Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 9

Ash: Hmm, this chapter got pretty delayed because of exams and essays… I’ll try to keep schedule running back on track after this. There’s also an important question:

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A Chance Meeting with Beast People Followed by the Cruel Reality

“Ah, Georg-sama~!”

“Georg-sama, the fruits growing on the planted trees given to us are almost ripe. For the first one, Georg-sama should…”

“Georg-sama!! The gates are finally complete, and we would like you to come to see them. The young men have shown great results!”

It has already been 5 days since he came to the village. In reality, he should have already left the village to wander a long time ago, but after that day where he did a cheat-like exhibition, he felt as if he couldn’t easily leave. He tried to convey this several times but Schmitt said:

“Even though you bestowed upon us so many favors, we cannot return the kindness with simply a night’s lodging and meals. I kindly beg of you, please stay here for now.”

Something like that.

“Nn, I see that you’re once again lively today Rook. Herun, the truth is that the trees grew well because you guys took care of it properly right? In that case, the first one honestly should be yours. And Gale, I will go see the results properly later, so convey to the workers to continue doing the other work. I shouldn’t say much because I’m the cause, but isn’t it fairly busy right now?”

While replying to the villagers, he breathed a sigh in his heart.

<Even though I want to be happy with animal girls right now, I can still see them no matter how much time passes…>

Yes, in the first place he thought of wandering in order to meet and love the previously unseen cat-eared girls and dog-eared girls, but it was truly a grave situation to receive a setback of confinement at the very beginning. Nonetheless, he would feel awkward to forcefully shake off their desperate restraint. Incidentally, this peculiarity is proof that a part of his identity as a lower middle class human remained.

<Somehow I can’t make a reason to leave huh…>

Despite Georg’s deliberations, no methods to successfully persuade Schmitt comes to mind. And in the first place, there is no doubt that Schmitt does not want Georg to leave the village.

An existence shaking off all of their disasters, bestowing on them many favors, and capable of saving many people. There’s no way he would want to let go of such an rare, important guest.

<Haa…good grief, I can sympathize with him…>

But Georg’s two wishes of leaving the village and meeting the beast people were answered by an unexpected appearance. One bringing an awful, cruel truth.






It happened during the night, 7 days after he came to the village. Escaping the pestering villagers, Georg left the village for the sake of indulging in solitary thinking. Just when he thought of returning as it was considerably late, he heard an unusual amount of noise for this time of day from the village.

“Did something happen?…It came from the orchard.”

Terrible jeers were violently resounding. While thinking there were numerous voices unlike those of robbers, Georg quickened his pace and headed over there. Thereupon, an unbelievable sight came into view.

“You bastard!! How dare you steal when you’re no better than livestock!!”

“To touch this tree that we gratefully received to grow from Georg-sama with your dirty hands…”

“This is why we hate demi-humans. They don’t even have a fragment of character.”

“Even though we spent no money to buy it, a big deal of labour was spent. Let’s sell this robber to have them pay!!”

Under a tree in the orchard, the numerous villagers exercised abusive language along with violence at a fallen person.

“What the hell are you all doing!!”

Unable to endure the excessively gruesome scene, Georg noticed himself shouting questions.

“It-…it’s Georg-sama!”

“Th-…this livestock was stealing, and we were punishing it…”

“We are very sorry to show you this ugly sight!! We will settle this immediately!!”

Saying this, one of the villagers forcefully lifted the fallen person.

“Wait, this is livestock? I can’t see it as anything but a human though?”

Georg called out with a voice carrying pressure as if telling them to stop. If these are the villager’s real natures, he can’t overlook this.

“We-, well, this person is a lowly demi-human. Up until now, we kept dirty things like these in a hut so Georg-sama wouldn’t have see them…”

“This person just came and stole the fruit we got at last!! We were looking after that tree Georg-sama gave us to grow with all our effort!”

Georg displayed a strong reaction to the words “demi-human”, as he was aware that humans call beast people, dwarfs, elfs, and others, like this.

“…Let me see it.”


“Listen up, I said for you to bring them over for me to see!!”

Georg, who never once was angry since coming to the village, became seriously angry. Affected by this, the villagers gave a short scream, timidly brought the tattered, broken individual, and dropped her in front of Georg.

“…How…how brutal…!!”

Lifting up the person gently, it was a small, withered away, girl from the Tigermen race.

Her ears should have had traces of roundness like a tiger but it was worn out and ceased to stay in shape, and what should have been her beautiful and flexible tail was torn in the middle. The torn part didn’t seem to receive any medical treatment and had a slight rotten smell.

Beyond sympathy and pity, Georg felt intense anger and sorrow.

Is this the treatment of humans towards beast people?

Is this the common practice of humans towards beast people?

Is this the state of the beast people in this world?


Even before seeking direction, the villagers were already frightened thoughtless from Georg’s expression.
(TL: 未だ、怯えきった表情でゲオルグを伺う村人のことなど、最早眼中にない。)

“This is the common practice? This is? This cruel ugly reality?…Don’t fuck with me…”

Such a figure, withered and shedding blood, distorted by pain and grief. Is this the common practice in this country, no, in this world?

“Don’t fuck…with meeee!!”

In the night sky, a dragon’s roar, containing sorrow as if crying and even anger, resounded through the skies.
(TL:夜空に、まるで泣いているかのような悲しい、されど天を割らんばかりの怒りを内包した、竜の咆哮が轟く。 I’m a bit unsure about this line…)

Right now, Georg decided to pick a fight with the world.

If there is a need to save the beast people unseen and in front of him, then…



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  1. “I bestow the right of first class citizens to the demi-humans. They may be part beasts but your actions in itself are inhuman. Plus, I’m a demi-human, now, as well.”

    Meh, kill them all, it’s not as if they will listen.

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  2. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for the chapter.

    *Puts on Crius H.E.S., grabs warp-katana, psi-blades and C-10 Mark VI rifle*
    Georg lead on, we will free the catgirls!

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  3. AsianOtakuGuy

    Well, dragons are animals so he is, in essence, a demi-human. In other words, GEORGE VS THE WORLD! FIGHT FOR OUR KEMONOMIMIS!!!!!

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  4. here is my thought this is a bril novel and i am enjoying every part of it thanks for doing this
    also the
    half of a picture of a person, and post it, did I post part of a picture or the whole picture?
    you will post half of a picture but also a whole picture (mirror on it turns it into a whole picture so only half is needed)


  5. ShieldFumi

    Yeah I can sympathies with our MC . Srsly who would have think that the people your helping are doing such a thing to those people who you’ve long for.

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  6. Kenken

    Oh crap something inside of him snapped….now it gonna be the beginning of Georg-sama against the unfair world. Looking forward to it xD

    Thanks for the chapter.


  7. littleSemanggi

    why do i feel the pace is a bit too fast..
    at least the long awaited fluffy (?) girl had appeared!
    wonder how the villagers sustain the wrath. scarry


  8. brian

    THATS RIGHT!!im proud of my boy..he caught up and learned quickly.. but i hope he can change the views of the village…before going.. it’d be ashame to go to waste like that..


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