Kuma 253 – And only one more.

Chapter 253, TLed by Aikawa and Aki, and edited and proofread by a bunch more people! Also, you only need to click next ONCE.

Random musings: I wonder if there’s anything weeb-y to do in Spain… or where I get spanish weeb material. Might make for something interesting to do after visiting all the normal tourist stuff…

Notes for 253: Goldibear and the Three Girls. One was too young, one was too noble, and the last one was just right. (Tasty)

Notes for 254: Hope you know your card games. Google ’em. Might wanna add the “card game” key word to all the searches though.

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Kuma 252

Hey again everyone!

The author’s note is missing something this time. I wonder if something happened to the author three years and two months ago…


TLed by Aikawa and Aki, edited by Chrono and Mali and proofread by grae, Speephoenix, JackOFallTrades, Aicha, Tekbot and Shaun