Kuma 244, and another

Sometimes, I suspect people don’t read the link. Quite a few people thought the Wabbit chapter was the real chapter… maybe because it looked like one. And also, when has the real chapter ever been in the release post? (inb4 I do end up putting the chapter in the release post. Nobody will believe me then… unless they read what I say. Attention hog that I am.)

Anyways, long story short, if ya missed chapter 243, it’s there. Just click the link here.

Here’s chapter 244. Oh and there’s 245 if you hit next.

I’d have released this sooner, but even now, I’m held captive by a tedious group project. I have 2 more chapters of something else to release, too… Look forward to that, I guess.

I hope my distractions didn’t mess up anything in the UI. It was kinda late.

7 thoughts on “Kuma 244, and another

  1. Layfon

    Hey, I can’t believe that this question just dawned on me now after so long, but ever since you became a minion, have you also been Tling Kuma as well? Or are you more like the guy that posts when you get the final proofread version from the editor?I


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