Iza 97 – Here It Goes Again

Here’s Iza 97

And I believe this is the first chapter with our new editor Rin!! Give him a warm welcome please.
This message goes out to the very few people that still read Iza, and that also bother reading this.

Tled by Shaun, edited by Lingekid and Rin, proofed by grae, Saphira, Shinonome, Draz and Speedphoenix.

6 thoughts on “Iza 97 – Here It Goes Again

    1. Well, the minions are kinda dead. A lot of them joined for kuma, and then when kuma was dropped, people also kinda became inactive. Me personally, real life stuff is my excuse.

      Webnovel raws are free, and translators are pretty much doing it for free/for fun, so money aint gonna help here.


  1. The reason so few people are reading Iza is because the releases are few and far between.
    At least, that is why *I* think so, and, like so many others who are around in this modern age, I a never wrong.
    I may need to speak to your manager if you don’t pick up the pace.

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