LV999 Villager – Chapter 6 P2

What’s Truly Important Isn’t Money | Part 2

Perhaps it was because his reality had received a sizable shock from Kagami, but David was at a loss for words after hearing this and had a surprised expression, while sweat formed on his forehead. Kagami was slightly bewildered by the dramatic change in his expression.

“Why…are you this surprised?”

Although there had been countless cases where people were surprised to find out that Takako was a woman before now, David had a fearful expression, rather than being surprised.

“Although this was while I was managing work with Takako-sama…she would place her arms around my shoulders, around my waist, strike my buttocks, and to encourage me, she would always say…‘You’re a good man, I’ve always waiting…for a firm person like you to come to me. You have a very strong heart.’”

“Aah, that’s her mating call.”

“I beg your pardon. What you’re saying…is a joke…right?”

After listening to David’s question, Kagami turned away in an honest manner. David made an expression that looked like he was drained of all his energy. Before he could say ‘Please do something about it’, Kagami moved towards Alice, who was cheering on Rex, who was fighting hurriedly.

“What’s wrong, Kagami-san? You have a sorrowful look on you…”

“Well, even though it’s shocking that I’m an unmarried man without the thoughts of finding a wife quickly, I’m shivering at seeing David being targeted.”

Kagami, who saw that David was still in an absentminded state, thought about it from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t want to become like David. To be honest, he felt that if he were locked-on to by Takako-chan, he wouldn’t be able to run away from her.

He could only feel that she would chase him to the end of the earth. Although it was only for a moment, Kagami seriously thought that he should quickly calm down before he was targeted in such a way.

“It’ll be fine, I’m here with Kagami-san after all.”

Alice placed her hand on her chest with a ‘Don’, as though it was natural for her to say that, and gave him a smile. Kagami muttered, without thinking, ‘If I’m not married 10 years later,” while giving a small smile to Alice, who had showed him a decisive attitude.

Although she momentarily showed him an unsatisfied look at these words, she looked at him shyly after thinking about it in a positive light, since she couldn’t hate and refuse him.

Suddenly, Krul began to panic, as though she had heard him. Nearby, Rex was beginning to accumulate damage again.

“Krul-san. Rex will end up dying at this rate, is that fine?”

“A-Awawa…I-I’m sorry!”

She blushed and immediately cast healing magic on Rex. However, as soon as her healing magic ended, Krul approached Kagami and said “What is the meaning of this!?”

“Well, I’m saying that IF there’s nobody with me after 10 years. I understand how you feel, the absent-minded David is also here right now, and just because she’s Alice, for you to say a lot of negative things is…”

“Kagami-san is 23 years old right now, right? In 10 years…won’t you be a 30 year old uncle!? Alice-chan is still 14 years old, you know! Besides, if she remains unmarried, having her marry such a self-centered person with that age difference will make Alice pitiable! I won’t forgive it!”

“Ah, what about you?”

It was obvious that Alice was a Demon, so Kagami, who thought that she was saying that because she couldn’t forgive a Demon marrying a human, became slightly disappointed.

When Alice, who appeared to not understand Krul’s words, said, “I don’t mind it at all,” Krul began saying things like “It’s useless! There is an old saying, ‘Life is short, so fall in love with girls…’ and ‘Don’t waste your youth, so decide quickly’, trying to steal a march on her. However, Krul began to understand the subtle, honest feeling she had caught a glimpse of from Alice, and after considering her position, decided that she had to win against Alice fair and square.


“I-I’ve…finally defeated them. The things that happened here were well beyond my expectations…amazing, Shishou. My heart nearly gave out countless times, you know?”

“Well, all of the times when your heart nearly gave out was generally because of Krul though?”

At long last, the figures of the Blue Devils had changed into gold, and it had not been several minutes after he let out a war cry of victory. Whether or not his heart had truly suffered, Rex’s pupils were slightly hollow, and Krul, who saw this, showed an apologetic expression.

“By the way, what’s wrong with David-dono? He hasn’t moved at all since earlier.”

“David-san is trying to confront a new trial that faces him. Don’t get in his way.”

Although Rex directed a puzzled gaze towards David when he heard this, after learning the fact that he was being targeted by Takako-chan, Rex’s expression immediately changed to one of pity.

“So, how is it? How much exp did you get?”

After Kagami asked, Rex immediately displayed his own Status Window. The amount of exp displayed in the Status Window had increased.

Rex had previously confirmed that his exp value was at 10% before he fought with the Blue Devils, and the previous battle had increased it to 20%. After seeing this, Rex’s eyes opened widely and he was at a loss for words.

Since exp gain was dependent on the Level Gap, as well as one’s own level gap with their opponent, if someone with Rex’s Level gap was thinking about raising their Level, they would need to defeat 30 Blue Devils to fill it up. Yet, despite having a separate exp value from Krul, he had obtained enough exp to increase his gauge to 20% just by defeating one of them, so he couldn’t help being surprised.

“So much…exp?”

“Oh, you’ve obtained quite a bit. You can’t obtain it if you don’t suffer enough for it to be enormous every time though.”

“But, it’s fast. I see…this is the reason that Shishou reached his Level at such a young age.”

“I also have a skill that heals me automatically. It’s fine because Krul is with us right now, but you must not fight strong enemies if you are unable to bring Krul along with you, or else you won’t be able to power through it at this speed, you know? You’ll also lose everything if you die.”

After this was said, Rex showed him a slightly worried look. Healing that was dependent on medicine like potions were unreliable when fighting with a risk of death, since there was a limit to the number of times it would display an effect. If he wanted to try confronting opponents that were too strong, just like Kagami, it would be difficult without a means of constantly healing himself by a fixed amount.

If he wanted to raise his own Level, it would be necessary to get stronger by fighting opponents. If that happened, he should not fight things strong enough to kill his party. If possible, he would learn a way to heal himself.

“At which stage…did Shishou obtain his automatic healing Skill?”

“I remember that it was the first one, Level 100.”

“100, huh…it would be great if I, too, could learn a healing Skill.”

“It seems that it’s impossible. Although that Demon uncle who called himself Estellar said it himself, it’s a super rare case, and it also seems that only Villagers can learn strange Skills.”

After Kagami said this, Rex was at a loss and let out a sigh. However, he made a serious expression, as if he had remembered something, and looked towards Kagami. Then:

“Shishou’s Skills are his Automatic Heal and the one that makes you go past your limits, which you let us see…What other kinds do you have? You still have seven other Skills, right?”

He asked Kagami the question he had suddenly thought of.

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    1. They are both Princesses that offered him marriage, in return for him joining their side in the war…who really knows, her explanation, that she’s thinking realistically about the age gap, is also a possibility. Maybe she doesn’t want to lose in the sense that he didn’t take her proposal seriously, or it could even be the reality that Alice and Takako have each set their sights on men.


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    Hmm, strange, is’t it fine if in ten year kagami Will be 33 and Alice 24 years old, well it’s envious, but is’t it legal?


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