Iza 98 – Along With A Shameless Plug

Here’s Iza 98

I would also like to share a small game I made with some friends. All builds/releases can be found here.

Please tell me if you like it!
(It’s a first person puzzle game)

The chapter was tled by Shaun, edited by Kroc, proofed by grae, Shinonome, Saphira and Speedphoenix.

3 thoughts on “Iza 98 – Along With A Shameless Plug

  1. I only played a bit of the game (there wasn’t really anything that drove me forward to continue playing). zqsd is a psychotic default control scheme, I would’ve stopped instantly if there wasn’t an option to swap to wasd (I’m really right handed and my left hand doesn’t like doing anything it isn’t used to).

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