Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Chapter 1: Part 2


The update schedule and timing of the main story is irregular.
Actually, because my PC broke, I am posting using the PS4.

The recent game consoles are flexible, yes.

Setting Off with Determination

When he opened his eyes again, it was already dark.

With his head strangely cold, he believes he was forced to accept this situation which organized itself in the middle of his sleep.


A dry laugh sounded lifelessly.

Already, it’s hopeless.

No matter how he refuses, every time those forced blackouts occur, his memory and emotions are suppressed.

“Is that so, is that so…I see. Since they do as they please, I should enjoy this life to the fullest!!”

What on earth and to who he’s shouting to, even he himself does not know. But if he doesn’t do this, his mind won’t be at ease.

“Its still too early to decide this. First is…name creation…?”

Finally becoming serious, Shigehisa decided to first settle all of his worries.
Looking at the status some time ago, the name was “Undecided”.

“Undecided, is this a game? Anyway, certainly in this world a Japanese name is out of place…”

He thought that often in reincarnation light novels, there is a country or continent with a suitable Japanese name, but among his given knowledge, such a thing does not exist here.

“Maybe a Western styled name is better?”

Though for him, who is 100% pure Japanese, there are no Western styled names that immediately comes to mind.

“The most popular names…John, Alex, Michael… Michael isn’t good, huh?”

A certain character came to mind.

“Is it ok to use it? …despite the fact that it’s unique…”

What he remembered is a RPG he played 2, 3 years ago.

A game mixing history into fantasy, that he recently was most addicted to. It had importance placed on the story during production, and gained some popularity despite not being major.

“The protagonist is Georg Rifeinstal, but like this, there’s no twist or something…”

He then sat in the dark and made groaning sounds while grasping his head. If this was Japan, he would have been reported.

“What was the final enemy boss again?…..ah that’s right, Isaac Stanford. Okay, I have decided.”

The young man who stood up from over there shouted.

“My name is Georg Stanford!”

In order to resolve himself, he said it clearly.
It’s a simple name, but it’s a result of his decision that was a lot better than leaving it up to his own naming sense.

Looking back at the status again to check, where undecided was beside the name section, it definitely changed.

Thus, the decided name left behind in the next world was decided in a simple manner.

“Well, I guess I should search for human habitation and food for now.”

It’s weird that he doesn’t feel hungry, but it might only be temporary.
In this world, there are demons and normal animals and those are convenient as typical food.

Speaking of demons, the goblins, orcs, and such in RPG’s usually come to mind, but the definition of a demon in this world seems to be speaking of living organisms with magic other than humans. If there is something that can only be seen as a normal beast, they are meeting the standard of goblins, orcs, and such to some extent(it won’t become the food for the latter though).

Moreover, even as a demon that can’t be mistaken for a normal animal in one glance, the vitality and strength greatly differs, and among them it seems the magic they can use include cladding their body in flames and such.

“Well, it’s not certain that enemies won’t be made however.”

Georg, who departed furiously for areas with creatures, should be far from being able to be injured and closer to being invulnerable. There are very fine swords at his waist, and as expected, if they are unsheathed and not to mention Dragon Transfiguration and the like, if there is any ability to strengthen himself beyond this, the power can conquer not only an entire country, but a continent.

He doesn’t have the motivation to do something so troublesome though.

“For the time being, the present location is…..”

From within his knowledge, the places applicable to this surrounding view is searched.

“North Tenshia Continent…East Deinanto Kingdom…Naruku Plain, huh?”

When all’s said and done, right now he is grateful that his body became a giant walking encyclopedia.

“Going west heads inside the kingdom, Going north heads to the Viruhelm Empire, east is the Frunger Kingdom, south is the Oceanic City Union”

The internal affairs are pretty much the same for each country. The Oceanic City Union’s nature is slightly different, as there are merchants and crafters, but not nobles. The land’s powerful clans are in control, but simply without a ruler-type person, there isn’t a big difference. One person making the decision, or many people making the decision, or rather the part where they respectively compete in interests, might be rougher without a monarchy. The profits from foreign trade appear to be rich, but the disparity in wealth seems to be extreme.

“Well, since there isn’t a big difference, shall I tour this kingdom first?”

To begin with, there isn’t any kind of purpose in his new life yet, and to be frank, nothing can be decided as of now.

“Facing the style and facing the mood as I please, what did I just want again?”
(TL: Japanese idiom for “Without a plan, doing things on the spur of the moment based on one’s conditions and feelings)

He tried to strike a pose, and nothing responded but a gust of cold wind.

“What am I even doing…”

With a empty and miserable heart, Georg begins to walk his second life.

End Notes:

I want insane literary talent…

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  2. meimei

    Going with an empty miserable heart seems a lot more interesting than the normal gung ho, happy go lucky attitude or the vengeful, calculating MC. Thanks for translating :)


  3. Knightmare

    This chapter seriously reminds me of my country Singapore. Cuz it’s a big trading hub. The gap btwn rich and poor is massive. Abt 30% of the population are poor and only 56% are locals. Immigrants and foreigners takes up nearly half the country.


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