LV999 Villager – Chapter 6 P6

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 6

After that, Kagami instructed Menou to go home and rest immediately. The remaining Staff members, who were preparing and cleaning the facilities, had continuously told him to come again tomorrow morning.

After that, he walked towards the Bar. Although the Bars were located in the Main Hall, they were only basic ones, and it was necessary to go towards Bar Street, next to the Main Hall, if one wanted to enjoy the atmosphere properly. There were lots of Bars set up around there, each separated individually by atmosphere and alcohol, and the management of all that alcohol had been left to Takako.

Although, at the moment, Takako was busy changing Alice’s clothes, Kagami decided he should confirm if her work was progressing smoothly, so he went to go check the stores one by one.

Every time he entered a store, he confirmed that all of the preparations had been made, while feeling uncomfortable with the greetings of, “Owner! Good work!”, that the Staff members had been giving him.

“As expected of Takako-chan…it’s been completed perfectly…Hmm?”

Kagami was feeling relieved, thinking, ‘It was already fine,’ when he saw it. Towards the end of the street where the Bars were lined up, a queer sign came into sight, one that even he couldn’t understand. Although the exterior was similar to other Bars, the sign had queer letters written on it, reading ‘Takako’s Room’.

Kagami opened the door timidly, and took in a dangerous, intense smell.

Inside, he saw three tank-top, speedo-wearing lumps of muscle, who were cleaning the inside of the bar, Kagami instantly shut the door.

Deciding that he hadn’t seen anything, Kagami headed towards the taverns located in an area opposite from the bars.

The taverns had been left to David to manage. It was more or less due to being unable to leave the business to amateurs, unlike Takako and David. The candidates for this were either Rex or David, since it would be bad if rumors of the princess, Krul, working at a Casino spread.

However, Rex couldn’t be relied on to work too much, since he was a hot-blooded person without any work experience who had been tempering himself since he was born, so Kagami decided that the management would be left to David.

By the way, Krul helped out with serving food at the taverns behind the scenes, and it was decided that Rex was to work as a part of the tavern Staff.

“…This is?”

When he walked into a tavern, there were bewildered Staff members sitting in chairs inside. After looking at the restless Staff members, he found Rex seated in the same manner and approached him, seeking an explanation about their situation.

“David-dono has…I have absolutely nothing to do, since he did everything in the morning.”

Rex muttered that. When Kagami looked around the inside of the tavern, it appeared that the preparations were complete. The menu had been properly prepared, condiments had been laid out on the tables to be used freely, and there was even a Recommendation Board in the tavern, which had ‘Today’s Recommendation: Seafood Salad!’, written on it.

When he walked into the kitchen behind them, the appliances had been sorted into the appropriate locations, the food ingredients had been perfectly separated in the storage area, the necessary preliminary food had already been prepared, and large tubs with ice water had already been prepared for the alcohol that would be brought the next day. Certainly, there was nothing left to do at all.

“That uncle is too exceptional, it’s scary.”

Kagami was bewildered, not understanding how someone could use their time to complete this by themselves.

Surely, if someone could do this, even Takako would fall in love with the guy. However, he couldn’t neglect the Staff that wasn’t doing anything, and the Staff members replied with, “We’ve already done it five times…” showing expressions of bewilderment after Rex ordered the Staff to “Go clean it.” The tables were polished so much that they were shining, proving their statement.


After all, it couldn’t be helped that they had nothing to do, so Kagami instructed the Staff to disperse and to restore their energy for tomorrow. Then, he headed towards the Chapel that had been established in the casino. Rex said that he would help out if there was any unfinished business left, so he accompanied Kagami.

The Chapel was located in the center of the Main Hall, and the passageway was lined with taverns and bars. Tina had suggested that she didn’t need any help with the Chapel’s preparations, so she had been working on them by herself.

“Ah, Kagami-san! Rex-san!”

After the two arrived at the Chapel, Tina, who had been carrying cardboard boxes diligently, approached them, and gave them a bright look. The Chapel preparations were mostly complete. Even an altar had been established, and there was cloth spread on the benches lined up in front of it.

“That looks heavy, TinaTina.”

After Kagami said this, Tina forcibly pushed the cardboard boxes onto Kagami.

“If that’s what you think, then please help out.”

When Tina said this, Kagami and Rex divided the work of carrying the boxes of fortune charms that were in the middle of the Chapel and carried them towards the storeroom in the back. Although the weight wasn’t cumbersome, it was troublesome that they had to go back and forth several times, and they regretted that they had ordered a bit too much in small amounts.

At the same time, Kagami admired Tina, who had been carrying this many without complaining at all.

“Besides helping out with placing the goods, everything had been left up to you. Specifically how you plan to use this Chapel?”

“Rather, why do you, who created this Chapel, lack plans for it?”

“I thought Tina would do it for me.”

“Please put that into effect after telling me about it, before you make a Chapel.”

Tina puffed her cheeks and said that while staring at Kagami. At that moment, Tina looked away from him, and with a ‘yareyare’, she let out a sigh. She then presented a stack of documents to Kagami.

“Even if it’s a Chapel, there’s a church in this city, and since it’s not necessary to take in orphans nor live here, the miscellaneous duties only include cleaning. After that, there are the Staff who will sell the merchandise that was imposed by Kagami-san on a 24-hour schedule. I already requested David to make arrangement for this, so it’s fine now.”

“Huh, will there not be any sermons and the like? Having people gather several times a day and preach about god’s teachings?”

“You’ll be damned if you expound on god’s teachings in places like a Casino, you know? Even though they would be cursed at best, what would you do if the people who were utterly defeated vented their resentment on me in the Casino?”

As this was said, Kagami confirmed his understanding with an, “I see.” Just because there was a Chapel in the Casino, Tina had tried to defend the town’s Church, even though she had no relation to it. Kagami would reconsider if it was bad to preach god’s teachings here.

“Hm? Then what plans, exactly, does Tina have for this Chapel?”

“I, Krul-san, and Rex-san, will help out by cooking behind the scenes. This will help out the town’s Church.”

“Eh, then there really wasn’t any meaning in creating this Chapel. Look, make it more like a Church, at least prepare a Confession Booth and listen to confessions.”

“Confessions are done by the Holy Father, and not someone like me, a woman! In the first place, I’m still in the middle of training.”

“Well, let’s create a new religion here, and make rules so that Tina can listen to the confessions.”


Tina frowned at Kagami’s proposal and replied immediately.

Kagami, who wanted to put the Chapel to use since he had taken great pains to build it, held his head at the very Tina-like response, and searched for a positive method of using the Chapel in the Casino.

“Ah…That’s it. How about a Consulting Booth? Instead of asking for forgiveness from the gods, you would simply be a consultant who would heal the hearts of those who were utterly defeated. No matter what their losses are, you will try to make them think about wanting to come again.”

“Isn’t it better for someone else to do the consulting?”

“Well, even though we’ve spent a month together, I think the one who listened to me the most was Tina. Compared to Takako-chan, I think it’s easier to talk with you. You’re so sensitive that you even react to trivial things.”

After Kagami said this while pointing at her, Tina blushed in embarrassment going, “…uuh,” and then became silent, without denying it.

“Shisou, what about me? Even I have confidence when it comes to talking.”

“Five out of the eight people in our group can speak better than you, so don’t talk.”

“I’m not better than those people!?”

“Well, putting Rex aside, let’s have you do a test run once.”

Ignoring Rex, who he had unintentionally shocked, Kagami clasped his hands together and said that to Tina, as if he was beseeching her earnestly. After she showed him a slightly worried look, he let out a sigh and said:

“…It will only be once, you know.”

He then entered the room which was built in the Chapel for listening to confessions. Kagami walked further and entered an adjoining room inside of this room.

Inside the Confession Booth, there was nothing but a chair, and after Tina and Kagami faced each other, separated by a thin wall, they sat in the chairs that had been placed there.

“So what does Kagami-san want to consult about? It seems unlikely to be about worries, though.”

“Let’s give them a formal performance since we took great pains to build it. Tina, talk like a Saint for a bit.”

After Kagami suggested this, Tina frankly muttered “Eh…” unpleasantly. However, after considering that it would only happen once, she coughed violently, and even though she couldn’t see him, she switched her state of mind to a more serious one.

“Lost lamb, speak of the worries that trouble you so.”

She said that courteously. Kagami’s expression became serious upon encountering Tina’s unexpected manner of speech, and he slowly opened his mouth.

“I…even though it’s a Casino I built myself, I ended up leaving its management to other people. As a result, awful stores have been built with beings who are only lumps of muscle. What should I do about it?”

“Please live strongly and healthily.”

These were the only words Tina said.

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    “Five out of the eight people in our group can speak better than you, so don’t talk.”

    “I…even though it’s a Casino I built myself, I ended up leaving its management to other people. As a result, awful stores have been built with beings who are only lumps of muscle. What should I do about it?”
    “Please live strongly and healthily.”
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