Lady Rose Wants To Be A Commoner – 13

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Chapter 13

To the people of this town, I might have seemed like the strange type of girl who became unhappy on her days off, but today, my tension had not dropped, even though I was on break.
That was because I was going to meet with the nun that I had wonderfully met the other day!

Let’s review the existence called nuns in this world.
Since I had no contact with any of them from my past life, I didn’t really know the fine details, but the nuns of this world lived in churches and cultivated a better understanding of God. They also did services (cleaning, gardening, cooking, etc.) for the church on their own volition. Males were known as monks. Those who passed a test would become a pastor and spread the teachings of the church.
This meant that, if I were to go to the church, I would have a high chance of meeting Nana-chan. Since I had the whole day off anyway, I could just wait for her if she was busy with work. If she was too busy, then I could arrange a day off….
…Hm? The things I was thinking of doing now, weren’t they a bit similar to what a stalker would do?
(TL: This sentence says literally, “don’t they smell a bit like a stalker?”)

…… We’re both women, so it’s fine! I was simply starving for a friend! It wasn’t because of anything weird!

While making up excuses for myself, I walked with my chest puffed out.
On the way, an unusual carriage passed by me. Is it Nika-sama?! Was what I thought for a second, but I calmed down after realizing that it was a carriage I had never seen before. In the first place, Nika-sama had said that he would look after Lily-chan more, so he would visit me less frequently than before. That was a great thing.
Just as I finished thinking about that, I arrived at the church. I took a deep breath and reached for the door.

“Please excuse me.”

When I entered the church, the two people inside turned around abruptly. Though I was surprised by how vigorously they turned, they also seemed to be surprised.

One of the people was wearing clothes that hinted at him being a pastor, and the other was Nana-chan.

“Ah! Ah!! Sensei! It was this person! The noble-sama who saved me and looks like a Saint…!”

As always, Nana-chan was unable to stay calm and pointed at me while her braids bounced around. How cute. Though, I was bothered by a part of her sentence.

“Sister Nancy, please lower your voice and don’t point at people.”

“I-, I’m sorry.

The pastor, on the other hand, was calm. He looked like a gentle uncle, and he chided Nana-chan like a parent. Uh, what a nice combination. I quietly walked up to them and bowed.

“I am Fii Kurou. It’s nice to meet you, pastor-sama. I met Nancy-san the other day, right? While I did speak with her the other day, I’d like to clear up the misunderstanding. I am not a noble.”

“Eh?! Ehh?! You’re not a noble?! That must be a lie!”

“Sister Nancy.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll be quiet…”

“Also, you must not claim that a person’s words are lies.”


The despondent Nana-chan was cute, almost like a puppy getting scolded. I wanted her to recognize me as a commoner rather than as a noble, though. I now knew the reason why she had been strangely depreciating herself. She had thought that I was an aristocrat, huh. Well, the way I spoke and moved was because of my acting…in exchange, this was how I was inside.

“Please, excuse me. I am Jack Ganhosu, the pastor who serves this church. Thank you very much for saving Sister Nancy the other day.”

Pastor Jack bowed beautifully as he said this. The names and appearances of these people would make them look like foreigners to the Japanese people from my past life. My only reason for thinking that this world’s language and customs were Japanese was because this was a Japanese game.
However, the way Jack-san carried himself, and the fact that he had a family name, meant that he was probably an aristocrat. It was possible that I would have a painful experience if I became too involved with him.

“If you see a girl who is about to get hurt, it should be natural to save them.”

“O-Ooh…Fii-san is so cool!”

I felt that Nana-chan’s favorability rating of me had gone up. I was glad!

“That aside, it was very regrettable, Kurou-san. If you had come earlier, you could have met Saint-sama…”

Jack-san suddenly brought up the Saint-sama. Next to him, Nana-chan appeared regretful as well, as if it was also her problem. Was she an angel?

“Umm, what do you mean by Saint-sama…? I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge but, was there such a rank in the Church?”

“No, there is no such rank. Saint-sama is a popular title that is different from our ranks.”

“We are calling her ‘Saint-sama’ by choice!”

A person who could make a pastor and a nun call her a Saint willingly…? This was something more incomprehensible than a rank. How much of a saint was this woman?

“Why is Saint-sama here?”

“The Saint comes here at least once a month to pray.”

…That was it?
I mean, even if doing such a thing continuously was amazing, there were a lot of people like her in my past life, even though I didn’t know any. When you thought about it on a global scale, it didn’t quite strike home. I understood that, in this world, there were people who only visited the church on some occasions but…weren’t Jack-san and Nana-chan, who prayed to God every day, even more amazing?

“I became a nun because I looked up to Saint-sama. It is already a story from 13 years ago. I saw a girl around my age stepping out of a carriage. Out of curiosity, I followed her and saw her mysterious figure in front of the cross, with her eyes closed and her hands clasped together. I couldn’t forget it.”

I thought Nana-chan, who had an ecstatic expression, looked like she was around my age.
A carriage. This meant that the Saint-sama was definitely a noble. I was now sixteen, so this Saint-sama was probably a three-year-old at that time. For such a young girl to have prayed alone–?
Ahh, I didn’t know why a young girl in beautiful and clean clothes would take her time to go to the church outside of the royal city to pray to God.
Certainly, it might not have been unnatural to have called her a Saint. Children usually came with their parents but this girl, who wasn’t even from this town, came every month on her own, ever since she was young.

–Wait, no, no. I didn’t come here to hear about Saint-sama.

“So such a person visited, huh. I’m terribly sorry to stop the conversation but, the reason I came here today was because I have a request for Nancy-san.”

“Eh?! A-as I thought, you were injured?! M-medical bill… Sensei, I’m sorry but please lend me some money! I’m sorry!”

“Sister Nancy, let us properly listen to the words of the other party.”

I smiled while watching the calm Jack-san and the panicking Nana-chan. They were probably always like this, huh.
Maybe if I had a home that was this welcoming, I might not have wanted to become a commoner–no, that wasn’t possible. No matter how blessed I was, once I realized that I was the Heroine of Lady Ro, I had decided to definitely run away.
If I was pulled back into the game of Lady Ro because of a stupid reason like fate, I would run far away from this country. It was dangerous outside the kingdom, so I didn’t really want to leave, but it couldn’t be helped. I would do anything I could, even if I died.

If I couldn’t live as a commoner, if I couldn’t live as myself, then there was no meaning in living. There was no point in living just to live.

“Nancy-san, may I have the honor of becoming your friend?”


At any rate, since I wasn’t currently in a terrible situation where I would have to flee immediately, I decided to be honest and happy about making my first friend in this world!! I looked, well, like I was happy and smiling widely, but I was dancing wildly inside!
This cute, braided twin tailed nun is already mine! I will take my time and slowly go on dates with her, give gifts to her, and dote on her to shorten the distance between us. She will, from now on, become ‘meromero’ to the point of being ‘dorodoro’ with me! I won’t let anyone interfere!
(ED: meromero: totally in love, dorodoro: flowing with love)

(TL: Fii-chan…is very desperate…very stalker like…. Why does she seem more dangerous…. Run Nana-chan…)

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      1. lolimamoritai

        She unlock Bi-harem even that was an Otome game,
        all she got were death flag, every capturable character want her dead but she capture everyone, girls or boys, background characters or support characters, everyone (everyone is important so I repeat twice)

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    1. Well, if that last paragraph is any indication, this is going in the direction of winning that nun’s heart AND taking control of her surroundings–kind of like taking ownership of her. Is it just me, or does that sound a little… unlike a commoner?

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  1. midoriha

    hm–! i smell some dark stuff! and those words she said, while true, there must be something that made her think that way…?


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