Surgeon 1-2, Double double today!

Here’s a new series!
And now a message from Shaun, the translator of this series.

Hi Shaun here, the translator of Izakaya Nobu. Firstly, I’m not going to drop Izakaya Nobu. This is just a side project that I pick up because as a doctor myself, I feel there’s a lack of decent novels involving medicine and doctors, so I chose this because the storyline and medical aspects seems promising enough. There are minor descriptions about the treatment/surgery in this series, so be forewarned for readers who are squeamish with blood. The updates will be slow as Izakaya Nobu is still my main, but I’ll try to update it as often as possible. Enjoy the novel

Speaking of Nobu, editing hell is a thing… and add that to finals week and all.

Here’s your link to the ToC
Here’s your link to the first chapter.

Oh, looks like this is post number 100 for me. yay! And as a pre-med, this will be… studying. Yeah, studying. Not procrastination.