Recruiting once again

I don’t think people realize that when we ask for active new members, we actually need them.

This is our backlog for Kuma alone:

47 chapters.

So like, if you have the time and want to help us push out content so it’s more than a handful of things a week, come to our discord and apply.

Not even a couple hours later and we have:

60? Idk I can’t be bothered to count.

Please help us dig out of this hole our translator has graciously placed us in.

Edit from Ele5: For the near future, we should have enough editors, but you all are still welcome to apply to be a proofreader!

16 thoughts on “Recruiting once again

          1. Urrghh… What chapter was that… anyway if the staff want my help they can email me… I’ll see if I can catch up Orz… why do I keep adding to the stack. I’ll never finish a project at this rate :p!


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