A damn shame…

Fate/Grand Order NA came out the other day. The translation is a steaming pile of garbage, filled with typos and grammar mistakes.

Beyond that they outright changed how character’s tones are conveyed, changing their entire personality.

Real damn shame. I was hoping it would at least be ok, but it seems the 10k-15k lines of dialogue over half a year was too much for Aniplex lol.

If you play it, I hope you enjoy it, but would recommend you change to the JP version asap.

In other news, I’m down $100 because a couple of guys owe me money.

Also sorry for slowing down this summer~


Yo guys. Just a note on our current status, we’re down a ton of people due to school. Surprise amirite?

We can keep our normal speed (weekly) for the primary series: Boundary, Kuma, and Izakaya. Problem is, the other series will be much slower. Much much slower. If you want to see them come out any faster, just join up as an editor or proofer. It’s not that hard I swear =3=

We have like 7 translators and only 2 active editors. Rip us during school time.

Head over to the Apply page for information on joining.