No Kuma, but some other text is here

This is a message by our captain Xant

(You may have heard of him from the name of this website)

Hey guys, I haven’t really opened my mouth in a while for these announcements.

This time though I really do need to say something. Yes, this is about Kuma.

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Kuma 287 – Heh, 288 chose to slip in too

Here’s chapter 287.
Here’s chapter 288.

Translated by Aikawa and Aki, Edited by Arjun and Mali, proofed by SRL, grae, Draz, Aicha, Lingekid and Speedphoenix.

Note that we changed Terumi to Tirumina to reflect the raw.
This was supposed to happen long ago but we kinda forgot

Also, last week’s next linked to a beautiful song.
It may sound familiar if you’ve listened to Ayreon before.