LV999 Villager – Chapter 4 P10

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Answering Such A Thing Depends On Yourself After All | Part 10

“If I decided to kill you…!”

While she spoke, Palna pointed her palm at the Demon King. This was just an empty threat, since she no longer had any magic power. Back when her life had been in danger, she had genuinely wanted to see his reaction in a similar situation. Would he show an ugly appearance as he begged for his life? Or would he accept it without complaints?

However, the Demon King’s reaction greatly differed from Palna’s expectations. The Demon King laughed. He laughed regrettably, like it couldn’t be helped. As if he were accepting the world’s ploy.

Alice was standing next to her father and looked at Palna with teary eyes, as if pleading for her to “Stop it.”

“I won’t allow you to kill Alice-sama and Demon King-sama as long as I’m alive.”

Palna’s mood worsened, feeling as if she had been toyed with by fate. After seeing Menou stand in her way to protect Alice and the Demon King, she wordlessly retracted her hand and turned away.

“Menou…I’m really thankful you assisted Alice. I’m proud to have a subordinate like you.”

“Don’t be preposterous…Everything regarding Alice-sama is thanks to Kagami-dono.”

After conversing with Menou, he looked at Alice and Kagami with a ‘fuu’. As he watched Alice forcibly stuff the last potion down Kagami’s throat, the Demon King smiled. He believed from the bottom of his heart that sacrificing his life would be a cheap price to pay if it accomplished his ideals.

“But…it is necessary to know the true intentions behind these events. Estellar…you, what are you planning to do?”

At the Demon King’s words, everyone turned to face Estellar who was nonchalantly floating in the air. Estellar had been quiet, as if contemplating something, while gazing at Kagami and the Demon King.

“Although I had put in considerable effort to borrow the Demon King’s power in order to threaten the humans, since the next opportunity won’t appear regardless of how long I wait…I see. This is annoying.”

Estellar’s mysterious words resounded in their minds.

“What the hell…is next?”

Kagami asked the question everyone had on their minds.

“Let me give you a few hints on how to beat the crap out of the guys who made this world. There are two ways. The first one…is to kill the Demon King.”

After deliberating over whether to tell them or not, Estellar replied with a sigh, as if it couldn’t have been helped. The only one who understood the hint was Kagami. The others simply looked like they wanted to inquire further.

Kagami had originally considered this issue. Even though Estellar had obtained the Demon King’s vast pool of power, why did he not try to kill them? Didn’t he have a separate goal of eliminating humans?

If the goal was to eliminate humans, weren’t there more effective ways to invade? Why did he pretend to be hostile, as if he wanted to…spread it throughout the world? Why did he resort to taking Salumeria? Why were all of the Salumerian citizens allowed to run away without being intercepted and killed?

With normal invasions, Kagami had always felt as if there was an ulterior motive. However, with that answer, he came to understand Estellar’s words. By making them feel threatened, wouldn’t that lead to the rise of an existence capable of defeating the Demon King?

“Dismissal…!” (Kagami)

Due to his comprehension, Kagami declared that. He had always worried about following the world’s system.

“Right?…That’s why it’s difficult. I have yet to find any records of this being done before now. However, it’s a different issue if you were aiming for that originally.” (Estellar)

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say at all, though?” (Kagami)

“Show me the item you will need to obtain to complete your goal. The other method.” (Estellar)

“You mean…the 10,000 gold item?” (Kagami)

Estellar nodded to Kagami’s question. He couldn’t understand why Estellar let him know that. However, Kagami finally gave into the feeling that he was being asked for a favor. He couldn’t understand the reason even though Estellar had told him that while looking at him steadily.

“Who…are you? Are you not a subordinate of the Demon King?”(Kagami)

Estellar only muttered, “I was destined to be a subordinate by fate,” in reply before extending his arm and directing his palm towards the Demon King. The Demon King was wrapped in a violet light released from Estellar’s palm, and soon, his figure vanished, as if he had ceased to exist.

“Demon King-sama? You bastard…Estellar! Where did you take Demon King-sama!” (Menou)

“Estellar! Return my father!” (Alice)

Menou and Alice yelled at Estellar while looking worried to death.

“I have collected Demon King-sama. If you want me to return him, show me how you will accomplish it…the other method. That’s right, the time limit is…one year. If you are still struggling by then, I will use Demon King-sama once again, and I will destroy humanity with all of my power.” (Estellar)

Estellar muttered, “I wonder which side will survive next time,” and then his body was wrapped in violet before his figure vanished, just like the Demon King.

Worried about the implication of killing the Demon King in a year, Kagami furrowed his brows and wore a baffled expression.

“Even though…I finally met father.” (Alice)

With half her body already sagging, Alice ended up collapsing and sat down while muttering that weakly.

“Please look….The Monsters are!” (Tina)

Tina was pointing at the Monster troop that was heading back towards the Demon King’s Castle, while completely ignoring Kagami’s group and abandoning the battle.

After they disappeared, Kagami’s group stood alone, already sick of everything in the Astro Wasteland. Although they had been able to protect Salumeria and confirm the safety of the Demon king, they all had a big lump in their chests from dissatisfaction.

Many of Estellar’s words were mysterious, and then there was the issue of defeating the Demon King and obtaining the 10,000 gold. It was like they hadn’t understood this world. They were left with negative feelings while worrying over that unsolvable problem.

“What will we do…now?” (Krul)

Krul suddenly raised the question while Kagami was gazing after the Monster troop that was disappearing over the horizon.

“What will you guys do?” (Kagami)

“I…” (Krul)

Krul considered the question seriously, even though Kagami had yet to look away from the Monsters. To be honest, she couldn’t decide what was right or wrong. Krul and Kagami shared the same dilemma. At least Alice had a parent and child relation to the Demon King, and that wouldn’t change.

The others had the same thought as well.

“I want to listen to your opinions, what do you plan on doing from here?” (Rex)

Although he had initially begun on a journey to defeat the Demon King, Rex was worried about whether he had decided to do that by his own will or by the will of the world.

Rex, who had been gazing into the distance with a lost look, asked Kagami.

When faced with that question, Kagami twisted his body left and right while groaning with a worried look as he pretended to think about it. Then, suddenly, as if he had thought of something, he snapped his fingers with a ‘pachin.’

“Alright, to start with, I’m going to open up a Casino!”

Is what he said.


Everyone there exclaimed that with their heads inclined in reply to Kagami’s completely unexpected and baffling words.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Guessing Kagami will use the addiction of gambling to essentially farm up the ten thousand gold with his casino. Anyone else getting Gurren Lagann/Tate no Yuusha vibes of where the story is going from the last few chapters?

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    1. Miri-Bell

      Good lord I hope not, the ending of Tate no Yuusha was fine, but Gurren Lagann’s ending was super depressing so I’d rather it not be similar.


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  3. The most expensive item in the Item shop is just 10k gold? surprisingly cheap lol
    well if you make that in an in game fact for example
    10gold = 1$ then 10k gold is = 1k $? still cheap lol
    but maybe its a consumable item it well make since
    Item shops usually only sell consumable item in the first place.(Not sure but so far most game does it)

    but a casino lol… while its true its a good way to earn lots of gold fast but everyone well agree was the main reason for him to suggest it was to have fun lol


    1. Gold isn’t the only currency, this world seems to use the standard Cooper-Silver-Gold system that is so popular. Plus, ~1 Gold = a Villager’s lifetime salary, so take that into consideration.


    1. Kekeke

      Kidnap a meatbun boy and girl and let them produce then sell them offspring
      Easy money
      How to capture a meatbun?
      Its easy just wait 4 a novel to be posted and meatbun will be there delivering His offspring then throw a pokeball right at his face!!!! :)

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