June is here!

We have chefs, knights, and knight wannabes for you this week.

Have a nice week! (I gotta remember to update the TOC’s soon) Continue reading “June is here!”


Iza Manga and a Silent Spring. Again.

It’s a manga? Iz a manga.

We have some good news, and some bad news.

Good News: With the coming of May comes some food. Enjoy some fish meals!

Bad News: Due to lack of overall manpower in our Manga arm, we will be dropping the Izakaya Manga. Please look out for the official drop announcement at the end of chapter 20. It will explain our reasons for having droppings in this fishy release.

Recruitment Drive

Good news, everyone. We’ve completed the next two chapters of Izakaya Nobu’s manga.

Will we release them? Well yeah, eventually, but we need to stagger our releases a little bit so we don’t run through our stockpile.

Why? Because we currently don’t have a translator for it.

Thus, we need to throw out a recruitment notice for the manga side of things.

If you can translate JP->EN or even CN->EN and want to help us get Nobu out faster, and in general help us with our manga scans, just pop into our discord and let us know. You can find the link on our Apply page.

If you’re looking to pick this manga up from us, let’s do a collaboration instead. Supply translations, acquire credit page slot that I’ll include in the release.

In related and yet unrelated news, we’re always looking for more editors for our novels. Hit us up if you’re proficient in English and want to help us out. Also means you get to read releases before they go out.

Mysterious Disappearances (and Recruitment)

Your chapters for the week~
I was off being cold in Korea, and Pelu seems to have been kidnapped by real life…sorry for no chapters last week!

A few announcements as well:
1. We are looking for more editors/proofers to help speed things up, as most of us are suffering from real life things at the moment. You WILL have to pass a test before acceptance.

2. We have gotten a new translator for Kuma. Mecta, the current translator, will continue translating side stories when he can.

3. We are looking for a new translator for Boundary, as our current translator is too busy with work to continue.

4. The early chapters of Oshishou-sama are being re-translated by Elephant and edited by Peter!
Too many announcements…jet lag is painful.