I forgot to post Kuma earlier this week. Whoops.

I am gonna post things today instead.

We are still in need of proofreaders.

In other news, I finally started the engine on our manga side of things. If you’re interested in helping, we have all positions open. Translator, Redrawer, Cleaner, Typesetter, QC.

Our first ‘work’ can be found on our manga section, X&M Scans are doing Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei – Raihousha Hen. It’s one of the many manga spinoffs of the series and didn’t get any love.


13 thoughts on “Announcement~

      1. Which is rather important along with checking for missed / forgotten / left out words and proper tenses, which from the two or three series I’ve read here you guys do well as there is no flow interruption while reading.


  1. Raphalice

    oh, it’s “tehe~ pero~” moment huh…

    I was scared for a second there that there won’t be a kumabear chapter this week!


  2. lqshaun

    I’d like to try being a proofreader. It’s my first time being one though. Is there any requirements or something like that?


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