ID – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy | Chapter 1 [Part 1]

Due to this being Senna’s first attempt, we are going to break up the chapters into parts for her. Here we go, down the rabbit hole. If someone could provide raws for the actual light novel version, we only have up to chapter 14.

Enjoy :)

Part 1

Light spun like a tornado in all directions. My body felt weightless. Suddenly, the bracelet on my arm lit up so bright that the light encompassed my body. Something flew past and brushed my head as I slowly lost consciousness.

*Drip Drip*

I could hear drops of water echoing in what sounded like a cave.

“Uhh… My head… Where-?”

I opened my eyes and looked around to see that I was in a cave. Where is this? I remember falling into a strange hole, but where is this?

The first thing I noticed in the cave was the high ceiling. I could see only one path leading further into the cave.

‘What the heck, there was never a cave like this in «Joongwon».’ I felt stunned. The bright cave that I’d passed…

“Ah, am I dreaming? Ugh aigoo… that hurts.” I pinched my cheek and it hurt a lot. Don’t think that I’m an idiot. Imagine how shocked I am to think like this. Try taking my place. ㅠ.ㅠ

I checked my body, but there was nothing weird. The only thing that was weird was that the bracelet on my arm was gone.

‘Well since it’s like this, let’s continue and see how things go.’

The cave was spacious. Also, the weird thing was that the cave was not dark, it was bright. The light was coming from a small round object on the wall.

“How is that possible-?… This cave is very long.”

It was a long walk. I don’t know how long I walked for. Inside the cave, it was impossible to tell how much time had passed. After walking for a long time, I thought I saw the end of the cave, but it didn’t lead outside. Instead, it was worse…

“It sounds like the breathing of a large animal… What could it be…?”

I used the «Gyong Gong Sul» technique to silently reach the end of the cave where I saw…

“What is that… I’ve never seen this kind of thing even in books.”

I cautiously looked at it again. Its enormous body gave off golden light. From where I was, it was too big to view its entire body at once. It had a long neck, golden wings, a long tail, and seemed to have four feet. In addition, it had a horn on its head. From the sound of its breathing and closed eyes, the monster seemed to be asleep.

In front of its head, there was a pedestal with an odd-looking sword on top of it.

‘I’ve never seen a sword nor monster like that before. Is this not «Joongwon»? Where am I?’

After thinking about my options, I decided that it would be best to pick up the sword in case I had to fight the monster… Even though I don’t think it’d make much of a difference in a fight against that monster…

‘To ensure that I wouldn’t wake up the monster… I used the silent movement technique, «Dap Gong Neung Huh».”

Again I used «Gyong Gong Sul» to move on top of the air onto the pedestal where the sword was. The sword was wider towards the white handle which had weird designs along it and was sheathed inside a red scabbard. There was a jewel inserted into the sword that gave off an oddly coloured light.

As I examined the sword, I had the feeling that I was being watched.

‘No way…’

An ominous feeling came over me, so I turned around. Two golden eyes were staring at me. However, they weren’t the eyes of a mindless animal – they were calm and thoughtful. They radiated strength and intelligence. For a moment, we stared at one another.

As absurd as it seemed, I realized that the monster could talk.

“How did you get in here?”


“Did you not hear me? How did you get in here?”

‘Calm down. This isn’t «Joongwon», it’s somewhere else. First thing’s first: calm down…’

I looked directly at the monster to speak. What a rare experience.

“Umm… I am Ye Chun Hwa… I’m not sure how I got here.”

‘There’s no way he’d scold me for speaking informally to him, right…?’

As I was thinking this, it spoke again.

“Hmm… It doesn’t seem like you’re lying. Your name is Ye Chun Hwa? I’ve never heard of a name like that in these lands.”

“If you’ve never heard of a name like mine in these lands, where is this?”

Well, since I started with informal speech, might as well continue with it…

“This is the outskirts of a land once called «Grensen»… but I don’t know what it is called now.”

My mind blanked with shock while listening to the monster’s words.

‘«Grensen»… I’ve never heard of it before… «Grensen»… How did I… The things the monster said sounded odd…’

Seeing my slack expression, the monster decided to ask another question.

“If you’re not from here, how do you know how to speak our language?”

Smart question from a smart monster.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure how I’m able to speak this language… It’s as if I’ve known it all my life.”

Because of the confusion in my response, the monster spoke quietly.

“Wake up.”

I felt my confused thoughts suddenly becoming settled and organized.

“Are you alright now?”

“Yes, my mind feels clear… Did you do that?”

“Yes, it is Dragon Magic. Do you not know what magic is?”

I shook my head. I’d never heard of it.

“You really haven’t heard of a name like mine before?”

The monster nodded his head.

“You don’t seem like a native of this land, but then, how did you get here?”

“I don’t know. I was on a mountain, but I fell into a weird light. When I woke up, I was in this cave. When I walked along the cave, I ended up here.”

“Hmm… I don’t know for certain, but Chun Hwa, I think you crossed dimensions…”

What does he mean…?

“Dimensions? What are you talking about?”

“It’s difficult to explain quickly. Simply put, God made many worlds divided by walls, which are called dimensions.”

“Ok, so how do I get back?”

“I don’t know. The only ones that can cross dimensions are the Dimension Creator, the Light Origin, and the Dark Origin. No other gods or dragon lords can cross dimensions… But since you’ve crossed dimensions once, maybe there’s a way for you to go back…”

I didn’t know what to do. What am I supposed to do… Is this some sort of joke by the Creator? No, a god wouldn’t do that. Ha~ I want to cry. I sat on the pedestal that held the sword. The monster quietly watched me. It understood how I felt. After calming myself down, I asked the monster a few more questions.

“What are you doing here? First off, what’s your name?”

“Huu~ You must be the only human that can remain so calm in front of a dragon. My name is Graydrone.”

“Graydrone? What an odd name. What are you doing here?”

It pointed at the sword beside me.

“I’m guarding that sword and have been for over ten thousand years.”

“Ha~ Why guard this sword? So you’re over ten thousand years old?”

“Yes, although I don’t know my exact age, it’s probably about fifteen thousand years.”

“Does that mean I should speak formally to you…?”

“That’s not necessary. You can continue speaking to me as you were.”

How sad. To guard a sword for ten thousand years. I peeked at the sword and had the sudden urge to grab it. However, Graydrone wouldn’t let me.

“That sword has a mind and life of its own. If a person that is not qualified to be its owner touches it, the sword will destroy them.

“Ha… Ha… What a great sword. Who would make a sword like this? No! Who is the owner of this sword? Nevermind, that question doesn’t need to be answered. You’re guarding it because there is no owner, right?”

The monster let out a huge sigh before he started his story. He must have a lot to say…


70 thoughts on “ID – The Greatest Fusion Fantasy | Chapter 1 [Part 1]

  1. jacob

    I almost cried when I saw this, I loved it so much, but then they stopped translating it, does anyone know why? And tank uze soz muchez for translating it again.


      1. Doomr

        The reason Japtem dropped it is in the FAQs.

        “Id uses non-modern Korean language, and is quite difficult to translate. The translator in charge of this project was a non-native Korean speaker, and had a hard time trying to translate it with machines translators and dictionaries, therefore it was dropped.”


        1. Ah. Well, Senna speaks KR fluent (pretty sure native and not taught by family) so it shouldn’t be an issue. She dislikes the grammar used, but then again I feel the same about Kansu >_>


  2. Doomr

    Thanks for picking this project up! Are you guys going to start this from the beginning? Because Japtem already has the first three chapters translated.


  3. Exper

    thank you for translating this. there was another group at some point that was but they dropped it and hadn’t finished the first volume (or even halfway) so I thought I might not even see this translated.

    once again thanks


    1. triopsate

      Because ID is the greatest fusion fantasy ever. Do you need a reason to love a mix of martial arts (the kind with qi and inner power), swords, magic, elves, dwarves, dragons and god-slaying?


    1. If I remember, the manhua chapters about Joongwon weren’t part of the novels, and were made from the manga author creating it from references to names and events in the novel (not from a direct story), probably with the author’s permission, they may have added in the story directly into the novel later though.

      …I want more ID chapters T_T


  4. Clown

    Oh! New series, yay! Never read this one, just curious are these chapters long? And is there a lot before the author dropped?…hope he didn’t drop like on a cliff hanger or something, that would just be evil.


  5. exqalph03

    ho~? I think japtem already have the chapter 1? guess this is different? Or just that Senna wanted to start from the beginning… Well nvm….

    — Thanks for the part 1~ ^^. kukuku….~!


  6. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!

    I really enjoyed the manhua of this up until they stopped translating it and I was really looking forward to reading the LN until I found out that Japtem had already stopped it. So I am obviously very glad that someone has picked it up again.

    Thank you.

    I am a little surprised though. I was under the impression that ID was incredibly difficult because it uses a lot of old Korean which is closer to Chinese in many respects. Hopefully, if that is true, it won’t be a problem for you.

    Good Luck and Thank you again.


  7. -checks aho updates
    -sees Id
    -heart stops beating for a few seconds
    -quickly opens the link
    -sees a translator intent on translating more than 14 chapters
    -heartbeat increases to 420 beats p/m
    -heavy breathing sets in
    -thinks of pros and cons of opening a portal to Senna and giving her a kiss for doing this
    -realizes he can’t because location, location, location
    -bearhug over the Internet for you Senna
    There was a tear in my eye as I wrote this, from all the feels ;)
    I’ve literally been waiting for years for somebody, anybody, to translate Id. No volunteers, and poking Cat resulted in a beaurcratic avoidance. In the end, the response was “We’ll probably do it after finishing xxxxxx (anon did math. At their pace, it would’ve taken approx. 6~7 years). Guess I should get back to reading Kansutoppu or smth. so chapters pile up. Thank you once again for doing such a thing. Been scouring the Internet for years for a translator either doing this or willing to do such. Seeing as I couldn’t find a Korean translator that, that fell in the water in under a month. My gratitude to you will last until I die, unless you a zombie :p


  8. Naszrador

    Huu~ You must be _ only human that can remain so calm in front of a dragon. — I think that sentence misses a ‘the’ at the ‘_’ .

    Great job. I waited for someone to pick this up since I read the manwha years ago. Thanks for the translation. I sincerely hope that the third attempt at this great novel will succed.


  9. Afraz Ahmed

    HOLY shit man i have read the manhua of this and i LOVED it to bits but you guys DO know that the Japtem team has translated some of this



    oh god this series, i shall wish you luck with this one, it is a very long but good series. Was reading the manhwa but whoever was translating that stopped i think.


  11. jorgelotr

    I wonder why everyone who decides to translate these novels always starts from the start, while with other series they pick them up from where they were left; the thing about dividing it in parts is more understandable.
    Third translator, third version of the novel in parts and let’s hope not third dropping it before even getting midway of the first volume (the curse of this series has affected even the original novel publication and its manga adaptation, both on indefinite hiatus due to recession hitting hard on the publishong companies).


      1. jorgelotr

        I’ve read the comments. I simply find it a weird constant. I believe Japtem never got around to give an explanation to that same question, so perhaps it’s an improvement that this time around there is one. But that doesn’t deny the fact that it’s a weird constant (neither denies the fact that the series is cursed).


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