Nobusada Chapter 2

Here you go.

Chapter 2 – Meeting with the Former Demon Lord

I hope you guys are happy with the result of us tossing this and giving it to someone with much lower quality standards.


53 thoughts on “Nobusada Chapter 2

    1. Of course. The vocals (much like you) who are screeching at me about this don’t understand the meaning behind my post. I’m fine with you bashing me and freaking out, because your opinions are completely irrelevant. If your scope of understanding is locked into “it’s all Xant’s fault because ____” then I don’t have much to say besides enjoy reading our high quality output.


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      1. armestine

        Sousetsuka wasn’t very polite to your translator. He had every right to pick up Nobu if you had said yes or no. You said no and he apologised and said he was doing it anyway.
        You got offended for your translator
        You made a private conversation public
        You went and got everyone involved making your translators look like whiners because of your bitching and self-entitled statements.
        You tried to publicly shame him with 1.7k words bitching about how shit he is
        You are trying to publicly badmouth him at every turn when he has dropped it and moved on
        You are whining constantly about nothing when he isn’t
        Both of you made objectionable statements. One of you took it too far.

        Every time you try to make a jab at him it just makes you look like a child.

        For Xant’s translators; Please know I am not talking about you. You guys do marvellous work and it is always appreciated no matter how bad or good it is. We all love you guys and please don’t get discouraged by this! Xant is in the wrong not you guys.

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        1. Enough. You’ve gotten too far in your argument. We don’t know what truly happened. We don’t know their feelings about this. So we can’t say anything. And please don’t blame the Xant anymore. Enough is enough.


          1. armestine

            No, we do know what happened and their feelings, Sousetsuka let his point of view be known in response to a comment about this issue (and has not said anything bad about Xant what-so-ever, even reflecting on what he has done himself) and Xant wrote 1.7k words on how he feels which consisted of nothing but trying to publicly shame and badmouth Sousetsuka. What Xant did was wrong, childish and immature and he needs to be called out on it.

            You don’t get to publicly shit talk people and then have your fan-base tell you how right you are, you need to be called out on it.

            And it was not us who made this involve us. It was Xant hoping for support from the readers, Xant WANTED us to say something and we don’t have to shut up because it was him who was wrong, and it is our job to tell him NO, we do not support you in this, you were in the wrong and you should reflect on your actions honestly not him.

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            1. “(and has not said anything bad about Xant what-so-ever” Link please?

              Also: If someone throws insult after insult in private and pretends they didn’t, what reason should I have to trust them doing a heel-turn in public after all hell breaks loose? If anything I trust the guy who publicly gets pissed more than the guy who apparently is now playing nice while behind the scenes he acted like a total asshole. It kind of makes me wonder why you defend that kind of behaviour.

              Hell, why would you lie about what the guy did? “Apologize”? As if. Stop lying to make it seem like X is the only bad guy here. Everyone with a single bit of common sense knows that that mail was NOT apologizing.


                1. armestine

                  Sorry my comments Haven’t been posting because I have a link, here it goes again:
                  So, yes, a “sorry” when not said sarcastically does an apology make. But first to Sousetsuka not bad-mouthing Xant at all, here is Sousetsuka’s blog:
                  (Would have a link here but doesn’t let me post the comment, so you have to google Sousetsuka and first link)
                  If you can find him badmouthing Xant then I may change my opinion of him. However as it stands I have not found anything and so Xant is the one who looks like a child.

                  Let me quote Sousetsuka’s email so we know we are talking about the same thing here:

                  “Hmm, I just read your translation and being honest here, there’s mistakes here and there. As I like this work I want to read it in a form that I think fit. So yeah, sorry but I’ll be going ahead with my plan. I’m not trying to compete with you and the readers can decide for themselves. I don’t mind if the readers deem my version to be worse as my translation is partly a vanity project for my own amusement.

                  Sorry and best wishes to both of us.”

                  How exactly is this not polite, honest and courteous? He doesn’t insult Xant what-so-ever, he doesn’t even outright say the translation is shit, just “there are mistakes here and there” “[I prefer my own translation]” and “I don’t mind if the readers deem my version to be worse”.
                  How is this not an honest: “Sorry, but I would prefer to translate it myself so I will be doing it anyway”?
                  And throwing insult after insult? are you joking? Xant responded to that with: “I’m sorry but what pompous cunt gave birth to you?” Xant insulted Sousetsuka. Not the other way around. And even after this Sousetsuka doesn’t even insult him but answers honestly and politely, even with a “I guess that comes off quite shitty, I apologise”.
                  Xant threw insult after insult, when Sousetsuka was being perfectly polite and honest and now is trying to play the victim. Pathetic. Oh and I’m not going to be a dishonest idiot and assume you where lying about this, but maybe that you didn’t read the emails or didn’t read them properly.

                  And this isn’t even it: Xant publicly revealed a private conversation, Publicly bashed Sousetsuka, tried to publicly shame him, tried to start a “witch hunt” against him (and even if this was not his intention this is what his actions directly try to cause) and is now trying to badmouth him at every opportunity when Sousetsuka dropped it like an Adult.
                  And you say “It kind of makes me wonder why you would support that kind of behaviour”? Are you serious?
                  Yes it does make me wonder why you would support that kind of behaviour. It’s absolutely pathetic.

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      2. Mutey

        Ah the typical “only the vocal minority are against me” argument, it’s bullshit argument used by people upset that the majority isn’t supporting them, you made a public drama over a series you released 1 chapter then took a 3 month break being taken over by someone, the 3 month rule should apply to established translations only and not to people who have done a single chapter, if you were 100 chapters in, then took a near 3 month break then sure, i’d be more likely to take your side, but that’s not what happened, also the fact that you made a huge public drama about it makes me instantly side with the other guy, especially you kept using the word steal and poached, he did his own translation so didn’t steal anything, the only thing you own is your translation, and the series was hardly yours for him to poach, like i said, 1 release in 3 months gives you 0 grounds to bitch in my book.

        My only fault with the dude is that he contacted you, since he didn’t seem to care if you were okay with it or not, why contact you just to ignore it.

        I personally don’t care if people are slow and release shit work as long as they don’t get bitchy when a novel has someone else translate it also, i’m a reader who likes to actually finish a novel i start before i die of old age.

        Both translations are very low quality in this case though.

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        1. “Both translations are very low quality in this case though.”

          I would love to see your proof our c2 is low quality.

          Also, “bullshit argument used by people upset that the majority isn’t supporting them”

          You are clearly unaware that I care 1000% more about what other translators think than what entitled readers think, right?

          And just to top it off, you missed the entire point of my post as you’re still toting the “he’s mad because it got taken” argument.

          I feel almost like I need to do ELI5 for anything other than chapter posts because the people who spam hate are literally illiterate readers.


          1. Mutey

            I didn’t read either translators chapters past 1, and i only read them because both sides were claiming the other was worse, and i think both are low quality, i haven’t nor will i read chapter 2.

            I’m unsure why you care more about other tranlators think though, it’s the readers you don’t want to piss off, if another translator supports you doesn’t mean much, though if the dude was only translating for fun and to help him learn the language, why does he even care if someone else is doing it aswell?

            Having a series claimed by someone like that is terrible for the readers, and i fully support a translator picking up a series that is being done badly.

            Though the actual best solution would be for the dude to ask if he can translate with the guy that did chapter 1, my favourite series currently is Histories strongest senior brother which recently started being translated again(YaY), but he was only going to do 1 chapter a week + sponsored chapters, which is way too slow for chinese novels where 2000 page novels are not uncommon, so they got another translator to work alongside him and now we get 1-2 releases a day.

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  1. For the new TL: i’m sorry. I dunno about this, but personally, i want to apologize to you. Why? Well, all we know about TL is just quality and quantity. So we don’t know about your effort for this chapter. Thanks for posting this chap. I’m a reader of this novel long timw ago. So, i’m happy about you posted it. Well, personally, i was a TL for a project in my language, so i know what you feel. One more time: sorry about our ignorance and my gratitude for your translations.
    And after you have time, please come back to TL. Maybe i seem as rude, but it’s a pity if we lose a TL ’cause this problem. Thanks for reading. Sincerely yours, an ungrateful lecher.

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    1. For xant: I’m a reader of 2 site, yours and Sou. I know that you’re angry about Sou do a dick move. And no, i won’t justified any of your move. After all, that’s , bluntly, your problem. But, i wanted to say something, please calm down and chill. Life must go on and for now, just take a break a bit. I don’t wanna see another TL go on hiatus after his effort this long time for just this problem. Anyway, thanks for your effort and good luck. Sincerely yours, an ungrateful lecher.

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    2. Agreed, I sometimes also forgot about the translators and only care about the works… since I began to write (which I’m not good at) I tried to change my outlook on things… and mostly succeeded. Sometimes my brain just went all selfish and stupid… but what like rozenmaiden said… Thank you.

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  2. Ah… I have a question, if anybody is willing to answer then please…

    Why does sometimes translator post their new chapter inside another post? Is there any profound reason for that? Or is it just a trend created on a whim? Just curious.


      1. You are so stuck on yesterday that you don’t realized what I’m talking about what you said in this post. Any how I still have yet to see why you are so instant on the term community.


          1. See venom dripping, you are the kind of person I would hate to know know IRL. I saw your definition it can a apply to many companies and I will say it once more since you don’t get it you have a network not a community. Also you seem to think a paragraph is a wall of text for what ever reason, then what did everyone else send you mountains of text cause I sure didn’t send the most yesterday, nor did I insult you at all yesterday.


            1. lowlightt

              Well your both wrong. Network and Community can both describe this situation and they are not mutually exclusive. The definitions of both fit in this case. A network is a group that bans together to help each other blah blah. A community is a group of people with a shared interest/talent that they feel separates them in some way from society at large.

              In this case. It is both a community and a network. And can be referred to by either term.

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    1. See, we actually waited for a TLC to look at it and it got forgotten over our more popular series. Oh wait, I explained this in my post, you know, the one you didn’t read but skimmed over.

      Neat how that works.

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      1. Forest

        As you just said it was forgotten, meaning you dropped it, something you thought might get views for something that did. Be glad he even told you, if I was him I wouldn’t have and laughed as you bitched and said then why didn’t you update it. I have read a few of the raw’s for this novel it isn’t so hard to read that I would give you a near 6 month grace window. If you can start to bring out more chapters of your normal quality, in your normal time frame that you set with Bear and the likes, then I will read this story here. If not then I will not, as I will take your posting of this chapter as you trying to justify being a dick and not giving him the go ahead to pick up something you dropped.

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        1. He didn’t “tell”. He asked if it was ok, got told no and why, then ignored that and decided to throw in personal attacks as well. The fact you’re lying about what we literally have seen in the mails shows just how valuable your opinion is. Go join the White House.


        1. lowlightt

          He didn’t get angry over some one picking it up. He got angry when someone asked him to pick it up he replied no and that person then said Well I’m going to pick it up anyway here translate this instead.


  3. Good lord, the heck is going on with the world right now?
    Anyway, I agree with Rozen for the whole break thing.
    You seriously need it, just relax for a couple of days and release some stress, holding something in will just kill you, I’ve been walking that road for a while now so i know.
    Secondly, as we all know, yeah, English is a retarded language in itself; depends on the person using it that is. (Shots. Fired. Faaaccckkkk!) But yes the way Sou does things is indeed, somewhat a dick move and i agree with that, but that doesn’t mean i agree with you as well. The main problem here that I can see is miscommunication and poor wording with my standing as a leecher and also a bystander, correct me if I’m wrong though.
    Dammit I forgot the third, i will try to recall if possible.(which means never)
    Fourth, quality and quantity, I don’t give a damn for sure for this one, if it’s interesting, I’ll read, regardless if it’s from Xant’s site or Sousetsuka’s.
    Fifth, thank you for reading my comment albeit it’s stupid in some parts and thank you for all your efforts and I’ll keep supporting BOTH Xant and Sou since both of you TL my fav novels.


    1. Read our version next to Sou’s. Check the difference in English and translation. It may not seem like much now, but during important plot points even the smallest error can really break the story. He argued he would do a better job, and look at where that ended up.


      1. Yeaaahhhh, about that……
        I read both versions and quite frankly both is on par for my eyes, if it wasn’t that means I have a retarded brain….
        I blame 2 weeks of insomnia for that…
        But regardless you’re not dropping the series and it’s still ongoing(?) so that means i can read Sou’s version for simplicity and yours for more in depth story, so a win-win situation for me since i keep track for updates on both sites.

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        1. Why are you saying X ain’t dropping it? They already said they’re dropping it: “We won’t be continuing this translation as the community feels like we shouldn’t. We’ll take on other projects instead.” So they have posted this chapter since it was already almost done, out of spite, but it won’t get translated anymore since neither translator nor X feel like it, as far as I can tell?


      2. Forest

        I would love to read and check the differences. But it seems you only have chapter 2 out when Sou has up to chapter 5 out. And on the note of bad English nether your translation nor his would make it past a professional editors desk without a few red pen marks telling you to fix them.


  4. DiPz

    stop it guys… if you dont have anything to say just stop it.. dont spread the hate…

    and thanks for the update i really like your group and sousetsuka…
    so please as a reader i want to read a novel with this kind of background around it..
    it makes me sad and somewhat nervous.. dont know why …

    and lastly please chill a little..
    i know you have a bad day ,, no maybe weeks .. I dont really know the time frame when it happened… but you are stressing your self too much..
    really thanks for all the effort you and your team give to this translation.. hope you have a good day..


  5. novellover

    sigh…I wonder if you would even have noticed sousetsuka picking this up if it wasnt for him emailing you lol. The newbie translator should actually be gratefull he picked it up right? What student doesnt need exemples. And do you expect quality from a person who just started translating? get real… Even if you take a month per release, the readers want to read the story and not some monthly progress report of some random guy learning to translate…Honestly I dont see why you are making such a big deal out of this despite what you wrote in your other posts.

    Are you this small?


    1. lowlightt

      He already stated in his post that he wouldn’t have gotten angry over him just picking it up. He’s not even angry about him picking it up. Hes angry that he asked them to pick it up and when he got the answer no he said I’ll pick it up anyway, translate this instead. Which is a pretty passive aggressive slap to the face.

      Why would the newbie translater be grateful? Are you dumb?

      Which brings us back to quality or speed. It doesn’t matter how good the translation is or if its even right as long as it comes out regularly. Which is a bitch for us who actually care about the quality of the translation.


  6. ArKain

    Alright, I usually stay out of these sorts of things and grab some popcorn but for some reason I feel like chiming in today.

    – Your main claim: Sousetsuka ignores etiquette in asking for permission and then ignoring it. This I see as a legitimate claim.

    From reading the emails, it seems to me that Sousetsuka wasn’t actually asking for permission; he was making a claim that he was taking the novel (seems he already started on it and was ready to post before he noticed you), and was asking more as a FORMALITY than anything else. He was expecting a ‘yes’ from that point on as common etiquette would dictate, however he received a ‘no’ and likely felt slighted by that. He responds stating that he’s going to do it anyways, and then throws in a few insults about ch1’s quality (more on this later), and offers a ‘consolation’ novel as another condescending insult. You responded with this shit-storm.

    My conclusion: miscommunication likely happened here.
    Might I also point out that this shit-storm, posting of a private conversation in public without permission, and the insults aren’t very… respectful? If you are to champion this ideal, you must follow it yourself first if you want to be taken seriously, even if the other side has slighted you.

    – Your second claim: Sousetsuka has poor quality, and has no right to judge your quality.

    This stems from his second reply. That seemed to be more of an insult to you and him trying to find some reason to continue his project rather than dropping it, which he obviously would not do. This argument comes from your shit-storm and was more of a personal attack than anything else, but let’s treat this as an actual argument. His attack here was directed at the first chapter, which your own translator readily admits that is of worse quality than Sousetsuka’s. You also did not mention in your email that you had a new translator prior to this attack by Sousetsuka, the assumption of a continuation of the previous quality is reasonable. Any other examples you give are irrelevant, no matter how poor his quality may be at present, or how great your other works are. Even more so, his early work is even less in question as he is currently making a statement on his current quality compared to chapter 1’s quality (we are assuming his quality isn’t going to degrade back to when he just started). The only relevance for this argument, is the relative difference in quality between chapter 1, and Sousetsuka’s current quality. I have not read this novel, nor can I read Japanese and would thus be unable to point out translation errors unless they were blatantly obvious, so I cannot make any personal claims on this subject. However, going by your own translator’s impression, if we are to assume she is a reliable source of information, it seems that Sousetsuka indeed had a point in his reply, even if it was designed as an insult and an excuse.

    My conclusion: Sousetsuka, even if his quality is poor, had the right to judge your first chapter.

    – Your third and final claim that I will touch on: Sousetsuka has driven your new translator away.

    From your translator’s epitaph, it seems to me that the reason she is stopping is in large part because of this shit-storm. While yes, she was probably discouraged by Sousetsuka taking up the novel she was planning on and the insults, if she really wanted to continue translating, picking up a new one shouldn’t be that big of an issue. Considering she’s even starting from not chapter 1, but chapter 2, we see she doesn’t have an issue of, to put it more bluntly, picking up someone else’s leftovers. I believe you could have given her a new project as well, starting from chapter 1, and it would be completely hers (although in all fairness, skipping just the first chapter isn’t that much of a difference, I assume there is still some pride in having 100% of the work in something be your own). Unfortunately, you blew this way out of proportion, and now she doesn’t have much of any chance to quietly work on translating in ignorance of the cutthroat world of translations.

    My conclusion: Yes, Sousetsuka likely started pushing her towards the edge, but I think you dealt the finishing blow here. Also, if I may ask, did you have the option of not showing her the email exchange and simply inform her that Sousetsuka was also translating it? I think that would have been much better for her, although I guess it isn’t your responsibility to baby your group members.

    Overall conclusion: Some unfortunate things occurred due to a miscommunication, Sousetsuka and you both should not have insulted each other over it, but you made it a lot worse than it should have been, at a great detriment to your personal image.
    Sousetsuka isn’t a saint, but when he is completely aware of being shit-talked about behind his back, and just lets it happen because he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it and just wants to continue with his own thing, he is seen as a tolerant and calm person (if not a very pushy person).
    Your image, on the other hand, is pushing towards one of a petty and hysteric individual.

    P.S. If I may point out, you repeatedly talk about how this isn’t about ownership of the novel, about how you don’t actually own it, about how you never claimed ownership… but when you mention the words ‘steal’, and ‘poach’, those heavily imply you see the novel as under your ownership, so I would advise you to either stop using those two words and other equivalents, or attempt to claim ownership (which I would also advise against).

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  7. Well, while everyone is arguing. I’ll just slide my question in here. Xant, when are you going to post chp24 of kuro kishi? Also I’m curious, what’s the process with receiving and posting translated chapters?


      1. I already know who translates it XD. The thing is, on his site, he mentioned that chap 24 has already been sent over here. I was just curious on how you handle such translations and how long it takes from getting them to posting them. Btw thanks for the reply.


  8. Oh my goodness! a tremendous article dude. Thank you However I’m experiencing challenge with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting identical rss problem? Anybody who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx


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