-in-law, wouldn’t it be best if we discussed everything tomorrow? They’ve only just arrived and from such a far-away place no less.」

「I wouldn’t mind that, but I would appreciate if they at least introduced our guests first.」

The grandpa (chief) looked at me and the bears. That shifted the attention of the villagers towards us as well.
Is this the part where I do a self-introduction?
I was about to speak, but the grandpa spoke first.

Their grandpa, or better in this case the village elder, said and looked at me and my Bears, which shifted the attention of all the villagers towards us as well. Was this the part where I had to introduce myself? As I was about to do so, however, their grandpa did it first.

「My name is Mumuroot, and the chief of this village. You may have already heard, but I’m also Ruimin and Sanya’s grandfather.」

「I’m Yuna, an adventurer. I asked Sanya-san to bring me along on this trip. I will do my best not to get in your way, so please let me stay here for this short while.」

In order to make a good first impression, I gave a polite introduction. Still, I wasn’t sure how well it went through since I was wearing a Bear Suit.

「Are those your bears, young lady?」

He said, glancing at Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.

「Yes, they’re my summoned beasts.」

「Summoned beasts, you say…」

「They won’t do anything to harm you, and neither will I, at least as long as you don’t attack us first.」

After I explained that, I decided to unsummon Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear for now. The villagers let out surprised gasps, and I even heard some children saying 「The Bear-sans disappeared.」in sad voices.

「I see. If you yourself feel in any danger, you may deal with it accordingly.」

So, if I understood correctly, they would let me be as long as they knew I wasn’t a danger, and we were even allowed to retaliate if somebody tried to attack us.

「Sanya-san, please look after the guests for me.」

「Yes, of course.」

「Yuna, right? You traveled far to get here, so we will treat you like an official guest.」

It looked like everything would be fine as nobody seemed to have any hostility towards my Bears or me. I had been worried about them driving me out, but it seemed like it was all for naught.

「Sanya, please do come to my home tomorrow morning.」

「Okay, I will.」

Mumuroot-san then turned around and left. Some of the villagers went with him, while a few others stayed to talk to Sanya-san. Ruimin quickly used the chance and started chatting with her mother, which kind of left me to myself. I took a quick look around the area before going to join Ruimin and her mother.

「Yuna-san, this is our mother.」

「Hello, my name is Talia. Thank you for taking care of my daughters.」

She was even more beautiful up close. I would have never imagined that she could be a mother of two.

「I’m Yuna and I work as an adventurer. Sanya-san has also taken care of me a great deal.」

「Fufu, Sanya brought back such an interesting young lady with her. Please tell me more at our home; you must be tired out from such a long journey, after all.」

Once Sanya-san was free, all four of us headed for their their home. Ruimin hadn’t seen her mother in quite a while, so she was happily walking next to her. Sanya-san was lagging a bit behind even though she had already finished talking to her acquaintances. Shouldn’t Sanya act more like Ruimin? Sanya hadn’t seen her mother for even longer than her sister. Maybe she would be embarrassed to do so due to her age? Pondering on whether that really was the right reason, we arrived at a house, which I immediately noticed was a bit bigger than the ones around it.

「Our house is a bit cramped, but please make yourself at home.」

Wasn’t saying that a bit insulting to the other houses? Compared to them, their house seemed quite large. Well, maybe there were a lot of people living inside? Ruimin opened the door and went in first.

「How about it, Sanya? Have you thought about settling down and starting a family?」

「No, marriage is still too early for me. Besides, I’m having fun with my job right now.」

「That may be true, but I’d like to have some grandchildren soon.」

「Okay, well then, you still have Ruimin.」

「Onee-chan! Don’t drag me into this! You know I already fell in love with Yuna-whoops!」

Whoa. What a bombshell. I didn’t know she felt that way!

Kuma 218

Here’s another Kuma. TLed by Aikawa and Aki, as always.

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Target: 717
Numbers: 25, 4, 9, 8, 6, 9
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Kuma 218

And now, here’s the chapter, for all you who speak in binary. Lab rats are pretty cool things.

Now that she had gotten her bracelet back, Ruimin was smiling a lot more often. She had often looked quite depressed before, like as if she was feeling sorry. It was good to see her laugh and smile more now.
Well, I only noticed how drastic the change was now that she was showing her natural smile; she must have been forcing herself before.

「We’ll reach the village soon.」

Ruimin said from atop Swaying Bear.

「Yeah. I never would have thought we would get here this quickly.」

Based on what they had told me before, we should reach the village today as the Bears were already running towards a large forested area.
I wasn’t sure if forest was the right word to describe the area; it almost seemed like a jungle.
Anyway, the Elf Village should be inside this forest, and it it weren’t for my Bear Map recording anywhere I went, I would surely get lost in this dense forest immediately. Even from here, all I could see was a whole lot of trees and nothing else.

In no time, the Bears reached the edge of the forest.
The road practically disappeared here. Would we have to stride right through the forest, with no path to follow at all? That made me a bit worried.

「From here, the road gets narrower, but still wide enough for things like horses to pass through.」

So, a carriage wouldn’t be able to pass through, but there was enough space for someone riding a horse.
Because of this, I could no longer have the Bears run on blindly, and had Sanya-san and Ruimin lead the way from atop Swaying Bear.
As we entered, I noticed that the whole forest was completely overgrown with all sorts of plants and vines, and only a bit of light managed to pass through the leaves.

I was looking forward to seeing the village, hoping there would be interesting things to be found there, or maybe some unique foods.
Maybe someone could even teach me how to make a protective bracelet, just like the ones Ruimin and Sanya-san wore.
First, I would have to figure out how to get a gemstone like theirs. They seemed quite precious so it might end up being an issue.
Still, if I actually managed to make one, I would definitely give it to Fina as a souvenir when I got back.

「This feels really nostalgic.」

「It has been ten years, right?」

「I’m not sure. We elves don’t really keep track of time. For me, it doesn’t feel like much time has passed.」

「It’s definitely been ten years, Onee-chan.」

「You sound like you know for sure.」

「Yeah, I do. You will understand once we get to the village.」

Ruimin didn’t explain any further, so we rode in silence for a while, eventually reaching a small river. We could easily cross it by just walking on it, but there was no need for that as there was a bridge we could take.
As soon as we crossed the bridge, however, something felt off to me.
It felt like my entire body passed through something. It felt like like going through a thin membrane of magical power.
As I looked around restlessly, trying to find the source of the feeling, Sanya-san noticed and spoke up.

「Could it be that you felt something?」

「As soon as we crossed the bridge, I felt some weird magic-like thing pass through me.」

I answered her, telling her what it felt like. It was difficult to explain it otherwise.
I wasn’t exactly sure what a magical membrane would feel like, but this sure seemed to come close to it.

「Yuna-chan, your magic is really sensitive. What you felt was most likely our barrier. Most people can’t feel it when they pass through it, though.」


「Yeah. From what I gathered, members of our family had been the only ones who could sense the barrier. Our magical power is very similar to that of the barrier as we were the ones to make it, so it makes sense for us to feel it. But, in your case… it’s quite weird for you too feel it, too.」

Well, that didn’t really help explain much…

「Does that mean Ruimin also felt it?」

「Yes, but only a little.」

Well, I only felt it slightly, too. It was most likely due to the Bear Suit; if I walked through without it, I surely would have not felt a thing.

「Still, this means that the barrier is working like it should be.」

「That’s true, but monsters can still pass through from time to time. Grandpa said that its because the barrier must have gotten weaker.」

「I don’t really understand how it would get weaker so soon, but if grandpa says so, then he’s most likely right.」

「By grandpa, you mean the village elder, right?」

「Yes. He’s really kind, so I’m sure he will give you a warm welcome, Yuna-chan.」

We continued to trod along the narrow path, which was just wide enough for the Bears to pass.
We traveled for quite a while longer, but the village still wasn’t in sight. Well, the Bears were forced to walk slowly because of the path, so it made sense for it to take some time.
I decided to use detection magic to see if we were getting close enough for it to be in my range. Eh, what the…? There were four people quite close to us, two on each side.
Not only that, they were even matching our speed. Were we being followed per chance?
I looked over to where they were supposed to be but couldn’t see anything.
They were most likely elves, but why would they be hiding from us?
It would have been understandable if I was traveling by myself, but both Sanya-san and Ruimin were with me.
Yeah, there should be no need for them to hide themselves. It didn’t look like they would attack us, either, as they were following us at a set distance.
Whatever their reason was, I couldn’t calm down knowing they were this close, especially once one of them moved a bit ahead and another one a bit behind, making us completely surrounded.
This could turn out to be problematic if they were actually enemies.



「Just wanting to let you know we are being followed or better surrounded by what I believe to most likely be elves.」

Sanya-san’s eyes widened when she heard me say that.

「Yuna-chan, you noticed?!」

「Wait, what?!」

It seemed that Sanya-san had noticed as well while Ruimin most certainly hadn’t as she started to look around restlessly.

「You really are simply amazing, Yuna-chan. They are skilled enough to be able to conceal their presence from normal people, but it seems these ones aren’t on the level to fool you yet.」

It was actually thanks to my detection magic, but I didn’t really want to explain about that.
Still, I had noticed nothing with my naked eye, so they really were very good at hiding.

「Even I only noticed them once I focused on it.」

「Are we going to be fine?」

「Yes, since we are here with you.」

After she said that, Sanya-san looked towards the forest, and then,


She called out what was most likely a name.


It seemed like I was right, and it really was somebody’s name.
After a few moments, I noticed that the tree in front of us began to sway with a few leaves even falling off. Looking up, I saw a male elf standing on top of a branch.

「You noticed us?」

The man asked, and I noticed he had quite the handsome face.
Was he an elf?
He sure seemed to be, as elves were said to be beautiful, whether they were male or female. That information was most likely true as Sanya-san was quite beautiful, Ruimin very cute, and this man clearly seemed to be on the better-looking side of people.

「It’s been a while, Labrat.」

「Yeah, it has. Still, I’m quite surprised you managed to notice us.」

「It’s your job to watch the forest, isn’t it?」

「That’s true.」

「You don’t have to worry about these bears. I can guarantee that they are quite harmless as long as you don’t attack them.」

「Does that include the bear on top of them?」

He said, looking at me.

「Does she seem dangerous to you?」

「… No, she doesn’t.」

「In that case, could you stop following us around? It’s a bit uncomfortable.」

「… I understand. I will head to the village to make a report in advance, then.」

「In the meantime, I guess we’ll camp out here to wait for the village’s approval.」

Kuma 216

Well, here’s a chapter! I was watching Countdown episodes, and well, here’s puzzle: Make the number 952 from the following numbers: 25, 50, 75, 100, 6, 3. You cannot use a number more than once (you don’t have to use it though), and they can only be combined using the 4 basic arithmetic operations.

Kuma 216

Iza 84

Here’s another Iza for you. TLed by Shaun, edited and proofed by a lotta people.

Iza 84

The next day at Izakaya Nobu, the sales of Toriaezu Nama were going through the roof.

「One Toriaezu Nama here! And two portions of ‘Hans’ here!」
「Toriaezu Nama here too! And…three portions of ‘Hans’!」
「Got it~! Please wait a bit~!」


Hans’-style pelmeni sizzled in the frying pan, stimulating one’s appetite. Hans’ suggested addition to the menu was adopted within a day, with only a slight adjustment.

「Isn’t this gyoza?」
「It’s gyoza, huh.」

Overhearing Shinobu and Taisho’s murmuring, he wondered if there was a similar dish in their world too. The pelmeni, seasoned with garlic, was called “Hans’ dish”, or “Hans”, because the official name, “Hans’-style pelmeni”, was too long to remember. His assignment, creating a dish that “went well with Toriaezu Nama”, had been accomplished, and the novelty of the dish contributed significantly to its popularity.

「You did well, Hans.」
「No, Taisho. I owe it to my brother. If I didn’t receive his hint last night, I think I’d still be suffering in the kitchen tonight.」
「Even if you got the insight from your brother, it was still you who completed it, Hans. Have a bit more confidence in yourself.」
「…Yes sir!」

For the steamed pelmeni, the potato starch that had dissolved in the water spread out like feathers. Apparently, it was fun to break the crispy part of the fried ones by spreading it apart with chopsticks. Customers who usually did not use chopsticks began using them by watching and learning from other people today.


「Eva-chan, one bowl of sasarica here!」
「I’d like a bowl of sasarica too. And another serving of ‘Hans’!」

Among the customers who didn’t drink, there were many who asked for pelmeni and sasarica rice. The pelmeni, which was eaten with soy sauce or vinegar, went well with sasarica rice. Since it could be reheated at home, some customers ordered them as takeout. Shinobu decided to give these customers a small packet of sauce to bring back as well. She had been busy in the kitchen this whole time, stretching the wrappings.

As he watched Taisho kneading the dough for the wrappings, Hans couldn’t hold himself in. His face loosened at the thought that everyone was enjoying the dish that he himself had introduced to the shop.

This was it. This was what Hans wanted to do.

Although he was merely at the stage of helping Taisho, he would definitely make his own dish and make his customers happy one day. The goal was far, but it seemed attainable now.

「It turned out well, didn’t it, Hans? It’s very popular.」
「Thank you, Leontaine.」

There was sweat on Leontaine’s forehead, despite her being accustomed to handling the floor alone. Today was the busiest since the Grand Bazaar.

「Shouldn’t you let your brother try it too?」
「That’s right, I wanted to invite Father and two more people.」

Ever since Hans had decided to become a guard, the relationship between Hugo and Lorentz had been awkward, and he didn’t understand why. From his perspective, he didn’t think he had the talent for glass-smithing like his brother Hugo, but his father might not have thought the same. He wanted to clear up this misunderstanding as soon as possible.

「At any rate, it’s going to be a celebration tonight.」
「Nah, let’s hold off on that celebration a little longer. There are things I have to do first.」
「What do you have to do?」
「Oh, I’m going to improve on my pelmeni tonight.」

Hans was satisfied with what he had put out in the shop today and he had accomplished the task of making a dish that paired well with Toriaezu Nama. However, he wondered if he could still devise more ways to improve this dish so even more people would eat it.

「Improvements, huh…」
「Leontaine, aren’t you going to eat some pelmeni?」
「Well, I’m serving customers right now.」

Taisho had added plenty of garlic in the pelmeni to pair it well with Toriaezu Nama, but it wasn’t suitable for female customers. If Leontaine, Shinobu, and Eva couldn’t eat it, then it wasn’t right for Izakaya Nobu.

「Should I call you hardworking or stubborn, I wonder? You would definitely be successful even if you aren’t in this line of work.」
「I have my hands full with cooking for now.」

A customer’s voice called out, and Leontaine responded to it. When she turned around, her long hair swayed and tickled the tip of Hans’ nose.
He wondered if Leontaine would drink tonight too.
Before this, he only wanted to research on the pelmeni, but now, he was looking forward to it.

A customer’s voice called out, and Leontaine responded to it.