ID – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy | Chapter 1 [Part 2]

Xant: Part 2. I had this in my inbox like 3 days ago I was just backlogged with Sneak and Hajiko. Sorry guys!

Part 2

“Its name is Lamia. Many were involved in its making, the first of which was me, the Dragon Lord, followed by the other Dragon Lords, the Light God, and the Dark God… Originally, I started to make it just for fun. I wanted to make the best sword in existence, which was why I asked the other gods and dragon lords for their help. Everyone used the best of their abilities and the finest metals to form the god’s metal, known as Eclipse. The handle was made using part of my dragon heart and my dragon bones. The scabbard was created from the hide of the red dragon lord. This process took about 1000 years. On the day Lamia was finished, I tried to take hold of the sword, but it wouldn’t let me. I tried to grasp the sword, but it was too powerful for me. Thus, I tried to give it to the others that had helped me make the sword, but they too were denied by the sword. We all had combined our powers to make this sword, and so its power was equal to ours combined. Therefore, none of us had the power to wield this sword. The only ones who could possibly wield Lamia are the Dimension Creator, the Light Origin, and the Dark Origin. This is why Lamia was left here. Having knowledge of this power, I felt obliged to guard it. The only ones that know if it now are the Light God, the Dark God, and I. The other dragon lords are likely dead by now.”

As he spoke, his eyes became empty.

After listening to his explanation, I looked at the sword closely.

“Is it really that amazing?”

Without any idea of this place, I can’t assess the quality of Lamia. However, I can understand that it must be pretty great if gods and lords combined their own powers into it…


As I stared at the sword, I heard something. My hand started to move on its own towards the sword. I think I heard something else beside me, but I wasn’t sure.

Even while knowing that it was dangerous to touch the sword, I couldn’t stop my hand from grabbing the sword’s handle. Suddenly, my vision became blurry and I heard a beautiful woman’s voice echo in my head.

[I, Lamia, have finally met the one whom I will accept as my owner and promise to enter into a contract with you, in which I will stay by your side. You will be my owner. Will you stay with me forever?]


[Do you promise we’ll stay together forever?]

It was the same question.

‘Surely this isn’t bad for me…?’

[Nothing bad will ever happen to you. Do you promise we’ll stay together forever?]

That voice is so beautiful…

‘Sure, let’s do it.’

[The contract is now complete. It cannot be broken, even by the gods. I am Lamia. I will stay with you forever… We’ll be together forever.]

There was a bright light before my eyes as I saw a woman smiling warmly at me right before I lost consciousness.


As I woke up, my blurry vision began to lessen until I could finally sit up.
Hu~ Who wakes up from a slumber like this?

In front of me was a middle-aged man. I didn’t know who he was, but while he had a friendly appearance he seemed very dignified.

“If you’ve woken up, I’d like you to explain to me what happened.”

This voice belonged to the dragon I’d been speaking to, Graydrone!

“There’s no need for such surprise. It’s magic named Polymorph…”

After glancing at him, it felt like there was something in my hand, so I looked down at my hand. In my hand was the sword, Lamia. It felt weightless. I asked the dragon, Graydrone, who was in front of me.

“Why did this…”

“That’s what I want to ask! You grabbed the sword, there was an explosion of bright light, and you collapsed. What happened? Surely you did not gain ownership of the sword?”

“I’m not sure. I heard a woman’s voice asking if I’ll stay with her forever and that she wouldn’t do anything bad to me. I also briefly saw a woman before I passed out.”

Graydrone took a moment to think before speaking to me.

“Really? It finally found an owner? Then my duty is also over.”

“Owner? Hey! Then I’m this sword’s owner now?”

Graydrone nodded.

“Now as the sword’s owner, you have gained tremendous power.”

“Hey! I don’t need that.”

“That doesn’t matter. It’ll all depend on how you use it. Around sixteen thousand years…My body has guarded that power, but now I can rest.”

“Hey wait! What does that mean? Are you going to die?”

“That’s right. An average dragon lives ten thousand years. However, as a Dragon Lord, I had an extra five thousand years and even an extra one thousand years on top of that. Now, I’m going to let this body rest.”

“Then…What about me? The only…dragon that I know from this place is you…What am I supposed to do!”

He looked at me and laughed.

“Then let’s do this. Because of me, many dragon magics and skills were lost. I’ll teach you them.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’ll pass on everything that I have to you. Even my certification. If you have this, you will become like me. Find one among the Dragon Lords and teach him. This is not the kind of request you can make of anyone…”

“Ok, I’ll do it. However, since I don’t know anyone here, you have to come with me and at least show me where to go…”

“Don’t worry about that. Like I said before, everything that I know will be passed on to you. However, it will take some work to make this knowledge your own. Also, I don’t know much about the paths you need to take because it’s been over seven thousand years since I’ve stepped outside and even before then, I had only been outside for a day. Now, get ready…Haha, if I think about it, this is funny. A human that has a sword made by gods, a dragon’s knowledge and power…If you do well, you could even become a high god yourself.”

Uhh…Is he making fun of me~ He looked at me and laughed softly before beginning to chant.

Everything that I have, I give to you…Now, I shall be reborn in you.

The dragon suddenly shone brightly. In my hand, I could feel something shaking.

[Owner, this is an ability transfer magic. Should I block it?]

This was the voice I heard when I saw that bright light, but to block…

“No, don’t block it. This is not an attack. Understood?”



35 thoughts on “ID – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy | Chapter 1 [Part 2]

  1. Thank you for the chapter :)
    [Owner, this is a Chapter part magic. Should I block it?]
    This was the voice I heard when I saw that bright light, but to block…
    “No, don’t block it. This is not an attack. Understood? in fact, absorb more of it for me”


  2. This book already been translated 3 chapter in Accuracy of the translation also top notch, how about you guys continue where it left? StArt from chapter 4 pt 1 then so on…


      1. Oh? Well that was rude of me. I apologize. Well, i wish her good luck in the translation world. I didn’t know it was her first project, so again I apologize for second times.


    1. Haikai

      just to inform you. I know it is rather late. just so that people might be aware of how much progress japtem did. One of the japtem staff. The 3 chapters were done with each chapter being 6 parts (total 18 parts). For some reason the author split up the novel into 59 parts for vol 1.


  3. anon

    Thanks for the translation.

    But sadly, I don’t like reading a chapter in parts. So, will you merge the parts of a finished chapter and post it whole? It would probably be better to wait for me if that was the case. Btw, in how many parts do you split chapters?


        1. Look, bud, I get that you want things a certain to read it. That’s cool. Just understand you really don’t have ground to stand on as a leecher to ask anything :)

          We’ll do it how we want. I might just be too lazy to put it into a full chapter post. You either read it as it comes or you don’t.


          1. anon

            Did I demand things? I just asked if you will merge the parts of a chapter, since it is MY preference to NOT read partial chapters.

            Please take not that the linked picture you posted also goes your way.


  4. I’m very happy to see this being picked again. Thanks~.

    By the way, it seems there’s a discrepancy with the translation of here and from Japtem.

    Japtem Version:
    [ The promise of eternity has been made. Even the God of Creation cannot dissolve it. I am Lamia. I will be by your side forever. We will be together forever. ]

    [The contract is now complete. It cannot be broken, even by the gods. I am Lamia. I will stay with you forever… We’ll be together forever.]

    In one it specifically says the God of Creation, on the other only the Gods. What would be the correct?


    1. Technically, God of Creation. End of the day, Gods and God of Creation are different but the meaning is the same. Not even an almighty being (or almighty beings) can break the contract.


          1. Well, the difference between the God of Creation and the other Gods is just too big. It gives to us readers a better understanding of how powerful Lamia actually is.


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