LV999 Villager – Chapter 6 P5

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 5

“Umm…Everyone, it’s really hard to move in these clothes, but they’re cute.”

Alice wore a strained smile from start to finish. Although it had been enjoyable, since she was at an age where she wanted to be fashionable, Alice had been intimidated by Takako’s and Krul’s slightly powerful enthusiasm.

“It’s futile! It’s important to limit one’s freedom of movement in order to charm people, you know! Trust me, I’m a Martial Artist! Alice-chan’s foundation is fine, so you have to show off your good qualities to your surroundings more!”

Although Martial Artists had a Persuasion Power when they spoke, Kagami thought, with a serious expression, that Takako’s persuasive power would vanish like smoke.

“That’s right! Your long-awaited big moment…even if you deceive your friends later on, the first impression is the most important! Trust me, I’m the Princess!”

Krul supported Takako, her eyes sparkling as she held onto the clothes she wanted Alice to try with one hand. Kagami perceived the Persuasion Power that he could not match, so he tried to leave the Casino’s break room and go check on the state of the Staff members who were preparing the facilities for tomorrow.

“Ah, please wait a moment Kagami-san! M-Me too! I’ll go with you!”

Although Alice, who was being jostled by Takako and Krul, yelled something out from behind him as he was trying to depart from the break area, he decided to ignore it and closed the door.

“I’m sorry Alice, be a good girl and stay here for me.”

Kagami muttered that and then let out a sigh of relief. Although David had been treated like a silent shadow, he had in fact been standing at the edge of the break area, as if he was watching over them warmly.

They had gotten used to it recently, but it felt bad to be observed by him. It was unusual for David to devote himself to helping out and observe Kagami, but he didn’t try to leave Krul’s side, since he was fundamentally there to observe Krul. If one considered the situation as locking up David in the break area, Alice’s sacrifice was essential.

“…It’s been a long time since I moved by myself.”

Recently, no matter where Kagami went, he had always been accompanied by Alice, Krul, and Rex, so compared to that, Kagami felt like he was walking in an exclusive Staff hallway when walking in the Casino by himself.

Although he hadn’t been with Rex, other than the times when they headed out, Alice and Krul were different. From morning till evening, no matter where they went or where they ate, the two of them had always accompanied Kagami.

Even when they rested in their own rooms in an inn, without any particular tasks to do, they did enough to remain there. Alice, who tried her best to avoid being forcibly taken back by Menou, didn’t return with him, and Krul, who rented a room in the same inn, didn’t even try to leave his room, even when it was time for them to sleep or when she didn’t have an individual task to do.

Perhaps it was thanks to David coming with them, but recently, although he would come to take her back as soon as it became night, the three of them ended up waking up together every day, regardless of fatigue.

“How long has it been since I lost my private life, huh?”

Rather than escaping from David’s observation, Kagami considered it to be running away from the two of them, but he was satisfied with the feeling of freedom that came with being alone, which he hadn’t felt in a long time.

As he slowly walked while in good spirits, his head held high, his feet took him towards the main hall so he could tidy up the play equipment, which were the main attraction of the casino.

The one who was in charge of the Casino’s main hall was Menou. He was skillful enough to be abnormal, and perhaps it was due to his remarkable memory, but he was almost too exceptional as a Casino Dealer.

In the beginning, everyone had tried their hand at being a Card and Roulette Dealer, in order to decide who was the most competent as a Casino Dealer manager, and it turned out that Menou was the most suitable.

Therefore, the management of the Main Hall staff, the education of the Casino Dealer staff, and the management of the halls had all been left to Menou.

“I want…a break. I want…comfort…Rest…comfort…res…comf…”

These were Menou’s only words.

Recently, Menou had been working too hard without any rest. They wouldn’t make it in time for the opening if he didn’t work this hard.

In the beginning, the total number of Staff recruited had been 40 people; however, since it was clear that they didn’t have enough hands to manage the Casino on a 24-hour system, with David’s suggestion, they doubled the amount of people. It was now 80 people.

Although 50 of them would work as Casino Dealers, the inexperienced staff that didn’t know how to be dealers needed to be taught.

The existence of a leader who could teach Casino Dealers and train Casino Staff within this short period of a week was essential, and regrettably, Menou had filled this role, even during his sleep hours.

Although, in the beginning, he had been working diligently for the goal of earning 10,000 Gold to rescue the Demon King and to quickly save up funds for Alice’s daily life, it was clear that the liveliness in his eyes had vanished recently. Although he had taken one-hour breaks, he seldom summoned Alice, so he seemed to be approaching his limits.

Currently, he was shuffling cards splendidly enough to captivate the eyes while moaning “Uu…aaah” like a zombie.

“T-…This is? K-Kagami-dono? I-I’ll go to Alice’s side immediately!”

The moment Kagami was reflected in Menou’s eyes, the liveliness instantly returned.

“She isn’t here.”

However, with these words, Menou’s liveliness instantly vanished from his eyes.

“So? How are you feeling? Does it look like we’ll make it in time for tomorrow’s opening?”

“Fu…haha, there is no need to worry about it. I have finished the education of the humans I am responsible for.”

“I-Is that so…Then, why don’t you take a break already, Menou?”

“What I finished was just the guidance of the humans…I still haven’t finished…instructing the Staff about maintaining the equipment for tomorrow…I can’t rest yet, Kagami-dono.”

Although Menou recovered some of his vigor as he said this, it was clear he was in bad shape. His eyes weren’t in focus, a small amount of saliva was dripping out of his mouth, and his face showed that “he was a completely dead person,” in the words of Kagami.

“Guidance Instructor Menou! The preparations for the tables and equipment have been completed!”

“Guidance Instructor Menou! The preparations for the slot machines have been completed! The setting of the initial jackpot frequency has also been completed! We’re ready to go…whenever!”

Beside him, who looked like a dead person, were two female Staff members, dressed in full Casino uniforms and looking like orderly Knights trained by the Kingdom’s Army, who had rushed to him to report that.

“T-This is Owner-dono! I didn’t realize it was you, please forgive my rudeness!”

As soon as they saw Kagami, the two Staff members knelt in place and bowed.

These movements were like those of Knights who were fully trained to serve a King.

“…Menou, what exactly are you teaching them?”

“Of course, in general, I taught them the manners of a Casino Dealer, as well as the essential manners and etiquette to serve the owner, how to fight as the owner’s shield, and how to conduct themselves in defending the land we possess if, by chance, we were attacked. I do admire how well they have been raised within this week.”

“Is that so? So you were actually an idiot.”

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