Announcement time~

Hey everyone. This’ll be kept real short as it’s a recruitment notice.

Our translator for Kuma has informed me that due to commitments irl, he’ll be slowing down and possibly dropping Kuma.

If you are able to translate JP->EN and want to help out, please just hop into our discord server and message one of the staff.

14 thoughts on “Announcement time~

      1. lowlightt

        I have to agree with All Night, but for a different reason. If the translator is slowing down from where he’s currently at in pace then he should drop it altogether and focus back on his/her real life as that is way more important.

        That being said, I hope you can find a new translator as Kuma is part of my top 5, and frankly I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep going with out my common sense destroying fluff ball.

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  1. EmileLouisJolie

    HUEEEEE ?!!
    w-w-what are we gonna do now ?! I won’t be able to bear it !!

    *cough* that being said, if you end up dropping it, thanks for all the work ’till now !

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  2. Siddabro

    Thanks for the update ^_^
    Ohno. What will happen nao? Maybe you should do semi mtl where you mtl it and then correct anything that looks wrong with your own knowlegde. Just an idea.


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