LV999 Villager – Chapter 4 P9

Answering Such A Thing Depends On Yourself After All | Part 9

The overwhelming white aura swirled around Kagami. This change was too sudden, and everyone gazed at him doubtfully.

“What is that…You still have something?”

“I remembered that I can use this Skill. It’s a Skill I couldn’t use when I was Level 900. If I use it, my HP will drop to 10 and I won’t be able to move after using it. In exchange, it doubles my Status.”


They were shocked. Even if it only doubled Kagami’s Status for an instant, he would have a power comparable to a Level 999 Hero.

“Although I really wanted to get stronger by fighting that thing more, this isn’t the time for that, right? I’ll get strong enough to defeat that thing so…this is the end. Let’s compare our strength, shall we?”

At that moment, Rex sneered. He had managed to figure out why Kagami had become stronger without needing anyone to tell him. Considering the fact that Kagami possessed a skill that allowed him to grow stronger by gaining experience, the items that he could have obtained from fighting strong enemies, and the reason Kagami fought barehanded, there was only one conclusion. Rex realized why Kagami had rushed up to the Mecea by himself.

“The goal this time is different. If that’s the case, then you, Villager…no, Kagami! Use this!”

At that moment, Rex tossed his sword to Kagami, who stopped and caught it with one hand.

“Although it’s not the Legendary Sword, it’s still a fine sword (TN: wazamono) forged by a master craftsman. Go! Go, accomplish our goal!”

As soon as Rex finished speaking, Kagami smiled and released a pressure strong enough to push everyone back. Then, Kagami’s figure disappeared. Although they could trace his path with their eyes, they couldn’t actually see him.

He was moving so swiftly that, even though they couldn’t see him, they could see the shockwaves left in his wake. The earth of Astro scattered into the sky, as if a series of explosions had occurred.

These invisible shockwaves approached Mecea and the enemy Monster troop. They attacked Kagami using long range Heat Beams, but none of them hit him.

【Skill: Limit Release】

This Skill didn’t actually double a person’s Status. Normally, humans could only exert up to 30% of their true strength. This Skill released a person’s natural inhibitor and temporarily allowed them to access 70% of their true strength. Even if this was a power that appeared normally, the astonishing Kagami only pulled out twice the amount of power. With this skill, the living beings of this world could draw out power which others would be incapable of stopping.

“Even with the Level 999’s growth limit, this skill doesn’t give a shit about the world’s ploy.”

Kagami evaded several Monster attacks, quickly arriving before Mecea’s feet. He gripped Rex’s sword in his right hand while yelling that, and bent his waist, preparing to attack.

Immediately after, he opened his eyes, clenched his teeth, and kicked off the ground with all his power, jumping towards Mecea.

The jump of this human cannonball, which shot off directly towards Mecea at an inhuman speed, created a shockwave that blew away most of the surrounding Monsters.

Although Kagami was a mere Villager…no, it was because he was a Villager that he had accomplished such a feat.

Abandoned by God, he had continued to fight back, and no matter how many times the barrier called limits stood in his way because of his role as a Villager, he had always relentlessly overcome it. And then, the conclusion.

“My limits…I will decide them!”

He unleashed a single attack, swinging his sword upwards. He had swung the sword with all of his power as he jumped, causing the attack to surpass human limits. Just a single, unimaginable attack.


Mecea was pushed upwards by the power of Kagami’s attack, and the solid, black armor was split, like a piece of paper getting sliced in half. The tip of the sword moved faster than the speed of sound, creating a hollow shockwave and quickly tore the armor apart. When the armor around Mecea’s head was destroyed by Kagami’s single attack, the figure of a worn out Demon King appeared.

“Hey, Shishou. It’s been a while.”

Kagami, who had jumped up into the air, exchanged a glance with the Demon King and muttered those words. The Demon King lost consciousness with a smile, as if he were relieved.


Mecea flashed and vanished, becoming a spec of dust, as if it had been eaten by the heavens. What remained was a weakened Demon King, lying down on the barren land. His dark brown hair was combed straight back from his forehead. With his aged face and his beard, he had the features of a middle-aged man.

Douglas Balnesio. This was the Demon King’s name. He was Kagami’s benefactor who had allowed him to get stronger. Nine years ago, when humans and demons had just begun to doubt their relationship with each other, Kagami embarked on a journey to the Demon King without hesitation. Making it to the Demon King’s abode was nothing short of a miracle. He stealthily trespassed into the Demon King’s castle and, while trying to remain hidden, accidentally arrived at the Demon King’s bedroom. The Demon King had taught Kagami many things after finding him.

“Alright, how do you feel?”

“It seems…you have gotten a bit stronger. Will you…kill me?”

“Nono, I have been fighting to save you, you know?”

While letting out a sigh, Kagami replied to the Demon King, who was lying down. The Demon King smiled while lightly laughing at him, and muttered ‘…Like always, you’re an odd Villager.”

From the Demon King’s perspective, someone like Kagami was rare. Only Kagami, a normal Villager who had just exceeded Level 100, would have suddenly come into his room, without any killing intent, and asked him the puzzling question, ‘What do you think of humans?’.

The Demon King felt nostalgia over the days he had used his position as a Demon to train Kagami, who had wanted the power to change his current situation.
The Villager had rushed out during his training, saying that he would somehow fix the relationship between Demons and humans, and now, here he was in front of him, nine years later.

The Demon King intuitively guessed that he had likely experienced many setbacks after hearing Kagami, who had fought to save him, mutter that and seeing a worried Alice beside him.

“I’ve made you worry…Alice.”

“Kagami-san came to save you……Takako-chan and Rex-san’s group too.”

As she said this, the Demon King slightly shifted his unmovable body and looked at his surroundings. There was a martial artist whose physique was more rugged than his own and his servant, Menou. Then, there was the presence he guessed belonged to the Hero’s Party, who were looking at him with bewildered expressions.

“It’s quite the unique party. The Hero there…it would be easy to kill me now, you know?”

“…We have yet to reorganize ourselves. We don’t have any plans to kill you in such a situation.”

Rex gripped the sword Kagami had returned, suppressing his impatient urge, and headed towards the Monster troop surrounding the Demon King.

Even though the Monster troop had them surrounded, they didn’t try to attack Kagami and Rex’s group at all. Although Rex’s group didn’t know what they were planning, it was a very favorable situation for them. Rex’s group and Kagami looked ready to fight, but they were so weak that they couldn’t take another step.


G5: Just a heads up, Takako is described as a 武道家、which tls into Martial Artist. She is not a Monk like Tina.

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