Just Noodles

Calm down, it’s just noodles this time. Though noodles are sometimes quite exciting. But the noodle incident shall not be spoken of. Erase it from your minds.

Kuma 186



Just Desserts

My teacher once told me: the dessert with two S’s is the yummy one, that’s why you always want more of it. More S’s.

Well, double kuma this week. Because bear-y hardworking translators and editors wanted to!

Kuma 184

Kuma 185


  • Translated by: Aki
  • Edited by: Mali
  • Proofed by: Lots of proofers!

Just Deserts

No desserts here. I know some of you were expecting it, but no desserts here. I just wanna say, Gernot is the best. And also, I’ve finished a rough translation of black knight… so I just gotta edit it up… Before sending it to the editors to edit it up again.

Anyways, here’s the chapters. Feeling lazy today, so well, I’ll let someone else do the NU link additions this time… even if those usually lead to the chapter directly, and not the announcement page that I spent so much of my precious five minutes to write! Heh.

Kuma 183

Iza 75


To Self-sufficient Gravediggers

Why do you choose actions that make your situation worse? Do you just not know that you are digging yourself deeper? Or do you know, but are unable to resist your impulses? Shouldn’t you be taking steps to remedy the situation? Shouldn’t you follow your conscience? Shouldn’t you seek help?

If you want to dig yourself deeper and read this Kuma chapter instead of doing bit more productive, then well, be my guest. If you’ve completed all your obligations already, then well, congratulations!

Kuma 182

Read the chapter to see who I’m allegedly talking to.

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Kuma 180, aka Turn Around Bear

Just one chapter for you this week. I have a feeling that Cyn needs a cheerleader. Or a priest that knows Kazing.

Did you know that there are 2 pis in a circle, even though 1 pie is usually a circle? And that 1 pi is worth 180 degrees? Also, that the greek pronounce pi like you would pronounce the py in Happy? So have a Hap-22/7 rest of your week, all of you! (Despite Xant liking the Op-π joke)

Kuma 180