Kuma 240 – Happy Monday!

I gotta wish you all a happy beginning of the week. Hopefully this Kuma chapter is relaxing enough to get you all through the week. Also, I can see myself being swamped by assignments at the beginning of the week, so all the posts for the next few days will be scheduled, and I won’t be able to fix anything. I hope I didn’t mess anything up.

Chapter Here

Oh, and a few people who worked on the Kuma Manga side have a new manga chapter for ya! With this, they should be caught up for now.

Kumanga Chapter

I wish you all a Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “Kuma 240 – Happy Monday!

  1. Philip

    As the years pass by, we start to hate many things we likes in childhood. Damn adulthood, making us dislike even april’s fools. Well, the joke is not too bad, and we did get the chapter, so it’s fine :D

    Liked by 1 person

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