Recruiting once again

I don’t think people realize that when we ask for active new members, we actually need them.

This is our backlog for Kuma alone:

47 chapters.

So like, if you have the time and want to help us push out content so it’s more than a handful of things a week, come to our discord and apply.

Not even a couple hours later and we have:

60? Idk I can’t be bothered to count.

Please help us dig out of this hole our translator has graciously placed us in.

Edit from Ele5: For the near future, we should have enough editors, but you all are still welcome to apply to be a proofreader!

Bears Bee Hibernating

Sorry guys, I thought to make an announcement post just now, being reminded by discord people. No chapters this week, our editors have been busy. If you want a bear fix, I hear there’s a Winnie movie coming out soon? Bees and honey is what reminded me of that.

Iza Manga and a Silent Spring. Again.

It’s a manga? Iz a manga.

We have some good news, and some bad news.

Good News: With the coming of May comes some food. Enjoy some fish meals!

Bad News: Due to lack of overall manpower in our Manga arm, we will be dropping the Izakaya Manga. Please look out for the official drop announcement at the end of chapter 20. It will explain our reasons for having droppings in this fishy release.