Post Directory~

Since I did a lot of posting today, here is a ToC to everything that went up today:

Boundary Chapter 18

Kuma 47

Villager C6 P5

Queen’s Knight Kael V1C3

And our new project:


Chapter 1 & Chapter 2

It’s a Korean novel, done by the same TL that’s doing Queen’s Knight. Enjoy guys.


9 thoughts on “Post Directory~

  1. For some reason, here and elsewhere, there was a huge number of posts today. It’s like everyone decided that I didn’t need to get anything else done today… ^^

    Thanks for all the entertaining chapters. I appreciate all your hard work. :)


  2. RedGamer

    ummmm… so where is the update for black knight? i thought there were two updates for black knight? (inner thoughts: congratz guys for the new project)

    i think i messed up my inner thoughts and what i was suppose to say


  3. devilsadvocate6

    ohh that one is a korean novel? hmm looking forward to it, a few korean novels i started were all dropped, hahhhh, the sadness


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