June is here!

We have chefs, knights, and knight wannabes for you this week.

Have a nice week! (I gotta remember to update the TOC’s soon)

Black Knight announcement:

We finally have another black knight chapter for you all! If any of you wanted a refresher on what happened in chapter 32, I have the perfect video for you!

Anyways, as the translator of Black Knight, I have an announcement. I will be trying to get the chapters up to Chapter 36 translated as fast as I can, but after that, I will be putting the series on hold. The latest updated chapter is 41 (in July 2017), but I’m not interested in translating an incomplete arc (imagine the wait, forever), so I’ll stop at 36 until the author starts updating again. In the meantime, I’ll level up my Japanese skills, and hunt around syosetu to see if there is any news from the author in the social media-side of the site, or trying to contact the author too.


6 thoughts on “June is here!

  1. KMZ

    Nice, was hoping that the translation for this arc would be done quickly. Sucks that the author hasn’t updated the story in almost a year. Thanks for the translations.

    Liked by 1 person

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