Chapters Delayed

As per last week, editor troubles.

This time it was a car accident. No reincarnation or isekai crap though, he’ll make it.

Our editor never seems to catch a break.


Happy 2nd Birthday, X&M

Hey everyone. Today marks the 2nd birthday of X&M.

Tehnically the blog opened on the 8th of October, 2015, but we didn’t really pick up traction on the new site till a few days had passed.

Anyhow, over the last couple years we’ve seen a ton of talented team members join and leave us, such is the cycle. Big thanks to all you guys (you know who you are), and big thanks to the current team for keeping us going at a reasonable speed.

During these two years, we’ve had over 12 million views, 10k+ comments, and lots of posts. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

To end the sappy stuff; Thanks to the readers, thanks to the team, and let’s aim for our 3rd anniversary.

Now to what we’ve all been waiting for, the posts.

Cyn: May or may not have finished this up at work. Don’t tell my boss.
In other news, my state is burning…

As my Birthday comes to a close…

I would like to thank all of you readers for sticking with us through these years.

It’s always been, and will be, a fun ride to stick with. Here’s to many more.

You’ll probably hear from me next during our 2 year anniversary. Christ. For a standalone group, we’re getting old aren’t we?

EDIT: I am currently sloshed, so just ignore my poor grammar. Blame my friend who gave me practically 2L of booze.

A damn shame…

Fate/Grand Order NA came out the other day. The translation is a steaming pile of garbage, filled with typos and grammar mistakes.

Beyond that they outright changed how character’s tones are conveyed, changing their entire personality.

Real damn shame. I was hoping it would at least be ok, but it seems the 10k-15k lines of dialogue over half a year was too much for Aniplex lol.

If you play it, I hope you enjoy it, but would recommend you change to the JP version asap.

In other news, I’m down $100 because a couple of guys owe me money.

Also sorry for slowing down this summer~