Recruiting once again

I don’t think people realize that when we ask for active new members, we actually need them.

This is our backlog for Kuma alone:

47 chapters.

So like, if you have the time and want to help us push out content so it’s more than a handful of things a week, come to our discord and apply.

Not even a couple hours later and we have:

60? Idk I can’t be bothered to count.

Please help us dig out of this hole our translator has graciously placed us in.

Edit from Ele5: For the near future, we should have enough editors, but you all are still welcome to apply to be a proofreader!

Recruitment Drive

Good news, everyone. We’ve completed the next two chapters of Izakaya Nobu’s manga.

Will we release them? Well yeah, eventually, but we need to stagger our releases a little bit so we don’t run through our stockpile.

Why? Because we currently don’t have a translator for it.

Thus, we need to throw out a recruitment notice for the manga side of things.

If you can translate JP->EN or even CN->EN and want to help us get Nobu out faster, and in general help us with our manga scans, just pop into our discord and let us know. You can find the link on our Apply page.

If you’re looking to pick this manga up from us, let’s do a collaboration instead. Supply translations, acquire credit page slot that I’ll include in the release.

In related and yet unrelated news, we’re always looking for more editors for our novels. Hit us up if you’re proficient in English and want to help us out. Also means you get to read releases before they go out.