Bears Bee Hibernating

Sorry guys, I thought to make an announcement post just now, being reminded by discord people. No chapters this week, our editors have been busy. If you want a bear fix, I hear there’s a Winnie movie coming out soon? Bees and honey is what reminded me of that.

9 thoughts on “Bears Bee Hibernating

  1. Primula

    I found my fix elsewhere but still want yall TL since that one is…. translated with a machine? with no edit, TLC, and whatnot… lol… soo many gender change, un known family connection, and weird names but still bearly readable… lol anyways I sent yall a email about me making a ePub with yall released if yall want to share it with the user I dont mind. Check it out if yall like it and if yall want me to change anything for a “official’ish” type release.

    the email under the same email from this post~


  2. Matthew

    I’m sorry if I sound rude or impatient , it’s not my intention, so I apologize in advance if I sounded like it.

    Is there an ETA for the next chapter?


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