LV999 Villager – Chapter 6 P10

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What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 10

It was hard to think of other people who had heard the conversation between the Demon King and Estellar at the battle of Salumeria. Kagami himself had confirmed that there was nobody in the surroundings. If there really was anyone who had his or her ears open during that situation, Estellar probably would have dealt with them quickly.

However, it was only Kagami who knew this. Although there was value in just asking about it, even if he was refused, when considering whether this was true or not, this knowledge wouldn’t be taken seriously with just one person’s evidence. If he considered that David was concealing himself, then the possibility of it being him was high.

“Hold on, Master. Why does this show that he is observing Alice?”

Rex asked and inclined his head.

“What I mean is that Menou said ‘Guys,’ right? Even if he were just observing Krul and Rex, isn’t it weird to go to the point of also reporting things about us? He even said ‘suspicious movements,’ like he suspects us.”

After Kagami said that, Rex also showed a serious look and muttered ‘I see,’ as if he understood.

“There’s not much meaning in observing Kagami-san, who has nothing to hide. Takako-san and Tina as well. But…it’s different for Menou-san and Alice-chan.”

It was clear that he was behaving suspiciously. The one who felt this the most was Krul. David had always been beside her, and recently, she had felt something strange from his looks.

He had looked at her differently. Perhaps this truly was about Alice. Considering David was reporting about things other than Krul and Rex to the Kingdom, it was clear.

“But I…even though David-san was investigating my actions from the shadows, I can’t imagine him reporting this to the Kingdom. As expected…he isn’t just observing Krul-san’s actions.”

Alice uttered this, as if something had come to mind.

“Why do you think so?”

Kagami asked, thinking she might have confidence in her words after seeing Alice’s expression.

“My horn…David-san saw it, but he didn’t say a word about me being a Demon. It looked like he planned on keeping silent about it, and already knew that I’m a Demon.”

Everyone that heard Alice’s words gave her bewildered looks. Only Menou grabbed Alice’s shoulders while trembling, and said:

“As I thought, let’s run away from here immediately!”

Although he had stated his desire, Takako immediately pulled Menou away from Alice, and calmed him down once again.

“Eei! Release me, Takako-dono!”

“I understand your panic, but calm down, Menou-chan. It would be suspicious if only the two of you left, right?”

After Takako said that, she confirmed with Kagami, asking “Right?”. Kagami nodded his head, as if he had considered it, and said, “Well, that’s right.”

Although Kagami had considered that David was a dangerous existence that shouldn’t be provoked, he reconsidered a bit after listening to the story about David seeing Alice’s horn.

“Menou…you heard David say, ‘No suspicious movements have been discovered,’ right? Even though he knows Alice is a Demon, isn’t it weird that he said that?”

“This…He only acted calm for the moment, and in reality, there is also the possibility that it was the first time he had gained proof of her being a Demon. I’m sure he will say that Alice-sama is a Demon in the next report.”

Although there was certainly a possibility that David had been acting, when Kagami saw Alice’s anxious expression, he couldn’t believe that that was the case at all. It was because he saw “I can’t believe that he would do such a thing,” written all over her face.

“There is still the possibility that he is protecting Alice. If that’s the case, it might be troublesome for David if the two of you were to vanish, and make him unable to protect you two.”

“David doesn’t have a reason to protect Alice-sama, does he? Although I don’t know what it is about us that he’s investigating, he went out of his way to come here for a job from the Kingdom. There is no reason for him to have come here to protect her.”

Menou immediately denied Kagami’s suggestion. Menou’s words were reasonable. There wasn’t any reason to protect her. The probability of it being true was also low when considering Krul’s words about him efficiently completing his work.

At that moment, Kagami directed his gaze at Alice and inclined his head, as if asking her, ‘How about it?’. Alice, who noticed his gaze, showed him a slightly worried expression, but gave him a determined nod. Seeing this, Kagami became eager with a, “Yosh,” and:

“If he observes us, then let’s observe him. If he reports that Alice is a Demon in his next report, then we’ll consider it again. For now, let’s trust David.”

After saying this, Kagami declared, “Well then, let’s go wait for David’s return, and go eat dinner,” while ignoring the atmosphere.

If Alice were to consider trusting David, saying, ‘It’s all right,’ then Kagami would support her with all his power. This would definitely be progress for the goal of coexistence between Demons and humans. That was the reason for his behavior.

Although Menou seemed momentarily troubled by these words, he uttered, “Understood,” while watching Alice, who looked happy listening to Kagami’s declaration. Then he let out a sigh, as if it couldn’t be helped.

Takako was the one who volunteered to keep a lookout, so they decided to leave it to her, since her movements were good and she had high physical abilities, like Kagami.

Although Kagami didn’t care if Takako had her own reasons for volunteering, it wasn’t a problem for him, so he brushed it off.

It had been one week since the day before the Casino’s opening. Not once did David relay that Alice was a Demon to the Kingdom’s spy. The only thing he would report was, “No suspicious movements have been discovered.”

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  1. storywise, why oh why had they not even thought of suspecting Palma? …seriously… she’s the only one that had shown great hostility even after what had happened back then .. not to mention she’s not there with them


    1. Froggy

      Actually they forgot about Palna.

      They didn’t even notice that she’s not with them. The only one who’s still there is Tina and the others.


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    1. The second arc is still ongoing, it currently has 5 chapters, ch5&6 are now done but there is ch7 which has 17 parts, ch8 with 11 parts, and currently ch9 with 16 parts ongoing. Don’t know when arc two would finish but it still has a while to go I’m guessing.


  3. gippett0

    Thanks for the chapter! Sad that the story is stopping on here this has been one of my faveorite story’s i have been reading but as such thank you guys for all the work you have done on it so far so again Thanks for the chapter!


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