Black Knights and Bears

Not sure what else to say right now. I’m working on trying to finish the black knight arc with a bang. Here’s yer chapters. Have a nice week!

Kuma 181
Black Knight 34

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A taxing week

It must have been a taxing week for a lot of you. Some due to midterms, and some due to Gernot. Unless you are a procrastinator in the US. then it’ll be a taxing couple of days in the future. But if it wasn’t then congratulations. Either way, have some chapters!

In other news, Isekai Izakaya Nobu got an anime. I haven’t watched it yet, so tell me what you think of it! (I have heard there are some interesting localization choices)

Also, I’ll use my platform for self-promotion. A stabby friend and I did the first chapter of a manga to make people aware of the manga, and so that I don’t have to do a second chapter. It came from the same publisher as the Kumanga. Here is a link. Maybe some of you might recognize the title that I was too lazy to type out. Hokuou Kizoku/Raptor Wife. (This manga brought to you by: Fans of Ziru.)

On March

We’re more than halfway through March, but that means my Spring Break is over. Well, good thing April will come soon. We just have to keep trudging along, like a band, or like an army.

Here’s the chapter for the week! Enjoy!

Black Knight 31

What special occasion warrants a black knight chapter, you ask? I don’t know either. I tried to binge TL it over the break, but I was unable to do more than one chapter over the break.

Why no other chapters, you ask? Because we need more minions willing and able to dedicate themselves to editing and releasing chapters for our great overlord Xant. Apply now at our Discord server!

Happy 2nd Birthday, X&M

Hey everyone. Today marks the 2nd birthday of X&M.

Tehnically the blog opened on the 8th of October, 2015, but we didn’t really pick up traction on the new site till a few days had passed.

Anyhow, over the last couple years we’ve seen a ton of talented team members join and leave us, such is the cycle. Big thanks to all you guys (you know who you are), and big thanks to the current team for keeping us going at a reasonable speed.

During these two years, we’ve had over 12 million views, 10k+ comments, and lots of posts. Kind of amazing when you think about it.

To end the sappy stuff; Thanks to the readers, thanks to the team, and let’s aim for our 3rd anniversary.

Now to what we’ve all been waiting for, the posts.

Cyn: May or may not have finished this up at work. Don’t tell my boss.
In other news, my state is burning…