Lady Rose Wants To Be A Commoner – 12

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Chapter 12

Although Nika-sama had said something profound, after worrying about it for only three minutes, I promptly stopped thinking about it. I was a someone who could easily switch gears.
In the first place, I looked composed even while I was thinking hard, since I kept my thoughts and expressions separate. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.
It wasn’t like I had become a genius thanks to my reincarnation. It was just that I had had an early start, due to retaining memories from my past life. My actual abilities had not changed. It was only at the very beginning, when you had just restarted your life, that you would be called a girl genius. If you got carried away, you would definitely regret it when you were unable to produce results that met the expectations of others in the future. This might seem like a boring life, but I was looking at a realistic dream. I had properly considered my dream of becoming a commoner, you know.

The next day, I headed out to buy dairy products (like milk and butter) as usual.
Cars didn’t exist in this world and only aristocrats went around in carriages, so there were a limited number of shops that transported goods using wagons. Since I was the poster girl for the bakery, I was somewhat recognized, and I could now do jobs that required me to leave the shop. However, it would take some time until I could bake the best possible bread.

“Are you going shopping, Fii-chan?”

“Yes, I’m heading to the dairy store!”

Someone called out to me even as I was briskly walking to the dairy store at the end of the ranch. I had been called out like this many times, due to how well known I was. Was I fitting into this town as a commoner?

“You’re not with your aristocrat boyfriend today?”

“Fufu, I’m afraid he’s not my boyfriend.”

…Though, I was also pretty worried about how Nika-sama was fairly well known too. TVs, photographs, and mass media did not exist in this world. Even though they might have met the Ore-sama prince in the middle of the kingdom by chance, Nika-sama stayed indoors, so he probably wouldn’t be noticed. Currently, there was an imaginary story about a love between a noble and a commoner floating around.

I smiled and lightly chatted with the townspeople while carrying those thoughts, until I reached the easily recognized cross near my destination. The dairy store was next to the church.

Naturally, the game Lady Ro did not explain the social rules of this world. For example, this church was the largest one in the Kingdom, and it was used to hold weddings.
That was why I had to study things like the faith that people of this world had in God.
Apparently, there was only one God, and the people had a reasonable amount of faith. By ‘reasonable’, I meant that many people believed in the existence of God, but no one was wildly enthusiastic or extreme in their beliefs.
I felt that, unlike in my past life in Japan, everyone here believed in God. However, it wasn’t the kind of faith that devoted everything to God. An example would be thanking God for giving them a lover or a child, and appreciating the happiness they had.
It was more accurate to say that the church was somewhere a family would enter with big, bright smiles to say “thank you very much”, rather than a mysterious and quiet place for praying. Therefore, the church was not very strict, and there were many people who were married to church employees. It was pretty lenient.
That was why, even though it didn’t have anything to do with me, I felt like I should go there at least once to celebrate becoming a commoner.

I glanced sideways as I passed by the church, deep in thought, when a girl in a nun outfit, seemingly around my age, came out.
Oh yeah. Weren’t monks and nuns part of the church in my past life? There was nothing austere about their appearance in the first place, and they were very different from the nuns in my previous life. It was probably better to think of it as a completely different job with the same name.

I was still looking at her while thinking about this when she fell down.
Although it was only around three steps, it was a descending staircase.

“Hey-, be careful-…!”

In response to this sudden development, I hastily turned around and spread my arms out.

I was able to catch her and fell on my butt with a thud. Ouch. My butt would definitely have a blue bruise.

“Hii-, eh, uuuum…I’m sorry!!”

The girl I had caught realized what had happened, got off my body, went to the end of the staircase, and did a dogeza. This world’s culture also had dogezas, huh. I had learned something new.

“Please raise your head. Do you have any injuries?”

“Y-y-yes! I’m fine…what about you?!”

“I’m also fine.”

Although my butt hurt, it was better left unsaid. I didn’t plan on showing anyone my butt, and even if I had a broken bone, that would have been because I was weak. I wouldn’t blame her for this.
When I stood up, she fearfully stood up as well. She had stopped her dogeza, but she was still bowing.

“Tha-, thank you very much!”

“You’re welcome.”

The nun was fluffy and cute. Every time she bowed, her milk-tea colored braids shook and swayed. Due to its bright hue, it stood out against the black habit.
The nun raised her head after one more deep bow. When she saw my face, she seemed shocked. Her eyes were a beautiful red-violet.

“…is something wrong?”

“Ah- So-! I’m sorry! I was surprised since you are as beautiful as a saint! Please excuse me! I’m sorry for staring at you!”
(TL: She changed from informal to formal.)

The nun trembled and bowed again. She was such a modest girl, huh. She didn’t have to apologize just because she was praising my looks.
Still, let’s see, Saint-sama? Did sacred professions like that exist in this world?
Was it my lack of knowledge? I had general education, since even commoners had it, but maybe it wasn’t enough…

“Thank you for your compliment.”

“No, no! Please, excuse me!”

“My name is Fii Kurou. If it is okay with you, would you care to tell me your name?”

“Ye-, Yesh ! Ish Nancy!”
(TL: It is Yesh and Ish here. It’s not a typo)
(Ed: She probably bit her tongue while saying it, hence those words)

I see, so it was Nancy. I remembered her. What was her nickname again? Nan-chan? No, it was Nana-chan. Nana-chan, with the shaking double-braided tails!

“I must excuse myself today, since I’m on an errand, but if you don’t mind, I would love to speak with you next time.”

“I wouldn’t mind! I would be honoured!”

“Is that so. Then, let’s meet again.”

I waved to Nana-chan and, with pointless elegance, entered the nearby dairy store.

…Hooray! This was what you’d call my First Friend Flag! Right?!
In this world, there were many factional disputes between aristocrats, stemming from the statuses and relationships between their houses. When I decided to abandon all of that and become a commoner, I decided not to make any close friends, just in case my other classmates harassed them for being friends with a commoner! On top of that, I had also been busy learning and creating a foundation for becoming a commoner! However, there wasn’t a problem if I made a friend now!
Wasn’t my commoner life going extremely well?

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26 thoughts on “Lady Rose Wants To Be A Commoner – 12

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Fii is much more thoughtful of her actions than I thought. to think she would go so far as to hold herself back from making commoner friends for their safety ;; 7 ;;) such a saint lol

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  2. Yzrahc (ง︡'-'︠)ง

    :thinking: I wonder when will the next person related from the palace will come and add spice to her commoner life :D

    Thank you for the chapter ٩(。•ω•。)و poi poi

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    1. She probably thinks that the current couple of her ex-fiancee and the other girl will work out, but it’s likely that it won’t and people will try to get her back with him instead , because she’s way better.

      If Nancy had a major part in the game previously, maybe she could just befriend all the other people who had similar parts / roles (only females, males would cause trouble for her).

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    1. tera3008

      It’s a flag, but for some reason I thing it is a bigger flag. It’s the FLAG. It’s a saint flag (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
      That would be amazing obstacle to her commoner life if there is some legend about a saint from another word :D

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  3. aram

    the ore-sama prince will definitely come to yell at her in the future (my guess is he is a tsundere since that has not yet appered) but i might also be wrong lol


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    Oohh sounds like Nana-chan is also a reincarnated character from Japan that recognized Lady Rose. I mean, why else would she dogeza like that haha!


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