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You expected a kuma, but it was me, Izakaya Nobu!

Iza long time since the last chapter. We’ve got too many minions liking kuma, and not enough people alive enough to push this along. A competent english-er who can help finalize stuff is sorely needed right now.

This chapter translated by Shaun, as always.


Kuma 246


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Surgeon 1-2, Double double today!

Here’s a new series!
And now a message from Shaun, the translator of this series.

Hi Shaun here, the translator of Izakaya Nobu. Firstly, I’m not going to drop Izakaya Nobu. This is just a side project that I pick up because as a doctor myself, I feel there’s a lack of decent novels involving medicine and doctors, so I chose this because the storyline and medical aspects seems promising enough. There are minor descriptions about the treatment/surgery in this series, so be forewarned for readers who are squeamish with blood. The updates will be slow as Izakaya Nobu is still my main, but I’ll try to update it as often as possible. Enjoy the novel

Speaking of Nobu, editing hell is a thing… and add that to finals week and all.

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Oh, looks like this is post number 100 for me. yay! And as a pre-med, this will be… studying. Yeah, studying. Not procrastination.

Kuma 244, and another

Sometimes, I suspect people don’t read the link. Quite a few people thought the Wabbit chapter was the real chapter… maybe because it looked like one. And also, when has the real chapter ever been in the release post? (inb4 I do end up putting the chapter in the release post. Nobody will believe me then… unless they read what I say. Attention hog that I am.)

Anyways, long story short, if ya missed chapter 243, it’s there. Just click the link here.

Here’s chapter 244. Oh and there’s 245 if you hit next.

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Kuma 242

Happy Tax Day all you Muricans, I guess. Reminds me of a Marx brothers skit. About all the dallahs in texas. Bonus points to people who can find the movie. I honestly can’t remember which movie it was. Anyways, Chekov’s gun. A fun concept. But also a localized one, if you read what the author has to say.

Chapter Here.

Kuma 241

Well, happy April. We had a bit of a prank last time, but life goes on, and so does homework. Well, responses to the april fools were interesting. I did hear that people who dislike April Fool’s is becoming a growing sentiment. I guess I just need to find a different month. When it’s not April, but say, 6 months from April, then people wouldn’t be as inundated in pranks, right? Everything in moderation.

But for those who don’t really care, the click here for the chappie.

Back to the feedback. Special internet cookies (so I can track you) to the guy who submitted this on the form. First line made me read all of it even though I knew it was a troll, and that was after April 1st. They got the last laugh, though I did laugh reading it. But even through all that, well argumented thesis. I approve. Even if the overall thesis is questionable, the format and effort is great.

I feel like Shrek is a metaphor for racism in America.

The entire premise of the movie is about a bunch of “strange” creatures who are evicted from their homes by no less a white man, Lord Farquaad. They are forced to go back to the swamp, which could be a metaphor for refugees being deported to Middle Eastern or African countries. Farquaad discriminates against them massively, to the point where they are sold as pets, obviously symbolic of the slave trade in the 1700s-1800s.

Now, Shrek is a great protagonist because he symbolises diversity, seeing as he is not European, East Asian, South Asian, African or Middle Eastern, he is green. This shows how not one race is superior to the other, and how together each race must overcome trials and tribulations together.

Now, take Shrek’s good friend Donkey. Considering Donkey’s background, he is obviously a slave, and Shrek, while first being quite against him, eventually accepts him as a great friend and ally. This is a good example of the “good samaritan” nature that many people began adopting in the past few decades after realising that African Americans were no different to them.

Once Shrek reaches Farquaad’s castle (symbolic of the empire that white colonialists built up over the years), he can easily take down Farquaad’s knights. This shows us that even if certain races are discriminated against and treated like garbage, they are not bound to chains, and can rise up against hatred if they have the right motivation.

Now, one of the greatest moments in the entire movie, perhaps one of the most touching and beautiful moments in the history of cinema in its entirety, is Shrek’s monologue to Donkey. After a long conversation about life and society, Shrek explains to Donkey how he wishes people could understand, that everyone has layers. Donkey takes a while to understand, but he soon understands. Each and every person on earth has layers, and these layers go extremely deep. You can never understand how someone truly feels because they have so many layers, and no matter the colour of our skin or how we look, we all have layers, just like an onion.

Next comes Fiona. Fiona is a very interesting character, because she turns from human to ogre at night. This symbolises how she doesn’t think she can be her true self, and needs to present herself as “white” in order to be respected and taken seriously, and she can only be herself when no one else is around. Now, when Shrek meets Fiona, it’s a symbol of when slavery was finally abolished, as they can finally find hope, just like Shrek found hope in Fiona, yet the dragon represents Jim Crow and segregation laws that would soon follow. However, soon enough, the dragon is tamed by Donkey, which represents when these laws began to ease and eventually end, the beast is nearly tamed but still lingers, referencing how there is still a great deal of racial tension to this day.

Now, the final part of the movie which I think shows this theme greatly is the very end when we see Farquaad about to marry Fiona, a symbol of how colonists nearly took away all rights of other races, but in the very end, the dragon eats him, signifying the colonies being liberated and the start of a new era, and when Fiona turns completely ogre, it shows how she stops putting on a facade and accepts herself for who she really is.

I really would like an essay about how the song “Let it Go” from Frozen praises escapism and giving up, or why “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid is about complacency from you, whomever wrote this.