Hello everyone, Xant here.

As you can see, there have been mighty delays with Kansu. 9 has gone full lazy.

In order to make him more willing to work on Kansu and not any side projects, we have given the TL job of HTG to another person.

This person is now with Lazy9.

Please welcome Sneak Thief to the ranks. He is now in charge of HTG. I am also picking up the editing to split with MrPopular88 so it can be released faster.

Oh wait, did I just hear faster releases of a side series!?

Rejoice! Lazy9 enters an era like the glory days of an update every other day!


Nah, messing with you. We won’t update that often unless we get more TL’ers. Just expect more than one chapter of something every other week.

As spoken by the great Satoru Iwata – “Please understand”.

In other news, I picked up Zhan Long recently. I got a lot to catch up on…


25 thoughts on “Announcements~

  1. whatever

    Zhan Long is a fairly enjoyable read, I dropped lms early on and Ark once badly edited MTL took over.
    Don’t know why people enjoy lms that much, it is pretty badly written all around. Pacing, characters, name what you want, it sucks.


  2. Kensei Seraph

    Welcome Sneak Thief to the ranks of Lazy9.
    Your enemy is a mostly faceless sea of all consuming beings.
    Their hunger cannot be sated.
    Do NOT let them devour you!

    Also I’m one of the few in that sea who happens to have a face.


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