A damn shame…

Fate/Grand Order NA came out the other day. The translation is a steaming pile of garbage, filled with typos and grammar mistakes.

Beyond that they outright changed how character’s tones are conveyed, changing their entire personality.

Real damn shame. I was hoping it would at least be ok, but it seems the 10k-15k lines of dialogue over half a year was too much for Aniplex lol.

If you play it, I hope you enjoy it, but would recommend you change to the JP version asap.

In other news, I’m down $100 because a couple of guys owe me money.

Also sorry for slowing down this summer~

Small Announcement

Serious Girl will be put on hiatus until I eventually finish my college course, which should hopefully take a couple weeks minimum. After I finish my course, I will have more time to focus on translating, so I hope you all look forward to it.