44 thoughts on “Out of Curiosity

  1. migele no kitsune

    I want a ranking option for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

    though I admit that KANSUTOPPU wins by far for me.
    2: Astarte’s Knight
    3: ID (I blame manga)

    makes me curious about the rankings from others


  2. tinky winky

    Ranking: 1= highest preference/priority
    1. Black knight
    2. Garudenia

    i cant decide on 1… but if i ABSOLUTELY have to then itll be Black Knight


  3. Some Nameless Person

    If I could vote for more than one I’d have definitely gone for HTG Kantsu and Black Knight, I’ve enjoyed all three for sure.

    I wish there was a chance of more HTG, but something tells me that’s just not in the cards, which is a real shame.


    1. Argh!! I change my vote!!
      #3 = Garudina all the rest move down XD

      ID I really haven’t read yet, because not a lot is released yet XD

      Seriously though, thanks so much for all your hard work! I love Astarte’s Knight and Black Knight a lot!!!


  4. my favourites in order are
    1. Black knight- OP female taken seriously, pretending to be a dude, plus black unicorn and shenanigans
    2.Garudina-cause it’s gonna be really interested with saving the beast people plus warm fuzzies
    3. Kansu- OP young girl one hit kills and what brought me here
    4. Astarte’s knight- so much dang cliffhangers but has soo much potential
    5. ID- I’m never gonna catch up… but yay haired fem dudes! (it’s been years since I read this)


  5. Some Nameless Person

    Thinking on it, is there any possibility of HTG being picked back up, or is there absolutely no chance and I should just give up hope?


  6. Exa

    I rather pick in this way because of the raw releasing rate.
    1. Counter Stop
    2. Garudina
    3. Black Knight – You’re going to kill yourself with the waiting once you reach the latest chapter

    Story wise
    1. Black Knight
    2. Garudina
    3. Counter Stop.


  7. Elamine

    seriosly i like astarte knight and black knight and kansutoppu is on the hold,for a moment but thief girl well you can see the fakeness of a man trying to be a girl black knight had lots pf suppprters and plus i kinda like a male mc more but black knight is what i most enjoyed female mc so 1. astarte knight 2.black knight 3. kansutoppu 4. id havent touch yet


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