Bear Droppings

Here is the official bear dropping announcement. But it comes with some good news!

Good news: On March 28, a webcomic of Kuma came out. The TLer for Kuma has decided to work on the kuma manga! You can read a preview here (I’d prefer you click the X&M reader link): (Mangadex Reader X&M Reader), or get a taste of it below.

Bad news: I fear that some of you may have seen this coming, from our lack of Kuma releases the past couple of weeks, but we are dropping Kuma.

Rest in Peace, Cuddles and Waddles. (Campaign to rename the bears for the manga?)

Are these droppings and the TLer’s decision related? Correlation doesn’t always imply causation. You see what I mean?


As you can see below, we are dropping a lot of kumas. Droppings aren’t bear-y good, most of the time. Most of this prank was planned by the editor of your regularly scheduled releases. Please thank him for how hard he works to bring you this! With pitchforks or bear droppings, if you so prefer.


32 thoughts on “Bear Droppings

      1. Did you not know there is a time-honored tradition of April Fools among the trolls of the internet? It is a day in which every thing we say is absolutely true, and there is no way that I am lying. This statement is false.

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        1. TheiaMastir

          arghhhhhhhhhhh, someone please give me a new brain please
          after a damn while finally i found the real chapter
          i’m really soorryyyy for what ever i say above, i love you the translator of kuma


  1. Kuya Chasw

    You bastard…. I was about to create a picked up thread then I realized it is April Fools… AND FVCK IT! I REMEMBERED THIS TRANSLATORS’ SITE IS A TROLL IN APRIL FOOLS!

    GOOD JOB MAKING ME TEMPORALLY DEPRESS! Well, technically I am finding depressing episodes. Too much sugar for this novel series

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  2. Hey, April Fools day’s pranks are off limits in light novel/web novel/anime/manga matters. You can actually make someone have a heart attack and die because of it.
    it’s our lifeline, you know? (For me, Cola is the second lifeline, so I might barely survive such brutal pranks.


  3. Reaper Phoenix

    *standing behind a stall selling pitchforks and torches*
    For some reason it’s not selling as much as I thought it would. Maybe I should add bear droppings to the lineup.


    1. We made up the existence of the manga. anyone who claims that it exists is one of our minions keeping up the joke. we even created a fake japanese manga website linked in one of the fake chapter links to fool you.


  4. Thank you for the kuma drops,it’s raining kuma

    I didn’t realize it was 1 April and was going back to study without reading all of the text :)) Thank you for your hardwork,reading wonderful reactions from readers are interesting


  5. Ifrittuccia

    Elephant is the girl who had commented on mangadex, right on the manga page.
    I’m writing to apologize for my comment too aggressive, I should not have been so aggressive the rest is April 1st.
    I still apologize and I hope you accept my apologies.
    Happy Easter.


  6. MLCY

    I came directly from NU (the links go directly to the actual chapters) but came to this post to check the April Fools joke.
    Maybe is because I’m too tired and the lack of sleep because of work, but my brain has been translating “dropping” as “dropplings” and didn’t understand that joke until I read the comments. -.-‘


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