LV999 Villager – Chapter 6 P3

G5: Kagami’s skills and their effects is now out. Something is wrong with you if you don’t laugh.

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 3

“Well I didn’t plan to hide it this long…at least, I shouldn’t reveal it normally, right? I shouldn’t show my cards.”

“I realize that, but it’s been on my mind.”

After Rex said that, Alice and Krul nodded in agreement, supporting him. Seeing this, Kagami let out a sigh and said, “Do you really want to know about it…?”, before opening his Status Window. Then, a list of his Skills was displayed.

“Super…Finger…? Hyper Finger…Hey, Kagami-san.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Aren’t there a lot of Finger Skills?”

Alice, who had seen the names of the Skills displayed on his Status Window, muttered that innocently. The first skill, which was displayed at the top of the list, she recognized from before was 『Auto Revive』, and the next one, which he had learned at Level 200, was a Skill called 『Super Finger』.

After that 『Hyper Finger』, 『Ultra Finger』『Miracle Finger』,『Perfect Finger』, 『Exotic Full Burst Act 5』, 『Reverse』, 『Limiter Release』, and 『The One Who Challenges God』were lined up on the display.

“Although you already told us about Auto Revive, Limiter Release, and The One Who Challenges God…This group of Finger Skills, and Exotic Full Burst…? What are these, they sound amazing?”

“Don’t rush. I wanted to show them to you one at a time. Although it was mentioned before, you’re expecting amazing effects like with the other three Skills, right? These Skills are the shitty ones.”

Although Alice, Rex, and Krul gave Kagami, who had emphasized his words, bewildered looks, the description of Super Finger was immediately displayed on the Status Window, and they looked at it. This is what was written on the Status Window.

『Super Finger』

Effect: Strengthens finger’s striking power.

After reading the effect, Alice, Rex, and Krul displayed difficult expressions.

“This is…a Skill that was called out by that Demon Estellar? How much power does it add to your finger strike?”

Krul asked him timidly.

“One finger gives the same amount of power as a strike that uses two fingers.”

In response to this, Rex muttered, ‘So subtle…’, and showed a look of pity.

Continuing, Kagami displayed the names of the Finger Skills in order and showed their effects to the three of them.

『Hyper Finger』

Effect: Additionally strengthens finger’s striking power.

『Ultra Finger』

Effect: Additionally strengthens finger’s striking power.

『Miracle Finger』

Effect: When using a finger to strike, it will be immune to injuries.

『Perfect Finger』

Effect: Regardless of the situation, striking aim will be precise.

“Do you guys understand? The feelings I had back then, when I continued to acquire these Skills that couldn’t be used until Level 600? Although I finally became able to defeat a slime with a booger, the way they attack you is normally strong, right?”

A Villager was an unfortunate existence in the first place, so Rex and Krul, who could easily imagine the despair from having Skills like these, showed him a bitter look.

At the same time, they felt like they kind of understood why Kagami could obtain a unique Skill that surpassed his limits. Truly, if he had not received Automatic Heal from the start, perhaps Kagami wouldn’t exist today.

“B-But! What about Level…700? Haven’t you learned other Skills besides the Finger ones? Surely you were rewarded for your efforts and for not giving up! Those Skill names seem kind of amazing.”

Seeing from their expressions that the two were unable to take it any longer, Alice followed up with a smile, thinking that she had to do something about it. However, Kagami didn’t use words to reply, changing his Status Window and displayed the details for 『Exotic Full Burst Act 5』 instead.

『Exotic Full Burst Act 5』

Effect: A cool name.

“I felt utter despair when I learned this Skill. That was when I thought about beating the crap out of the gods.”

Alice couldn’t answer Kagami, who said that with a serious look, at all. At the moment, it was painful enough to learn about his true feelings at the time, like his despair, his suffering, and his sadness.

Then, just like that, Kagami displayed his final Skill.

Rex, Krul and Alice, who had abandoned any possibilities of seeing amazing Skills, were filled with the desire to praise and hug Kagami, who had done his best until the shitty skill he got at Level 700, and then they looked at the new Skill.


Effect: As long as your Level is lower than your opponent, you can use powerful skills and magic without a cost. However, if your level is higher than your opponent, the powerful skills and magic you can use decrease.

“This Skill…could it be, it’s this Skill that wouldn’t let Kagami-san use magic and only allowed you to use simple skills?”

Although they hadn’t expected anything when looking at it, Krul saw this skill and asked him that timidly, while wearing a surprised expression. Kagami then looked at her seriously once again, with a tired atmosphere around him, and said:

“This Skill…I learned it when I reached Level 800.”

With these words, she instantly understood what he meant.

Krul and Rex hadn’t thought that there would be a Skill that would actually make you weaker.

Although they didn’t know how many interpretations there were, since Kagami had only used simple skills like Charge Blow until now, this Skill could only make him seem more pitiful, since he was completely unable to fully utilize any skills, despite reaching the highest level.

From this, he couldn’t help but bear a grudge against the gods, and they had to agree with him on that.

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