Nobusada’s Chronicle – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Meeting with the Former Demon Lord

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「I don’t recognise this ceiling…」

I looked at the unappealing ceiling and grumbled.

Then, I realised that I was on an unfamiliar bed. However, I couldn’t move my body. It felt like I was tied down by something.

Yeah, I really didn’t know what was happening. My thoughts were jumping all over the place.

As it was, I couldn’t even do anything. Since I couldn’t move my body, the only thing I could do was think.

While those thoughts were running through my mind, a floating marble appeared in front of me.
It should’ve been in my pocket, and yet it was now suddenly floating in front of me.

「Yaa-, It’s nice to meet cha’.」

Eh? Was the marble speaking?

「Oh? Did you not understand me? That’s weird. I was sure that I had picked out your native language from your memories……」

「N-no, I understood. It’s just that I couldn’t think straight, and I’m still trying to catch up with all of this.」

「Oh, that’s really perfect. Well then, I can explain the situation now if you want. I bet you’re curious.」

-According to the marble’s explanation, this world was not Earth. The name of this world was supposedly 『Eternia』.

In other words, I was summoned to another world, but apparently this marble had interfered someone else’s summoning and pulled me here.

「It’s that easy to tamper with world transferring?」

「Well, I am a former Demon Lord, you know? I can do things like that. Besides, interfering with the summoning is why I, the King’s Soul, crossed space-time and came to your side.」

-Yup, the marble before me was, surprisingly, the former Demon Lord. His name was Gune Ino Setora, apparently. Majestic? As if I would know!

「Well, it seems a certain country succeeded in summoning a Hero. Things got complicated recently, and just the other day, I was assassinated by the Hero. The problem is, once the Hero slaughters the Demon King, every surrounding country becomes nervous with the gap in military power. Now, all the other countries rushing their summoning ceremonies. They’re rather selfish, and they don’t care about the circumstances of those they summon.」

ーSo there are heroes, and this Demon was assassinated by one? …Well, in the end, Heroes were sort of like hitmen. It seemed that all VIPs, regardless of world or alignment, faced similar circumstances.

「Those summoned in the cruelest places are then subordinated with a collar, or the summoners use an enslavement technique to enslave them as soon as they get there. It’s okay for you, since you look just like the Human Folk, so you’ll fit right in. Well, from what the summoned people say, they don’t end up feeling like they fit in anyway.」

-Human Folk. That was what this world’s most populous race seemed to be called. Other than the Human Folk, there were also Demi-Humans and Demons. Of course, each race had their own name. If anyone were to just lump all of these species into one, it would be degrading, ignoring the things that distinguished them. It seemed that the aristocrats from the Human Folk had a tendency to do that, though. The commoners didn’t seem to discriminate against the other races, since they came into contact with each other…… Personally, since I liked paws and things that were fluffy, if I had to pick a race, it would have to be a fluffy-like one.

「Now, you may rest at ease. I was expecting to summon something like your neighbor’s beloved dog, Yatsufusa-chan (female, 1 year old) from the country you were summoned from.」

「Hold on! My neighbor’s dog was supposed to be summoned instead of me? I feel as if she’s more welcomed than I am……」

「Next time! The Achievements of Hero Yatsufusa-chan, please look forward to it!!」

「Don’t just end it there. In the first place, you still haven’t explained the reason for summoning me. I already know that I’m weak in battles and the like. So, do you have any reason to be confident that I’ll be able to easily pull this off?」

「Fufufufu-, I already assumed that such questions would be asked! Let me explain! The reason for this marble to have floated up here!」


「To tell you the truth, this marble is a gem that condenses my entire existence. It’ll react to someone considered worthy of my inheritance, under certain conditions.」

「Certain conditions? I meet those requirements?」

「It’s alright~! The condition was to be an existence identical to me, from 『Earth』! In other words, I am the you of this parallel world.」

What!? That was a time paradox right there. That thing when the future you met the past you. Mmm~, somehow, I felt like I got it, but to be told that all of a sudden. Furthermore, this guy had been successful in making me, a mob-like character, slightly jealous. Well, I’m sorry about the assassination.

「What’s more, your current body should be going through some evolution adjustments in order to cope with magic. Congrats, the masked motorcycle-rider is also surprised!」
(TL: Kamen Rider reference)

「Hey, you’re doing that to someone without permission……」

「Now, now, I set the initial body to be 15 years old. Youth is overflowing? Fumu~, we are adapting to the changes little by little. It seems that as the body gets younger, we are also growing younger in spirit.」

Come to think of it, his words somehow sounded a little younger, or more precisely, seemed to be getting a little rougher. How should I put it; there was a subtle, uncomfortable feeling.

「And so, what am I supposed to do?」

That was the first, most important matter that needed to be assessed. I had unwillingly accepted the fact that we were identical beings. Even so, I refused to be pushed into doing unreasonable things.

「Hm, you can live however you want, ya know? It’s okay to go live as an adventurer, to be a merchant, or even build an exhilarating harem of beast girls and monster girls. However, there is one thing. When the time comes for me to need your power, I would like you to listen to my two requests. Of course, I will not make demands like handing over your body or something unreasonable, you know?」


The terms of the agreement were unexpected. Usually, it wouldn’t be strange if people started saying dangerous things like “I will train you, so head to the battlefield!” or “ If you don’t obey, you will be assassinated!” Even though it was a good thing that my body was getting younger again……

「It would feel nice to retry your bleak, adolescent years, wouldn’t it. I took a peek through your memories, but instead of being bittersweet, you had a totally wilted youth.」

Remembering such things made me feel depressed. If I were able to move my body, I would have definitely tucked in my head and started rolling around.

Since I had gone to a boy’s school, there were no such encounters and hence, my grey-colored lonely days—-there was no age of youth. Back then, I was a poor talker and did not have the courage to flirt.

Nevertheless! To finally be young again! I can’t wait any longer! Let’s just do whatever!

I would love to be surrounded by beast and monster girls! Becoming super, super rich, so that I don’t have to work and can live a lazy life in the future! However, aristocrats are bothersome, and I want to avoid them if possible. In the meantime, maybe I will aim to become a mayor who can write poems and wage war? To someday be a mayor who is independent from the nation? The country’s strongest leader, who enjoys fluffy things!? I think it’s possible! I will become the Fluffy King!

Whoops, that was bad, very bad. The lid on my suppressed greed was opened. It was better to keep it closed, locked, and sealed. It wasn’t the time for it to be released!

Since I had been withdrawn and unpopular, let’s try to be proactive this time around. If it’s hopeless, I can always try escaping to another country without any problems.

「Have you gathered your thoughts? Is there anything else you would like to hear about?」

Come to think of it, let’s try throwing out a big question.

「I’ll listen to you for the time being, but is it possible to return to my original world?」