The Life of Bearian

Always look on the bright side of life. Even as you draw your Termina Breath.

There seems to be a large outcry to fix the prank we played and teleport Yuno out of Beijing or Crimea or something and turn her back into Yuna. So here you go. By popular request, we have changed movies. I went and used find and replace to change things back to normal. All should be well, right?
You went “From Russia With Love”, to the full glory of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.

Click here for the Third Version

Anyways, Countdown, just for fun.

Target: 401
Numbers: 4, 1, 2, 10, 9, 75

We’re still working on writing things in first person, but should be out later today… after we get a few other chapters out.

3 thoughts on “The Life of Bearian

    1. The eternal mystery. Who knows if the story is third person narration with so much internal thought that it may as well be in first person? :wink:

      Well, I can tell ya that kuma is, indeed first person.


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