Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Prologue


My first work as a novelist, I would be happy if it received warm attention.




In a certain plain, in a certain country, the one youth that stood there raised an idiotic sound.

“What place… eh? ha? eh? …… I don’t understand… hai?”

The young man, who still had a look of confusion despite surveying the vicinity, looked around and then at himself with fear and unease.

“What is this…”

Looking at his open palm, it’s slightly flexible, with a trace of hardness. Looking at his body, it resembles silver armor polished like a mirror, and there are swords hanging on both sides of his waist.


After pulling them out of their sheaths, he looked to see the slender red and blue sword each had a transparent appearance like glass.
While looking closely, thinking what are these, his head suddenly felt a shock as if getting stuck by a blunt weapon.


And then information, knowledge, began to overflow into his mind.

Something that wasn’t his, nor should have been.
However, as if from far away, common knowledge, as though inherited from his ancestors, became familiar. He began to erode, and he began to lose himself. Such a feeling attacked him.

“No…stop! …Someone…someone save…me…”

With no one answering such a voice, the young man lost consciousness.



15 thoughts on “Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Prologue

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      1. Kenken

        What do u really mean by a page will be made for this by the translator soon? Does this there will be a another site where there will be a translator translating GARUDEINA OUKOKU KOUKOKU KI ? If there is please let me know. Thanks.


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