readers who are bored !!! followers who are bored!!!! the 9 has an anouncement

As the 9 i have an announcement!!!! Someone like me won’t ignore such thing such as April Fools!!! and because of that TheLazy 9 has prepared something nice!! REALLY NICE!!!! well, since i have already used the sudden bomb dropped, i just decided to just tell you we have prepared another bomb, we have prepared at least 5 bombs!!! MUWHAHAHAHAH!!!! WE WILL SPREAD DESTRUCTION WITH THE BOMBS IN OUR HANDS!!!! BUY BOMB SHELTERS!! HIDE IN IT!! AND WAIT TILL THE DESTRUCTIONS STOP!! OR!!! CELEBRATE THE DESTRUCTION WITH US!!! AND DANCE WHILE THE DESTRUCTION HAPPENS!!! WE WILL CRUSH HOPES AND DREAMS WITH THE BOMBS !!

well, enough with caps, yes we will be posting at least 5 chapters that we have kept hidden. Its the Truth we have them. so I want you guys to Trust us since this is going to be posted at April fools we want you guys to enjoy it. Because you guys earned it.  so look forward to it since this is an April fools event. fufufufufufufufufufu




  1. Vivec

    Well, considering the amount of time you’ve gone without releasing anything complete with the amount of time there’s been a bunch of chapters at 100% either you’re going to do a mass release soon be it on April Fools or the day afterwards, you’re fucking with us, or both.

    Either way I’ll enjoy myself.

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    1. Vivec

      There’s a reason I think he’s either doing a mass release anyways, fucking with us, or both.

      Number of chapters is probably the lie here, but I don’t know if it’ll be above or below our expectations. He might even be delaying it a day and then releasing 5 chapters to fuck with us because April Fools. Who knows?


    1. Shance

      Yeah we leechers probably did not ‘earned it’ lets just give it to chance, as we trust our parents(probably) so we shall trust in 9(probably)!


      1. Vivec

        This depends on what we earned, because being a leecher certainly earns the ability for translators/editors/proofreaders to do whatever they damn well please to fuck with us.

        We certainly don’t do any earning chapters of course.


    1. aulia

      Or probably, you’ll release an hour before or an hour after april fools? That way, the april fool event is a lie.

      Or maybe, the bomb won’t be dropped. It’s planted before and detonated at right time.


  2. 9 is a guy that would trick the readers think he’s tricking them but is actually not
    and he will do it but with additional bonus bombs

    but if he did thought of us knowing that his real trick is tricking is with fake trick
    then he’d go to a method where he would use a triple trick

    the reader would think that his trick is fake and that he would do it for reals, so then he would make the trick real. then he’ll win.


  3. Gabagu

    That would be incredibly nice of you but I’m confused. Instead of a prank you guys have decided just to be really nice to all the readers?


    1. Vivec

      I do think the greatest prank might be them just being perfectly nice for a day. I’m too used to seeing banter, teasing spoilers without spoiling, and general fucking around from them in the comments.


  4. Unknown

    April Fools…Never have I been so glad that it would come. Oh right, I need to buy a shield and a glove for the upcoming “bombs”.


  5. its a lie that its lieing about being a lie since its a lie you need to think if this lie is really a lie or if the lie isnt a lie but what if it is a lie or what if it isnt a lie so is it?


  6. and this is what i am gathering they are going to post 5 chapters that they have they might be translated but not proffread or not translated at all but they have them and they will post them


  7. i know what is gonna happen, you guys have at least 5 chapters, will post at least 5 chapters, but the chapters aren’t the continuation of the tournament but are from the next Arc, making us read a lot of spoilers, and to corret yourself on day 2 you post the previous chapters that are missing.


  8. hibiki

    considering how the thing right there said 100% on 4 unreleased chapters for a while now. i think come april fools you are still not going to release anything just to troll people. Or you will release your reactions to reading said chapters but not the actual chapter.


  9. i would expect them to actuall post all 5 chapters on the day

    -in the last 5mins of the day or something just to mess with us

    but your not meant to fool people after 12, right?


    1. Vivec

      You wish.

      Who knows what they plan to do?

      They could release 5 chapters of 9’s yuri fantasies for all we know. It says 5 chapters without specifying if it’s actually Kansutoppu or not, and since it’s April Fools anyways they could just be fucking with us and release more or less. Who knows other than them at this point?

      Anything is possible when someone wants to fuck with people.


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