A Lazy Week, and Recruitment

Well, another week, and more chapters!

Oh, and there was a recruitment post by Xant made yesterday.

If u kan english gud, den considre joining! We need more people who can help us edit and finalize chapters, since RL is hitting us a bit hard.

Also, if you can art goodly, then the manga team needs redrawers for Mahouka Visitor Arc. I can’t photoshop at all, but I hear that Mahouka is hard to redraw. If you love Mahouka and can art good, then consider joining too!

Also, we do have a Izakaya Nobu spinoff stuck somewhere in photoshop land. So if you wanna see that get posted, Join too!

And a fitting image for recruitment, courtesy Hydra and me from MelonMelonHydra … too bad it isn’t a kuma image… Maybe I could MS Paint one up some time.

Well, I do have this one in my drive…


How’s that for inspirational? (TL note: Ojisan means Uncle)

18 thoughts on “A Lazy Week, and Recruitment

  1. CodeLabMaster

    Do you still need people to edit/proof Kuma? Glancing at the discord it seems like you had quite the number of applicants, so I don’t wanna apply if I’d just get in the way.


    1. Mali

      Well most people don’t stay for many chapters, so you are welcome to appy at any time. With have many unedited chapters we have for kuma I don’t think you would get in the way at all.


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